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What is the trust management of a rented apartment?
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Not so long ago, real estate agencies in Moscow began to offer apartments for rent on new, more civilized conditions. We are talking about the trust management of the apartment. In most cases, the realtor only needs to find a person who wants to rent a house on the proposed terms and draw up a lease agreement, this is where his work ends. All relationships with the tenant are carried out by the owner of the apartment and if any problems arise, he is engaged in solving them. Trust management service will allow the owner to get rid of all the hassle and only receive rental income.

What responsibilities can a real estate agency take on?

This list may vary from case to case. In the case of minimum maintenance, the agency looks for a client who wants to rent an apartment, concludes an agreement with him, and then monitors its compliance, i.e. timely payment of rent and utilities, maintenance of the premises in proper form; can also take out an insurance policy. This range of services can be expanded. If the apartment has never been rented out before, or has just been renovated, the agency can take care of cleaning it, furnishing it, and installing the necessary household appliances.

How much does it cost?

For the service of trust management, the real estate agency will take a certain percentage of the rent. In the simplest cases, this is at least 10%. In addition, when concluding an agreement on the transfer of real estate into trust, the income received becomes declared and is subject to taxation, i.e. payment of 13% as personal income tax. This figure can be reduced if the owner is an individual entrepreneur, then the tax will be 6%.

What should you pay attention to?

To carry out specific construction and repair work, the agency uses the services of appropriate specialists. They can be permanent employees, or hired if necessary. In the first case, their qualifications have been checked and the quality result of the work is more guaranteed, so it makes sense to get information in advance about who will deal with the necessary repairs, if any.

Since trust management implies full responsibility for both the lease and the safety of the apartment and the property in it, the annex to the contract must contain a list of all things (furniture, appliances) with their external description and an indication of the manufacturing firms. The documents certifying the agency's responsibility for the property of the owner of the apartment are the contract and the act of acceptance and transfer, which give the agency a certain list of powers and allow it to act on behalf of the owner.

Today, such a service is offered only by Moscow real estate agencies, since the rent in the capital is quite high and the percentage for management allows you to earn money.
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