Explain the various steps involved in designing a custom single-purpose processor.

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Answer :

A single purpose processor is a digital circuit designed to execute exactly one program. It is also known as co-processor, accelerator or peripheral.


  • It contains only the components needed to executes a single program.
  • It has no program memory.
  • The datapath contains only the essential components for this program i.e. 2 registers and one adder.
  • Since the processor only executes this one program we hardwire the programs instructions directly into the control logic and use a state register to step through those instructions, so no program memory is necessary.

Design metric advantages or benefits:

  • Size and power may be small.
  • Performance may be fast.
  • Unit cost may be low for large quantities.

Design matric disadvantages or demerits:-

  • Design time and NRE cost may be high.
  • Flexibility is low.
  • Unit cost high for small quantities.
  • Performance may not match general-purpose processors for same applications.

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