For testing appliances, the wattage of test lamp should be?

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Answer :

For testing appliances, the wattage of test lamp should be high.

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Last Answer : The wattage of motor for driving domestic sewing machine will be around 100 to 150 W.

Last Answer : The wattage rating for a ceiling fan motor will be in the range 50 to 150 W .

Description : Explain how double test lamp used for testing earth?

Last Answer : Ans: Double test lamp having three leads. Centre lead should be connected to earth, left side lead to be connected on positive side (+ve), right side to be connected on negative side (-ve) If both ... ) in the coach. If right side bulb glows brightly it indicates positive earth (+ve) in the coach.

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Last Answer : Ideal would be: Full size washer/dryer in a separate laundry room with counter for folding. Six burner gas stove with full oven. Dishwasher. Bread warming drawer. Separate oven for keeping prepared ... half bath off of living room/social area, another off of kitchen, and one with outside access.

Description : Is there a 'best season' for buying appliances? If so, when?

Last Answer : I looked up Consumer Reports' Best Time to Buy Things and When to Get the Best Deals on TVs and Kitchen Appliances Looking at the chart in the second link, which tracks just a handful of specific ... Depot has those items together in a corner of the appliance section. I like to look in there.

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Last Answer : I usually leave appliances connected unless I'm going away for an extended period of time. I pull out all plugs if I'm going off on holiday but I don't really think it is necessary. The main fuse box ... home electrics are much safer now than in days gone by. But I still don't like to take chances.

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Last Answer : Glossy black items actually show more fingerprints and dirt. I don’t own them at present, but I have in the past. My mood is not set by the appearance of appliances.

Description : Do you run appliances when you are away from your home?

Last Answer : answer:I set my dishwasher on a timer to save energy; I usually run it after midnight. I will run the washing machine and dryer when I am out. If nothing else, the dryer seems safe because there is no chance of flooding.

Description : Do you unplug your appliances (minor appliances as opposed to major appliances) when you're done using them?

Last Answer : Yes. Always. I include my heating pad and all the small kitchen stuff; coffee bean grinder, food processor and toaster.

Description : Do you decorate your appliances?

Last Answer : Wow. No. I don’t like clutter.

Description : Leaving town for 7 weeks. Should I really unplug all my appliances?

Last Answer : Yes. I work for an environmental organization nd we recommend that people unplug their appliances when not in use. Appliances continue to suck energy even when they are off. For example, if you ... simply switch off the power strip when not in use, without having to unplug and replug everything.

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Last Answer : Test case ID Test case objective Input data Expected result Actual result Status TC1 Check cursor position at email or mobile number field Click on email or mobile number ... should redirect to respective page on click Cursor changed and redirects to other page. Pass

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Last Answer : The following factors are important during tool selection: i. Assessment of the organization's maturity (e.g. readiness for change); ii. Identification of the areas within the organization where ... the tool is another important point to be considered while selecting and deploying the test tool.

Description : Whew! Testing done, Now what will they do?

Last Answer : Sounds like hopeful news! We will keep hoping that things will keep going well. “I wonder how really manly sized men get in there? ” They have “open” MRI machines these days, for just that situation.

Description : State the testing approaches that are considered during client server testing.

Last Answer : Testing approaches of client server system: Component Testing: One need to define the approach and test plan for testing client and server individually. When server is tested there is need of a ... testing and compliance testing may be involved if needed, as per testing and type of system.

Description : Describe object oriented metrics in testing. 

Last Answer : Object oriented metrics in testing: OBJECT-ORIENTED METRICS AND MEASURES As object-oriented approach emerged to support major applications, the effectiveness of applying traditional software metrics ... within the hierarchy, the more methods the class can inherit, increasing its complexity.

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Last Answer : Alpha Testing Beta Testing Alpha testing performed by Testers who are usually internal employees of the organization. Beta testing is performed by Clients or End Users who are not employees of ... input on the product and ensures that the product is ready for real time users. 

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Last Answer : I.Decision table testing is black box test design technique to determine the test scenarios for complex business logic. ii. Decision tables provide a systematic way of stating complex business rules, which is useful for ... when conditions are missed, it is easy to see.  Example : 

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Last Answer : 1. Manual testing is slow and costly. 2. It is very labor intensive; it takes a long time to complete tests. 3. Manual tests don't scale well. As the complexity of the ... Comparing large amount of data is impractical. 10. Processing change requests during software maintenance takes more time. 

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Last Answer : Objectives of software testing are as follows: 1. Finding defects which may get created by the programmer while developing the software. 2. Gaining confidence in and providing information about the level ... . 6. To gain the confidence of the customers by providing them a quality product. 

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Last Answer : 1. Verifying the interface link between the login page and the home page i.e. when a user enters the credentials and logs it should be directed to the homepage 2. Check the interface link between the ... the interface link between the home page and the profile page i.e. profile page should open up. 

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Last Answer : Static testing: In static testing code is not executed. Rather it manually checks the code, requirement documents, and design documents to find errors. Main objective of this testing is to ... this testing is to confirm that the software product works in conformance with the business requirements.

Description : State the procedure for testing of earth pit resistance with necessary diagrams.

Last Answer : Following procedure (Method) for testing of earth pit resistance with necessary diagrams. 1) Earth Tester : i) Three point method ii) Four point method 2) By Potential drop method 3 ... of that earthing pit. In this test the accuracy is less but electrical rods are not required. 

