Among new offences included in the 2015 amendment of SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act is: a) forcible removal of clothes from the person of a member of SC or ST b) causing physical harm or mental agony to a member of SC or ST on the allegation of practicing witchcraft or being a witch c) assault or use of force to a woman belonging to a SC or ST with intent to dishonor d) being in a position to dominate the will of a woman belonging to a SC or ST, using that position to exploit her sexually to which she would not have otherwise agreed 

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Answer :

b) causing physical harm or mental agony to a member of SC or ST on the allegation of practicing witchcraft or being a witch  

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Description : Which among the following constitutes “sexual harassment” according to the Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013? a) Unwelcome physical contact and advances, or unwelcome sexually colored remarks b) Trafficking c) Acid attack 

Last Answer : a) Unwelcome physical contact and advances, or unwelcome sexually colored remarks  

Description : Punishment of offences committed within India every person shall be liable to  punishment under this code and not otherwise for every act or omission defined in __ sec  of IPC a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 d) 4

Last Answer : c) 2

Description : Under which section of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes [Prevention of Atrocities] Act, 1989 is economic boycott defined? (1) Section 2[b] (2) Section 2[b c] (3) Section 2 [b f] (4) Section [b g]

Last Answer : (2) Section 2[b c] Explanation: In Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribes( Prevention of Atrocities) act -1989, section 2(bc) --economic boycott means- (i) A refusal to deal with, work ... Tribes (iv) To abstain from the professional or business relations that one would maintain with other person.

Description : What do you think the sentence for practicing witchcraft should be?

Last Answer : Those are both fraud charges. Pretending to practice witchcraft is also synonymous with fortune telling which is considered fraud. There are laws against fortune telling where I live still on the books but ... case here. It's not illegal to be an actual witch, that's against freedom of religion.

Description : Complaint means allegation in writing made by a complainant that a) An unfair trade practice or restrictive trade practice has been adapted by any  traders or service provider b) The goods bought by him ... the services mentioned in the complaint a price in excess of the price d) All the above

Last Answer : d) All the above

Description : Name the body which was established to provide safety and security of SCs' and STs' social, economic, cultural and educational concerns after an amendment in the Indian constitution? (1) Law ... Commission for SC and ST (3) Special officer for Linguistic Minorities (4) Central Vigilance Commission

Last Answer : (2) National Commission for SC and ST Explanation: The 65th constitutional amendment was enacted on 12 March 1990 for the formation of National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes ( ... amendment of the constitution in 2003 bifurcated the NCSCST into two bodies for SCs and STs.

Description : Which amendment provides for the benefit of reservation in promotions in Govt. Jobs to the members of SC and ST- a) 75 th amendment b) 85 th amendment c) 86 th amendment d) None of them

Last Answer : b) 85 th amendment

Description : Any act or omission made punishable by any law for time being in force is called a) Allegation b) Inquiry c) Complaint d) Offence

Last Answer : d) Offence

Description : Which one among the following statements regarding the constitutionally guaranteed Right to Education in India is correct? (1) This right covers both child and adult illiteracy and therefore, universally ... children between the ages of 6 to 14 years under the 86th Constitutional Amendment Act

Last Answer : (4) This right has been given to all Indian children between the ages of 6 to 14 years under the 86th Constitutional Amendment Act Explanation: The 86th amendment to the Constitution approved ... notified. It included Article 21(1) in the Indian constitution making education a fundamental right.

Description : Under which one of the following Sections of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes [Prevention of Atrocities] Acr, 1989 is anticipatory bail prohibited? (1) Section 22 (2) Section 20 (3) Section 18 (4) Section 16

Last Answer : (3) Section 18 Explanation: Under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (prevention of atrocities) act 1989, section -18 is anticipatory bail prohibited. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention ... of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) will be required before an arrest is made.

Description : Will this woman be set free? After all, she was practicing her religion, and (as we have seen in various Obamacare lawsuits) breaking the law isn't a problem if you do it in the name of religion?

Last Answer : answer:No. I don’t care how depraved a culture becomes, and ours is becoming increasingly depraved, most civilizations value the innocence and lives of children. Unless things have gotten worse than I think, she is fucked.

Description : The relaxation techniques of progressive muscle relaxation, relaxation with guided imagery, and the Benson Relaxation Response share which of the following elements? a) A mental device (something on which ... required to assist an individual to learn techniques to reduce one's response to stress.

Last Answer : a) A mental device (something on which to focus the attention) Similar elements also include a quiet environment, a comfortable position, and a passive attitude.

Description : A woman cursing her partner in agony for getting her into the predicament she's in. Helpful or hurtful?

