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The material for commutator brushes is generally carbon.

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Last Answer : The number of brushes in a commutator depends on amount of current to be collected.

Last Answer : The insulating material used between the commutator segments is normally mica.

Last Answer : The rapid wear of brushes takes place due to abrasion from dust, excessive spring pressure, rough commutator bars, high mica insulation between com-mutation bars.

Last Answer : Armature coil is short circuited by brushes when it lies along neutral axis.

Last Answer : Brushes of D.C. machines are made of carbon.

Last Answer : Copper brushes in D.C. machine are used where low voltage and high currents are involved.

Last Answer : In lap winding, the number of brushes is always same as the number of poles.

Last Answer : To avoid formation of grooves in the commutator of a D.C. machine the brushes of opposite polarity should track each other.

Last Answer : In a commutator mica is harder than copper.

Description : State the function of commutator in DC generator and name the material used for commutator.

Last Answer : Function of Commutator: Commutator converts AC induced in armature winding into DC for external load. Material: i) Commutator segments are made up of Copper. ii) Commutator segments are insulated from each other by Mica.

Description : In a DC motor, it is important to place the brushes along ______ A) Magnetic Neutral Axis B) Normal Geometric Axis C) Nominal Geometric Axis D) None of these

Last Answer : In a DC motor, it is important to place the brushes along Magnetic Neutral Axis

Description : Brushes of DC machine are made up of ?

Last Answer : Brushes of DC machine are made up of carbon.

Description : The function of a brush and commutator arrangement in a dc motor is to  (1) produce unidirectional torque (2) produce unidirectional current in the armature (3) help in changing the direction of rotation of the armature (4) reduce sparking

Last Answer : The function of a brush and commutator arrangement in a dc motor is to produce unidirectional torque

Description : Which of the following does not have a commutator? A) Dynamo B) Induction motor C) Universal motor D) None of these

Last Answer : Which of the following does not have a commutator? A) Dynamo B) Induction motor C) Universal motor D) None of these

Description : Number of commutator bars for a 4-pole, 2-layer, DC lap winding with 24 slots and one conductor per layer is (A) 48 (B) 24 (C) 192 (D) 96

Last Answer : Number of commutator bars for a 4-pole, 2-layer, DC lap winding with 24 slots and one conductor per layer is 24

Last Answer : Sparking at the commutator of a D.C. motor may result in damage to commutator segments, damage to commutator insulation, increased power consumption.

Last Answer : In a A.C. series motor armature coils are usually connected to commutator through resistance.

Last Answer : In D.C. generators, the brushes on commutator remain in contact with conductors which lie under interpolar region.

Description : The material for commutator brushes is generally (a) mica (b) copper (c) cast iron (d) carbon

Last Answer : Ans: d

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Description : Suggest the diode material suitable to rectify 0.5V AC signal.

Last Answer : The diode material suitable to rectify 0.5V AC signal is silicon

Description : State two applications of : (i) PVC paper (ii) Porcelain with type of class based on withstand temperature is insulating material. 

Last Answer :  (i) Application of PVC paper : 1. It is used in slot lining or motor winding insulation purpose 2. For Insulation of Transformer winding (ii) Application of Porcelain : 1. Mainly used for manufacturing ... on withstand temperature : * H' & C' Class of insulation i e. 180° and above 180°C 

Description : State gaseous and liquid insulating material.

Last Answer : i) Gaseous insulating material : 1. Air 2. Nitrogen 3. Hydrogen 4. SF6 ii) liquid insulating material: 1. Transformer oil 2. Capacitor oil 3. Cable oil 4. Pyranol 5. Savotal 6. Savol 7. Vegetable oil 8. Silicon liquids

Description : State the material used for making (1) Magnetic Core (2) Fuse element  

Last Answer : The material used for making of:  (1) Magnetic Core : Iron, cobalt, Nickel, CRGO, HRGO , silicon steel  (2) Fuse Element: Tin- lead wire, Tinned copper wire 

Description : State properties of conductor material used for overhead conductor. 

