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The wattage of motor for driving domestic sewing machine will be around 100 to 150 W.

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Last Answer : The wattage rating for a ceiling fan motor will be in the range 50 to 150 W .

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Last Answer : How to Repair a Sewing Machine As being one of the more heavy-duty appliances, sewing machines can provide many years of reliable use. Often they do need to be cleaned out due to the excess ... it does, you will have to increase the belt's tension by shifting the motor-mountain screws again.

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Last Answer : How to Thread a Sewing Machine So you finally found a pattern you want to sew. You've got your mom's trusty sewing machine out, but before you can start sewing away, you must first learn to thread the ... be an easy task. Soon, you'll be a whiz at threading a sewing machine and at sewing, too!

Last Answer : The speed control of universal motor used for sewing machines is by varying the resistance.

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Last Answer : For testing appliances, the wattage of test lamp should be high.

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Last Answer : No, If we change the excitation of synchronous machine it will not affect on motor speed.

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Last Answer : Ans. It is a closed self conducted cooling unit in a cabinet. It is modular in nature. It works on the principle of Thermodynamics second law and works on refrigeration cycle.

Last Answer : Most common form of A.C. meters met with in every day domestic and industrial installations are induction type single phase energy meters.

Last Answer : The load factor of domestic load is usually 10 to 15%.

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Last Answer : If you are in the US, have you tried using the Sears website? It offers an online service that may be of assistance.

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Last Answer : I don’t own one but it sounds like it has a fabric/thread jam inside. You have to go deeper than the outside case.

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Last Answer : answer:Remind yourself how easy it is to make buttonholes by hand, if the fabric isn't too thick.That's how I learned in Jr. High Home Ec,. I used a little Singer for years; it went forward ... use only cotton fabric. Unlikely that you can do it without the buttonhole foot, but I am just guessing.

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Last Answer : I asked a similar question about 4 days ago.

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Last Answer : I got this Brother as a gift (MIL asked precisely which starter machine I wanted) as it’s supposed to be the best one for it’s price range. I’m going to be using it for a big project soon. I’ll post back here once I’ve finished to let you know how it goes.

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Last Answer : If you are not in a hurry, most brands of machines have replacement parts and you can get a new spool pin (that is what it is called) for most machines. What brand of machine do you have?

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Last Answer : Open up the bottom half and see if your bobbin is tangled. Also, stop using the foot pedal until you figure out why it is jammed, or you’ll likely break your needle.

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Last Answer : It sounds like the bobbin tension is out of adjustment. Sometimes you can adjust the tension on the bobbin with a screw on the bobbin itself. Sometimes this is an adjustment that has to be made at a repair shop. Sounds like it is time to take the machine to the shop for a tune-up.

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Last Answer : A quilt is always a winner.

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Last Answer : summary of best online reviews: http://www.consumersearch.com/www/house_and_home/sewing-machines/index.html

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Last Answer : I hear that you can sign up for cheap sewing lessons at fabric and/or craft stores that sell sewing machines. They make the lessons really cheap in hopes that you’ll buy one of their machines once you get the hang of it.

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Last Answer : I am by no means a sewing maven, but thread is often made from organic material, and can disintegrate or even rot.

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Last Answer : answer:Personally, I would hem it by hand. (One of the lessons, I believe, that the military teaches you is to never volunteer for anything.) Polyester is tricky, I am sorry to say.

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Last Answer : answer:There are websites that sell patterns from all sorts of eras. I found a couple here that have patterns from the 1970s. I just put in Simplicity Patterns 1970s and these (and a number ... might just get lucky. http://www.oldpatterns.com/simplicity70.html http://www.oldpatterns.com/coats70.html

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Last Answer : answer: Use good-quality thread. The cheap stuff is linty and will break. The same with needles- and use the right needle for the job. Use the correct tension on your machine. Practice on scraps of ... a fact of life; get used to it :>) My favorite tip- use alligator clips instead of pins!

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Last Answer : Um I don’t know any really but I know a cliche. I would say“Sooo” She would respond “Sew buttons on your under wear.” Grandma used to say that. LOL. Oldie but goodie. I know I am pathetic that is the only thing I could think of. I am not good at jokes.

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Last Answer : Tape measure, thimble, packet of sharps, crochet hook (sized 00), magic disappearing marker, tailor’s chalk…my system is “all in a jumble” except for seam ripper. Wear the quilting hoop as a hat.

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Last Answer : Here are some instructions that seem simply enough to follow.

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Last Answer : Knees, butts and patches….

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Last Answer : How to Gather in Sewing Gathering is a simple sewing technique you can use in making various projects. Some examples of a gathered fabric are ruffles, pleated skirts and puffy sleeves. Here are ... sewing projects. Have your work noticed and admired by friends by adding pretty ruffles and pleats.

Description : The number of poles in a phase induction motor at 50 Hz and running at 1500 rpm will be?

Last Answer : The number of poles in a phase induction motor at 50 Hz and running at 1500 rpm will be 4.

Last Answer : When a D.C. series motor is connected to A.C. supply, the power factor will be low because of high inductance of field and armature circuits.

Last Answer : The speed of a universal motor is generally reduced by using gear trains.

Last Answer : In case of a shaded pole motor the direction of rotation of the motor is from main pole to shaded pole.

Last Answer : The repulsion-start induction-run motor is used because of high starting torque.

Last Answer : In A.C. series motor compensating winding is employed to reduce sparking at the brushes.

Last Answer : In a two value capacitor motor, the capacitor used for running purposes is paper spaced oil filled type.

Last Answer : In split-phase motor auxiliary winding is of thin wire placed at the top of the slots.

Last Answer : Single phase induction motor usually operates on 0.6 power factor lagging.

Last Answer : A universal motor can run on either A.C. or D.C.

Last Answer : A schrage motor can run on zero slip, negative slip, positive slip.

Last Answer : A single-phase induction motor is inherently non-self-starting with low torque.

Last Answer : The motor used on small lathes is usually single-phase capacitor run motor.

Last Answer : A hysteresis motor works on the principle of hysteresis loss.

Last Answer : A shaded pole motor can be used for toys, hair dryers, circulators etc.

Last Answer : The power factor of a single-phase induction motor is usually lagging.

Last Answer : In a capacitor start single-phase motor, when capacitor is replaced by a resistance motor will continue to run in same direction.

Last Answer : Direction of rotation of a split phase motor can be reversed by reversing the connection of either running winding or starting winding.

Last Answer : The direction of rotation of an hysteresis motor is determined by position of shaded pole with respect to main pole.

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Last Answer : A capacitor-start single phase induction motor is switched on to supply with its capacitor replaced by an inductor of equivalent reactance value. It will not start at all.