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A schrage motor can run on zero slip, negative slip, positive slip.

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Last Answer : The repulsion-start induction-run motor is used because of high starting torque.

Last Answer : A universal motor can run on either A.C. or D.C.

Last Answer : In a ceiling fan employing capacitor run motor secondary winding surrounds the primary winding.

Last Answer : In a capacitor start and run motors the function of the running capacitor in series with the auxiliary winding is to improve power factor.

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Last Answer : A rotory converter can also be run as a synchronous motor.

Description : The number of poles in a phase induction motor at 50 Hz and running at 1500 rpm will be?

Last Answer : The number of poles in a phase induction motor at 50 Hz and running at 1500 rpm will be 4.

Last Answer : When a D.C. series motor is connected to A.C. supply, the power factor will be low because of high inductance of field and armature circuits.

Last Answer : The speed of a universal motor is generally reduced by using gear trains.

Last Answer : The wattage of motor for driving domestic sewing machine will be around 100 to 150 W.

Last Answer : The wattage rating for a ceiling fan motor will be in the range 50 to 150 W .

Last Answer : In case of a shaded pole motor the direction of rotation of the motor is from main pole to shaded pole.

Last Answer : In A.C. series motor compensating winding is employed to reduce sparking at the brushes.

Last Answer : In a two value capacitor motor, the capacitor used for running purposes is paper spaced oil filled type.

Last Answer : In split-phase motor auxiliary winding is of thin wire placed at the top of the slots.

Last Answer : Single phase induction motor usually operates on 0.6 power factor lagging.

Last Answer : A single-phase induction motor is inherently non-self-starting with low torque.

Last Answer : The motor used on small lathes is usually single-phase capacitor run motor.

Last Answer : A hysteresis motor works on the principle of hysteresis loss.

Last Answer : A shaded pole motor can be used for toys, hair dryers, circulators etc.

Last Answer : The power factor of a single-phase induction motor is usually lagging.

Last Answer : In a capacitor start single-phase motor, when capacitor is replaced by a resistance motor will continue to run in same direction.

Last Answer : Direction of rotation of a split phase motor can be reversed by reversing the connection of either running winding or starting winding.

Last Answer : The direction of rotation of an hysteresis motor is determined by position of shaded pole with respect to main pole.

Description : A capacitor-start single phase induction motor is switched on to supply with its capacitor replaced by an inductor of equivalent reactance value. It will?

Last Answer : A capacitor-start single phase induction motor is switched on to supply with its capacitor replaced by an inductor of equivalent reactance value. It will not start at all.

Description : The running winding of a single phase motor on testing with meggar is found to be ground. Most probable location of the ground will be?

Last Answer : The running winding of a single phase motor on testing with meggar is found to be ground. Most probable location of the ground will be at the slot edge where coil enters or comes out of the slot.

Last Answer : In a single phase motor the centrifugal switch disconnects auxiliary winding of the motor.

Last Answer : In repulsion motor direction of rotation of motor is the same as that of brush shift.

Last Answer : The value of starting capacitor of a fractional horse power motor will be 300 uF .

Last Answer : A centrifugal switch is used to disconnect starting winding when motor has picked up about 50 to 70 per cent of rated speed.

Last Answer : In a shaded pole single-phase motor, the revolving field is produced by the use of shading coils.

Last Answer : In a shaded pole motor, the shading coil usually consist of a single turn of heavy copper wire which is short-circuited and carries only induced current.

Last Answer : The rotor developed by a single-phase motor at starting is zero.

Last Answer : In a split phase motor the starting winding is connected through a centrifugal switch.

Last Answer : In a capacitor start motor, the phase displacement between starting and running winding can be nearly 90°.

Last Answer : If the capacitor of a single-phase motor is short-circuited the motor will not start.

Last Answer : In a split phase motor, the running winding should have low resistance and high inductance.

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Last Answer : Ans. The Overload Protection is used in a motor circuit to protect it from sustained over currents.

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Description : Explain the necessity of starter for D.C. motor. State various types of D.C. motor starter. 

Last Answer : Necessity of Starter for D.C. Motor: Armature current is given by equation Ia = (V−Eb)/Ra i) If the motor is at standstill or rest, back emf Eb is zero (as Eb= ZNP/(60A), at start speed N ... . Types of D.C. motor starters: i) Two point starter ii)Three point starter iii) Four point starter

Description : State at least one function and the material used for the following parts of DC Motor.

Last Answer : Part Function Material Yoke -Provides mechanical support for poles -Acts as protecting cover for machine -Provides path for magnetic flux Cast Iron OR Cast Steel Field Winding - ... Pole core  Provides mechanical support to field winding. Cast Iron OR Cast Steel

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Last Answer : Working principle of induction motor: * When the motor is excited with three-phase supply, three-phase stator winding carries three-phase currents & produces a rotating magnetic field of constant magnitude and ... , which tend to move the rotor in the same direction as the rotating magnetic field. 

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Last Answer : The insulating materials used in motor are as belows: 1. Cotton, 2. Silk, or paper, 3. Press board, 4. Resins 5. PVC 6. Cellulose-Fiber, 7. Enameled coating, etc  ... Over 180° Mica, porcelain, ceramics, glass quartz, asbestos, treated glass fiber or treated asbestos. etc.