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The wattage rating for a ceiling fan motor will be in the range 50 to 150 W .

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Last Answer : In a ceiling fan employing capacitor run motor secondary winding surrounds the primary winding.

Last Answer : The wattage of motor for driving domestic sewing machine will be around 100 to 150 W.

Description : How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Last Answer : How to Install a Ceiling Fan The first step in installing is to determine the most appropriate distance between the fan blades and your floor. You will need a measuring device in order to accurately do ... respective house wires. The fan must be grounded to the metal box and to the fan itself.

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Last Answer : How to Fix a Noisy Ceiling Fan Ceiling fans are great additions to any room: Not only do they take up minimal space, but they also provide that much-needed cool breeze in any part of the room on warm ... s a chance that it's a production glitch. Check with the ceiling fan's company as a last resort.

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Last Answer : How to Balance a Ceiling Fan Compared to regular electric fans, ceiling fans are preferred by many people because of better air distribution and their stylish look. It's nice to walk in and turn on ... their ceiling fan to perform poorly. Just follow these easy steps and yours will work just fine.

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Last Answer : How to wire a Ceiling Fan To wire a ceiling fan is a relatively easy project. Usually, it is similar to working on replacing an existing light fixture. However, you will also need to check the ... have a loose wire connection. In case your fan vibrates or shakes, check if the blades are balanced.

Description : Why is a capacitor used in a ceiling fan ?

Last Answer : For splitting phase so that a rotating magnetic field will be produced & as per Lenz's law a torque will be created & rotor starts rotating. In single phase if capacitor is not used for split phase then a pulsating mag. field is produced which is unable to produce torque on rotor

Last Answer : Capacitor use in fan is made up of dielectic material which is in semi solid material having high capacity.but generation of heat in capacitor the semi solid material converted into dry solid because of ... capacity becomes lower and lower so for good result of our fan we have to change it.

Last Answer : It is simply variable resistance create opposition to flow of current and decrease or increase the speed of fan

Last Answer : For the same H.P. rating and full load speed, following motor has poor starting torque differentially compounded.

Description : State suitable single phase motor for following applications: (i) Table fan (ii) Mixers and Grinders

Last Answer : Application Suitable Single Phase Motor Table Fan 1) Capacitor split phase motor 2) Capacitor start capacitor run motor Mixers and Grinders 1) Universal motor 2) A.C. Series motor

Last Answer : The efficiency of a properly designed synchronous motor will usually fall in range 85 to 95%.

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Last Answer : For testing appliances, the wattage of test lamp should be high.

Last Answer : The range of efficiency for shaded pole motors is 5% to 35%.

Description : How rating of main switch and cable is selected for Industrial Installation.

Last Answer : 1. Rating of Main Switch or Fuse Rating is decided in industrial installation: Rating of main switch or fuse is based up the starting current of motor. For calculating starting current is considered 2 ... take 1.5 times the rated current or full load current. & thus cable rating is decided.

Description : Why Transformer rating is given in kVA?

Last Answer : Because of core losses and iron losses as core losses are measured in amps and cu losses in voltage ....this is definatly reason for the rating Or kVA is the unit for apparent power. Apparent ... shift between voltage and current). So a transformer has to be rated (and selected) by apparent power.

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Last Answer : kVA rating of transformer is defined as the product of voltage (V) and current (I) on primary side of transformer or secondary side of transformer divided by 1000. On both side the VA rating remains ... Mathematically kVA rating is given by, kVA rating of transformer = V1I1/1000 =V2I2/1000

Description : The rating of transformer may be expressed in ____________.  (A) kVAR (B) kW (C) kVA (D) Horse power

Last Answer : The rating of transformer may be expressed in kVA . 

Description : The kVA rating of Three-phase transformer with Voltage = 200V and Current = 100A will be :  (A) 34.64 kVA (B) 75 kVA (C) 20 kVA (D) None of the above

Last Answer : The kVA rating of Three-phase transformer with Voltage = 200V and Current = 100A will be : 34.64 kVA

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Last Answer : Boiler rating is usually defined in terms of Steam output in kg/hr

Last Answer : The fuse rating is expressed in terms of current.

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Last Answer : Ceiling plinth is used to decorate the angle between the wall and the ceiling. This decorative element is also called fillet. Installation is carried out after leveling the walls and ceiling. We ... After completing the process, the ceiling plinth is painted, usually in the color of the ceiling.

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Last Answer : Well-chosen lighting can stimulate productive activities and can create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The variety of ceiling lights is not limited to traditional center chandeliers. In addition ... Their placement along the perimeter of the bathroom will visually make the room more spacious.

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Last Answer : Which ceiling is suitable for a bathroom? If you want to make repairs in the bathroom at an affordable price and we are not talking about long-term construction, then a rack suspended ceiling ... colors and shades of such ceilings will allow you to create your own unique design in the premises.

Description : State function of i) Ceiling rose ii) Conduit 

Last Answer : Function of Ceiling rose: Output connection for ceiling fan or tube.  Function of Conduit – To run the wires from switch board to appliances. 

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Last Answer : Ans a. Replacement of Regulator b. Replacement of Capacitor. c. Dismantle. d. Erect a Fan e. Cleaning.

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Last Answer : How to Install a CPU Fan The central processing unit (CPU) is one of the parts of your computer that can get easily damaged or compromised because of high temperatures. Electricity passing through ... can install a new aftermarket fan to your CPU and be more efficient with your computing tasks.

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Last Answer : Usually, "European-style renovation" begins with the installation of double-glazed windows and careful closure of all existing ventilation openings in the room. It is interesting, but few people know that ... street, for which fans are used, which are inserted directly into the window or window.

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Last Answer : Following are energy conservation techniques in Fans : 1) Use the electronic regulators instead of conventional regulator: Function of regulator is to control the speed of the fan. The conventional regulators ... 't forget to properly maintain your electric fan and keep it in good working order. 

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Last Answer : How to Light the Pilot Light on a Gas Range Gas ranges are easy to work with, you just turn the knob and they're ready to be used. Sometimes, though, your gas range's pilot light goes off, ... , though, it's best to contact a local gas company or the manufacturer, to help you solve the problem.

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Last Answer : Free Space RADAR range Equation: 1.RADAR range equation relates the range of a RADAR to the chara. Of Tx, Rx, Antenna, target & environment. 2.Free space means RADAR and target are isolated in ... is no obstacle between RADAR antenna & the target. 4.There will be No absorption of EM waves.

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Last Answer : i) Range: It is defined as the difference between Greatest and Smallest value of the data or reading of the instrument.  ii) Span: It is defined as the algebraic difference between the upper and lower range values

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Last Answer : Advantages of instrument transformer: 1. Extension of instrument range is possible. 2. Isolation of instruments from high voltage side. 3. Power loss is less as compared to shunts and multipliers. 4 ... measurement. 5. It is economical method of range extension. 6. Increases in safety of operator.

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Last Answer : Low resistances: less than 1 ohm.  Medium resistances: 1 ohm to 0.1 Mega ohm.