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Battery operated trucks are used in factories for material transportation.

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Last Answer : Thyristor operated dimmer: A popular thyristor operated dimmer circuit employ TRIAC-DIAC phase control for low AC power control. During each half-cycle, the capacitor charges through (R1+VR1). When the ... time constant {C (R1+VR1)}. Thus by reducing VR1 the lamp brightness can be increased.

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Last Answer : The tow truck drivers say that they are afriad of retribution from trucker’s. The police are giving tickets that can be as high as $25,000.

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Last Answer : The the top one on this page ? ?

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Last Answer : When you're pouring or moving concrete to a plant, it is best to have the best kind of mixer truck. The workers will be spending most of their time in these trucks, making it important ... By finding the best possible truck for your cement, transportation should become an easy part in delivering it.

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Last Answer : answer:Seems like added complication without any real benefit. The range of backup speeds is pretty small, the frequency of beeps is pretty low, the total time backing up is pretty short. So we're talking about ... should move. Nah that beep seems pretty slow, I don't think it means business. ~

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Last Answer : answer:It varies widely: Total Pay $27,515 – $62,779 Source,Heavy%2F_Tractor-Trailer/Hourly_Rate

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Last Answer : answer:AC compressors are very expensive. Here is a hint: Go to AutoZone or a related store and talk to one of the workers there. They can give you the price of an AC compressor for your truck. ... compressor for that truck is big and expensive, so you can expect sticker shock. Be prepared for it.

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Last Answer : I’ve got a Dodge Dakota for sale :)

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Last Answer : Because some of the axels have 4 wheels (2 on each side).

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Last Answer : answer:Not an expert, but I believe that permits have to be issued for trucks moving across state lines (and maybe other things), and the permits are based on weight. Also, there is a maximum weight ... on the roads, the weigh stations are there to make sure that trucks do not go above the limit.

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Last Answer : Yellow Jackets (aka trucker speed), and lots of incoherent banter on the CB.

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Last Answer : i didn’t know these vehicles exist. cool!

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Last Answer : Answer: Positive terminal is identified painted with red color and negative terminal is identified painted with blue color on the top of the battery

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Last Answer : Answer: If a battery cannot able to hold proper charge or if the battery capacity is falls below 80% of its rated capacity then it is considered as the end of life of the ... Charging and discharging cycles Temperature Leakage of the gases or electrolyte corrosion of the plates over discharge rates

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Last Answer : Answer: During charging of the battery acid is produced at the plate surface and during discharging of the battery acid will be consumed, due to this nonuniform concentration heavy parts of the ... on the top. This phenomenon is call stratification. Stratification affects the life of the battery.

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Last Answer : Answer: Some of the important factors that determine the duration of the discharged battery to charge are: Duration of the discharge occurred Temperature at which battery is operating Size and efficiency of the charger

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Last Answer : Answer: Temperature is one of the major factors that have impact on battery performance, shelf life, charging and battery voltage control. At higher temperature batteries will have more chemical activity compared to batteries which operate at the designed temperature

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Last Answer : Ans. The state of charge of battery is best indicated by specific gravity of electrolyte and voltage.

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Last Answer : Ans. Battery is a device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It stores energy in form of chemical energy. Types a) Primary cell batteries b) Secondary batteries.

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Last Answer : Need a battery to power your truck but not sure what a truck battery is? Like most batteries used on cars, motorcycles and tractors, truck batteries are lead-acid types. They use lead plates that are ... onto your skin, wash it away immediately with water. Visit a doctor if your skin is burned.

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Last Answer : A true rider knows his motorcycle battery well. After all, it's the part of the bike that allows the engine to start. A typical 12-volt motorcycle battery is encased in plastic and ... result to permanent damage. Always ask an expert first before topping up or charging your motorcycle battery.

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Last Answer : If you are a car owner, no doubt you have heard of the term lead-acid battery many times. Well, most car, truck, motorcycle and marine batteries are lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid ... for many of their power supply needs. Lead pollution can be lessened by proper disposal of these batteries.

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Last Answer : You cannot just put a battery in your car, leave it there and drive. That battery might fall over and cause some serious problems to your car. You need a battery tray to secure the battery ... , vibration and shock. High-end models cost more but you will eventually spend less on their maintenance.

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Last Answer : Automotive battery terminals can mean either the posts on a battery to which the jumper cables attach or the part of the cables that attach to the battery's posts. The latter are sometimes ... properly maintained for the car to run smoothly. Regular inspection helps to keep them in good condition.

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Last Answer : So you have a car battery that is losing its power and you don't want to buy a new one. You can recharge it by using battery chargers. However, how do you connect the charger to your ... are unsure about how these clips fasten to your car's battery, ask experts first to avoid potential accidents.

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Last Answer : Do you have a car battery that is losing its power? You can use a battery charger to bring its power back. A battery charger is a device that forces electric current through the battery ... battery are compatible. Carefully read the instructions on how to install the charger to avoid any accidents.

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Last Answer : The relevance of this issue can hardly be overestimated. All drivers have faced this problem at least once. I forgot to turn off the headlights, the light in the passenger compartment, the alarm has ... the car starts, engage neutral as soon as possible. Based on materials from http://vikupbitih.ru/

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Last Answer : How to keep the battery charged as long as possible? Modern smartphones have rather large batteries, and the charge usually lasts for a long time. But what to do if the charger is left at home, ... and waste energy. We hope these simple tips will help you stay connected for as long as possible.

Description : Draw the circuit diagram of battery charger using SCR and explain it’s working.

Last Answer : Battery charger circuit using SCR: The figure shows the battery charger circuit using SCR. A 12V discharged battery is connected in the circuit and switch SW is closed. The singlephase 230V ... not fired. In this way, after full charging, further charging is automatically stopped.

Description : when charging a battery we use a DC supply but not an AC supply. Why ?

Last Answer : When power is supplied to the battery, electrolyte inside the battery is divided into positive and negative ions, where ions with similar pole is gained in one side. This reactionʼs flow coincides with direct current.

Description : List out the precautions to be taken while charging of lead- acid battery 

Last Answer : precautions to be taken while charging of lead- acid battery: 1) Never keep the battery in the circuit and connect for external charging if it is not designed so. 2) While disconnecting / removing a ... tools etc on batteries. 10) Do not splash any liquids on the batteries, near the charger etc.

Description : Explain the maintenance of lead acid battery.

Last Answer : Maintenance of lead acid battery: 1) Keep the container surface dry by using dry cloths. 2) Tighten the terminal connections. 3) Battery should not be discharged below a minimum voltage. 4) Never keep battery ... -container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Description : In lead acid battery the density of acid indicates the  (1) charge of the battery (2) level of acid (3) e.m.f of the battery (4) damage of the plates

Last Answer : In lead acid battery the density of acid indicates the charge of the battery