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Hopkinson's test on D.C. machines is conducted at full-load.

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Last Answer : Short circuit test on transformers is conducted to determine copper losses.

Description : An open-circuit test on a transformer is conducted primarily to measure?

Last Answer : The open-circuit test in a transformer is used to measure

Description : Sumpner's test is conducted on transformer to determine?

Last Answer : Sumpner's test is conducted on transformer to determine temprature.

Last Answer : The purpose of retardation test on D.C. shunt machines is to find out stray losses.

Description : In dc machines, the armature windings are placed on the rotor because of the necessity for  (1) electromechanical energy conversion (2) generation of voltage (3) commutation (4) development of torque

Last Answer : 3  Commutation

Last Answer : Satisfactory commutation of D.C. machines requires brushes should be of proper grade and size, brushes should smoothly run in the holders, smooth, concentric commutator properly undercut.

Last Answer : Brushes of D.C. machines are made of carbon.

Last Answer : In D.C. machines the residual magnetism is of the order of 2 to 3 percent.

Last Answer : In D.C. machines fractional pitch winding is used to reduce the sparking.

Description : State any two applications of single phase autotransformer.

Last Answer : Applications of single phase auto transformers: 1) Give small boost to distribution cable to correct the voltage drop. 2) As auto transformer starter for induction motors. 3) As furnace supply ... . 5) In control equipment for single phase locomotives. 6) As dimmer in lighting circuits.

Description : State any two conditions for parallel operation of 3-phase transformer.

Last Answer : Conditions for Parallel operation of 3 phase transformer 1) Voltage ratings of both the transformers must be identical. 2) Percentage or p.u. impedance should be equal in magnitude. 3) X/R ratio ... between primary & secondary voltages must be same. 6) Phase sequence on both sides must be same.

Description : Compare core type transformer and shell type transformer on the following parameters. (i) Types of winding used, (ii) Application

Last Answer : Ans:

Description : Define transformation ratio in terms of current and voltage.

Last Answer : (i) Transformation Ratio (K) is defined as the ratio of the primary current to the secondary current.  (ii) Transformation Ratio (K) is defined as the ratio of the secondary voltage to the primary voltage.

Description : Define: (i) Commercial efficiency of a transformer and  (ii) All day efficiency of a transformer.

Last Answer : (i) Commercial Efficiency : It is the ratio of output power in watt to the input power in watt. (ii) All day efficiency of a transformer: It is the ratio of output energy in kWh to the input energy in kWh in the 24 hours of the day

Description : A 50 KVA transformer has iron loss 2 kW on full load. Calculate its iron loss at 75% of full load.

Last Answer : Iron loss is dependent on voltage and independent of load. Hence iron loss at 75% of Load = Iron loss at full load = 2 kW

Description : State any four properties of Ideal transformer.

Last Answer : Properties of Ideal transformer: 1) No losses (iron and copper losses), hence no temperature rise. 2) No magnetic leakage i.e (Coefficient of coupling between primary and secondary windings is unity) 3) Zero winding ... drop i.e. E1 = V1, E2 = V2 5) Efficiency 100 %. 6) Regulation 0 %.

Description : Draw the connection diagram of long shunt differential D.C. compound generator.

Last Answer : Ans:

Description : DC motor brake test numerical

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Description : Brake test on DC series motor

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Description : Are we losing control over our life to machines?

Last Answer : That is up to you. You can or you can decide to not.

Description : Heat Transfer Machines

Last Answer : Heat transfer machines are just the thing you need in order to do heat transfers on your clothing or whatever surface you want to decorate. In order for you to stick designs and precious stones on porous and ... is best. This will also give you an idea of what kind of designs you can choose from.

Description : What type of motor is used for drilling machines?

Last Answer : universal motor also used in Handheld power tools, blowers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, polishers and kitchen appliances.universal motor is defined as a motor which may be operated either on direct or single phase AC supply at approximately the same speed and output

Description : The inertia constants of two groups of machines which do not swing together are M1 and M2. The equivalent inertia constant of the system is

Last Answer : The inertia constants of two groups of machines which do not swing together are M1 and M2. The equivalent inertia constant of the system is M1M2/M1+M2

Description : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges _______ is used.  (1) lightning arrester (2) capacitor (3) combination of lightning arrester and capacitor (4) lightning conductor and arrester

Last Answer : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges combination of lightning arrester and capacitor is used. 

Description : Laminated cores, in electrical machines, are used to reduce?

Last Answer : Laminated cores, in electrical machines, are used to reduce eddy current loss.

Description : Silicon steel is used in electrical machines because it has?

Last Answer : Silicon steel is used in electrical machines because it has low hysteresis loss.

Last Answer : For a D.C. machines laboratory following type of D.C. supply will be suitable induction motor D.C. generator set.

Last Answer : The speed control of universal motor used for sewing machines is by varying the resistance.

Last Answer : Exciters of synchronous machines are d.c. shunt machines.

Description : Losses which occur in rotating electric machines and do not occur in transformers are?

Last Answer : Friction losses windage losses 

Last Answer : Copper losses,iron losses,variable losses , constant losees

Description : Explain concept of back emf in DC machine. State how it governs armature current. 

Last Answer : Back emf: When the armature of DC machine rotates under the influence of driving torque, the armature conductors move in the magnetic field and cut it and hence emf is induced in them. The ... flow of armature current i.e. it automatically changes the armature current to meet load requirements.

Description : State any four applications of DC shunt motor.

Last Answer : Applications of DC shunt motor: 1) Lathe machines 2) drilling machines 3) milling machines 4) Printing machinery 5) Paper industry 6) centrifugal and reciprocating pumps 7) blowers 8)fans

Description : State the function of commutator in DC generator and name the material used for commutator.

Last Answer : Function of Commutator: Commutator converts AC induced in armature winding into DC for external load. Material: i) Commutator segments are made up of Copper. ii) Commutator segments are insulated from each other by Mica.

Description : Can anyone in the office machine business explain how click charges work?

Last Answer : can you give more specifics? Typically the contract would include a certain amt. of impressions (clicks) then any after that would be at a lesser rate.

Description : List any four advantages and two disadvantages of 3 phase induction motor.

Last Answer : Advantages of 3 phase induction motor: 1) Simple in construction. 2) Economical in cost. 3) Requires very less maintenance. 4) High efficiency. 5) Low maintenace cost. 6) Self starting. 7 ... operated below its full load capacity. 6) It takes a large current from line at instant of starting.

Description : Explain how in a 3 phase induction motor to a rotating magnetic field is developed. 

Last Answer : Production of Rotating Magnetic Field in Three-phase Induction Motor: In three-phase induction motor, the three-phase stator windings are displaced in space by 120° and their three-phase currents are displaced ... time by 120°. Such fluxes give rise to the resultant rotating magnetic field.

Description : Can you guys explain the advantages of frequency converter against the star delta or soft starter?

Last Answer : ¬Soft starters  A soft starter is, as you would expect, a device which ensures a soft starting of a motor. A softstarter has different characteristics to the other starting ... at rated current from zero to full speed. Frequency converters are becoming cheaper all the time.

Last Answer : The efficiency of transformer is Greater than electrical Machine because there is no rotational losses in transformer and there is no air gap losses in transformer so losses is less in transformer compare to electrical machine so efficiency is higher in case of transformer.

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