Description : Phantom loading for testing of energy meter is used (A) to isolate the current and potential circuits (B) to increase power loss during testing (C) for meters having low current ratings (D) to test meters having a large current rating for which loads may not be available

Last Answer : B

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Last Answer : The running winding of a single phase motor on testing with meggar is found to be ground. Most probable location of the ground will be at the slot edge where coil enters or comes out of the slot.

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Last Answer : answer:Old record table from the 50s (I believe). The only problem I have with it is that one of the speakers doesn’t work, but the other is still fine. I’m sure that if I knew how to do anything in terms of repairs I could fix it up. Sure beats an ipod that lasts maybe 5 years ‘if you’re lucky.’

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Last Answer : When I have a new pen I just scribble a little.

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Last Answer : It means the fact that the action makes some people uncomfortable, e.g. shuddering, is not a reason to stop it from going forward.

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Last Answer : I dunno, i know IQ tests test only the logical capability of the individual, not any other possible skill or knowledge.

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Last Answer : What is a hair test?

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Last Answer : Test case ID Test case objective Input data Expected result Actual result Status TC1 Student name field Any valid alphabetical characters (John) It should accept the name ... 6 digits numeric format It should accept the valid pin code Pin code accepted Pass

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Last Answer : Test cases for railway reservation system: Test case ID Test case objective Input data Expected result Actual result Status TC1 Login field Any valid login name (abcxyz) ... Valid train number It should accept the valid train number Train number accepted Pass

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Last Answer : Preparing test summary report At the completion of a test cycle, a test summary report is produced. This report gives insights to the senior management about the fitness of the ... and recommendation for release should include Fit for release assessment and Recommendation of release

Description : Describe test infrastructure management.

Last Answer : Test infrastructure management Testing requires a robust infrastructure to be planned upfront. This infrastructure is made up of three essential elements. 1. A test case database (TCDB): A test case database ... Everyone gets access to only the most recent version of the test files.

Description : Describe standards included in Test management.

Last Answer : Internal standards are: 1. Naming and storage conventions for test artifacts. 2. Document standards 3. Test coding standards 4. Test reporting standards. 1. Naming and storage ... Standard: are defined at international level and these are applicable to all customers across the globe.

Description : State the contents of ‘Test Summary Reports’ used in test reporting.

Last Answer : Test reporting is a means of achieving communication through the testing cycle. There are 3 types of test reporting. 1. Test incident report: 2. Test cycle report: 3. ... assessment and recommendation for release should include: Fit for release assessment and recommendation of release.

Description : Enlist any two activities involved in test planning.

Last Answer : 1. Scope Management: Deciding what features to be tested and not to be tested.  2. Deciding Test approach /strategy: Which type of testing shall be done like configuration, ... these features and combinations would be tested.  4. Identifying responsibilities, staffing and training needs.

Description : "Fluff question": Where does the lint come from in the clothes dryer and how does the lint trap know how to catch it?

Last Answer : Real answer? The lint itself is simply attrition from the fabric itself, as it breaks down with washing and drying. The lint trap is the last line of defense, after a series of holes, decreasing in circumference, ... wild and poison us all. Ew. ETA and Ijust now got the fluff question th8ng. :-D

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Last Answer : Jeruba No you won’t. Dryers are a pain to put back together but there is not much to them and they do go back together. A good repairman will be able to assist but sometimes they’re not so willing if someone has tried first who is not part of their “trade”

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Last Answer : I never had one until this year, when I got a tabletop dishwasher. Honestly, I could not go back again.

Description : Can we make a list of products you own which lasted long beyond your expectations?

Last Answer : My mom gave me her stand mixer, a Hamilton Beach, that she got as a wedding present in 1947. I still use it. My old stuff is still working, the newer stuff gives up pretty quickly b6 comparison.

Description : The pilot light on my water heater keeps going out. What should I check?

Last Answer : Call a pro. Only the part that controls the pilot light may be at fault, not the entire unit. Make sure there is nothing blocking the air inlets to the unit, or the vent to the outside.

Description : What advice can you give me about buying a new refrigerator?

Last Answer : It's cheaper than an electric car, but doesn't move as fast. I personally like side-by-side, but others may differ. I have always preferred freezer on top because it easier to get to the ice cube tray. I ... is personal choice. And to a degree, how much of a cook are you? How full do you keep it?

Description : Can I turn off my empty mini freezer?

Last Answer : Is the mini-freezer a stand-alone unit, or is it attached to something else? If it’s a stand-alone unit, unplug it.

Description : Do you leave the dryer on when you are not at home?

Last Answer : Yes I leave them all running, all at the same time. I do shut the doors to the rooms that the appliances are in, to contain a fire if one were to break out

Description : Why do clothes dryers need to vent?

Last Answer : If the air isn’t venting, it would eventually become nothing more than steam. The clothes won’t dry.

Description : Washer and drier - front or top load?

Last Answer : I personally prefer top loaders. I have had multiples of each. While the front-loading one was better on the clothes and used less water they broke down a lot. It seemed like something would ... really had any problems with even the cheapest of top loaders. Your local laundromat will agree with me.

Description : Will you look up gas cooktops for me on Consumer Reports?

Last Answer : Your library likely has access to Consumer Reports. You should be able to login remotely using your library card. If not, I can login using my library card later.

Description : Do you own an appliance that's smarter than you?

Last Answer : answer:I would have to say my computers ,just when I think I have them figured out ,they surprise me with something new. For household appliances ,I have them under control for now,but I hate when we have to get a new one ,then the battle starts all over again.