Last Answer : Following are the properties of conductor material:-   1. High conductivity :- Material should have high conductivity 2. High mechanical strength:- Material should have sufficiently high mechanical strength ... available & less costly. 9. Scrap Value: - Material should have high scrap value. 

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Description : Write one application for the give dielectric material. (i) Polyvinyl Carbide(PVC) (ii) Glass (iii) Mica (iv) Cotton and Silk

Last Answer : (i) Polyvinyl Carbide(PVC):it is used in insulation of wires and cables in domestic wiring as well as in aircraft and factory wiring (any one)  (ii) Glass: 1) Alkaline glasses are used for ... with wax or varnishes are used in windings of magnet coils and small medium sized mechanics (any one) 

Description : State function of Busbar and which material is used for busbar?

Last Answer : Function of Busbar Bus-bar: - Distribute the load on 3-phase four wire systems. To provide number of connection of incoming line and to provide easy way to connect number of sub circuit. ... to the element. This element means busbar Material is used for busbar: 1. Copper 2. Alluminium

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Last Answer : piezoelectric effect: Piezoelectric effect can be stated as follows: when a pressure or force or vibration is applied to crystalline material like quartz crystal or crystalline substances, then ... crystal: Quartz crystal ,Rochelle salt 2) Synthetic crystals : Barium Titanate, Lithium sulphate

Description : Name the material used for :- (i) Moving coil (ii) Permanent magnet in PMMC instrument.

Last Answer : (i) Material used for Moving coil: Copper, Aluminum( some times)  (ii) Permanent magnets are made of special alloys such as :  Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt (Alnicos)  Strontium-Iron  Neodymium-Iron-Boron  Samarium-Cobalt.

Description : State the material used for moving coil and former for PMMC instruments. 

Last Answer : Material Used for Moving Coil and Former for PMMC Instruments:  Material used for moving coil: Copper  Material used for Former: Aluminium

Description : Based on temperature withstanding ability, classify insulating material. 

Last Answer : class Temperature withstanding ability in 0C Materials Y 90 Cotton, silk paper and similar organic materials neither impregnated nor immersed in any oil, rubber, PVC. A 105 ... rubber compounds C Above 180  Mica, ceramics, glass, Teflon, quartz, etc. 

Description : List four examples of insulating material and explain any two.

Last Answer : Examples of insulating materials:  i) Solid: Ceramic, Porcelain, Mica, Glass, Rubber, Resinous, Fibers  ii) Liquid: Synthetic, Mineral etc.  iii) Gaseous: Hydrogen, Air, ... and low hygroscopicity.  Uses: Insulation in electric field, transformer stampings, armature, pole stampings

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Last Answer : Dielectric Strength: The dielectric strength of an insulating material is the maximum voltage which the insulating medium can withstand without breakdown. Unit is volts per millimeter (V/mm), or kV/mm or kV/cm

Description : What are insulating material?

Last Answer : Insulating material: Insulating material is that which offers very high resistance to the flow of current through it.

Description : The magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic material is: A) Less than zero B) Less than one but positive C) Greater than one D) Equal to zero

Last Answer : The magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic material is: Less than one but positive

Description : The desirable properties of transformer core material are  (1) low permeability and low hysteresis loss. (2) high permeability and high hysteresis loss. (3) high permeability and low hysteresis loss. (4) low permeability and hysteresis loss.

Last Answer : The desirable properties of transformer core material are high permeability and low hysteresis loss.

Description : The material used in liquid fuses is  (1) SF6 (3) carbon tetra chloride (2) distilled water (4) transformer oil

Last Answer : The material used in liquid fuses is  carbon tetra chloride

Description : Resistance of a material always decreases if?

Last Answer : Resistance of a material always decreases if number of free electrons available become more.