Last Answer : I was lucky in that I did not have any nausea (or for that matter, a partner) during pregnancy, but I cannot imagine that it would do anything but harm to the relationship with the partner. How is it his fault ... to me to be an idiotic idea, but then, I didn't read the article. Can you link to it?

Description : The Government of Himachal Pradesh has approved the Freedom of Religion Act 2019, under this, how many years punishment has been provided for forcible conversion now? -General Knowledge

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Description : For the purpose of Sec 3-C of these rule sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined behavior whether directly or otherwise as:- a) Physical contact as advances b) Demand or request ... other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature e) All the above

Last Answer : c) Sexually colored remarks

Description : How long should I wait to get another kitten? Does it dishonor my cat that just died if I get one so soon? I miss her terribly, and know I will never replace her, but I miss the companionship.

Last Answer : Grieve first. Now’s not the time to get another. Not yet.

Description : According to the text, the most common mistake that prevents evidence seized from Being admitted is: a. Uninformed consen b. Forcible entry c. Obtained without authorization d. None of the above

Last Answer : c. Obtained without authorization

Description : Do you believe this person's assertation that she knew a woman, decades ago, who was forced to carry her stillborn baby because it would have been considered an abortion to do otherwise?

Last Answer : I was surprised to learn this: “If your doctor determines your baby has died, you’ll need to discuss your options. If you do nothing, labor will likely start on its own within a few weeks” Link:

Description : A wealthy wise old woman feared that her daughter was lazy and as a result rather stupid. When the old woman died, her will stipulated that her assets were to be liquidated and a check was to be ... only one envelope had a true statement and that the other two statements were false. The en -Riddles

Last Answer : The daughter should pick envelope 1. Unfortunately she picked envelope 3. Statements 1 and 2 were false, and the only true statement was statement 3. If the check was in envelope 1, that would make statement 1 ... both be true. If the check was in envelope 3, statements 1 and 3 would both be true.

Description : Is a dry ice bomb made without any intent to harm anyone or anything legal?

Last Answer : Yes, I think you are correct. (And I worked for a lawyer for quite a while, reading and interpreting these kinds of things, for what it’s worth).

Description : If a girl student is attracted towards you beyond the ethical limits then how would you control your own emotion? (a) You will try to calm down her emotion, as she is passing through the ... her intentions through strict measures. (d) You will communicate this matter to her parents for help.

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Last Answer : answer : Physical harms of masturbation 6 . Of Islam In sight It is Forbidden . Sharia According to Those Masturbation By They Transgressor Physical Problems With Discussion To do Done. Men Masturbation If you do ... water for 1 night and then strain the water and drink it. It is a natural remedy.

Last Answer : According to Section 9 of the Specific Remedies Act.

Last Answer : In the light of the expiration of the right to property under section 26 of the statute of limitations of 1906, all the elements mentioned for forcible possession or possession of property are ... section 26 of the statute of limitations of 1906. When the property of the occupier is acquired

Description : Seema desires for friendship, love, and a sense of belonging, we can say that she fulfils the_______ (a) Physical need ; (b) Self Actualization ; (c) Social need ; (d) Esteem

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Description : Ms. Usha Raja, Technical Assistant in the Herb Research and Development Institute, Gopawar, was being sexually harassed by the Director of the Institute. Allegations of further harassment by way of non- ... the NHRC for action. What are the powers and functions of NHRC in resolving the issue?

Description : After the Nazi Party became the largest party in Germany, Democracy in Germany began to get destroyed. The Enabling Act gave Hitler dictatorial powers in Germany and he was assisted by the secret police, ... do you think many Germans turned a blind eye to the plight of Jews? * -Social Science

Last Answer : Everyone came to feel that the rise of Nazi Germany could be partly traced back to the German experience at the end of the. First World War.

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Description : If your colleague entangles you in the act of negligence of duties with the help of principal how would you behave with him? Options: A) Revengeful and will give physical and mental shock to ... will insult him among the colleagues D) You will keep yourself alert and make his efforts unfruitful

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Description : Which one among the following statements is not correct? (1) The right conferred by Article 32 cannot be suspended except by virtue of Article 359 (1) of the Constitution of India (2) The ... made by the Parliament with regard to members of the forces charged with the maintenance of public order

Last Answer : (3) Punishments can he prescribed by a State Legislation for offences under Part 111 of the Constitution of India Explanation: The State shall not make any law which takes away or abridges the rights ... law made in contravention of this clause shall, to the extent of the contravention, be void.

Description : Under which of the following Sections of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 has offences by companies been provided? (1) Section 10 (2) Section 12 (3) Section 14 (4) Section 16

Last Answer : (3) Section 14 Explanation: Under Section 14 of the sections of the protection of civil rights act 1955 has offences by companies been provided.

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