Compare radiation and intersection methods of plane table surveying on any two parameters. 

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Answer :

Radiation method
Intersection method
1. It requires the plane table to occupy a single station. 
1. This method requires setting the table up at minimum of two stations. 
2. Orientation table is not required. 
2. Orientation is essential and can be done by back sighting.
3. To conduct the survey of an area, the table is kept at a convenient station A commanding a full view of the area to be surveyed. 
3. Two station A and B are selected so that they command a full view of the area to be surveyed. 
4. In this method, rays are drawn from the station to the objects, and the distance from the station to the object are measured and plotted to any suitable scale along respective rays. 
4. In this method distance of base lene only is measured. Distance of object from station is not measured
5 This method is suitable when points to be plotted are within accessible from single station.
 5 This method is suitable for locating inaccessible points by the intersection of the rays drawn from two instruments stations. 

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Last Answer : is most rapid method of surveying. 2. it is suitable for magnetic areas. 3.The map can be prepared easily ,and does not require greater skill. 4.Irregular objects can be represented ... is less costly. 7 The check lines detects the errors of measurement and plotting on field itself. 

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Description : Draw sketch and explain method of traversing of plane table surveying. 

Last Answer : Procedure: 1.Set plane table over station A use plumbing fork for transferring station point from ground on sheet. Draw the direction of magnetic meridian with the help of compass. 2. With the ... scale Similarly, the table can be set at other successive station and traverse is completed.

Description : Describe back sighting method of orientation of plane table surveying.

Last Answer : Backsight method of orientation 1. Assume we have to orient the table at next station B' represented on paper by point b'. 2.the line ba' is drawn on previous station A'. 3.the alidade is kept ... A'. 4. When the plotted line ab' coincides with line AB' and table will be oriented.

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Last Answer : 1) It is used for sighting the objects to be located.  2) It is used for drawing the rays. 

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Last Answer : 1) It is not suitable for work in wet climate 2) Several accessories are required to be carried hence possibility lost. 3) Replotting of survey work to different scale is difficult in absence of ... ) It is not intended for accurate work. 6) The plane table is essentially a tropical instrument.

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Last Answer : Following are the advantages of remote sensing Provides data for large areas. Provide data for very remote and inaccessible area. Easy and rapid collection of data. Rapid production ... Needs cross verification with field survey data. Objects can be misclassified or confused. Expensive.

Description : State any two special features of electronic theodolite.

Last Answer : Following are the special features of electronic theodolite 1. Dual side display and keyboard with push buttons / keys 2. Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery with auto power cut off. 3.Compatability with EDM. 4. Communication port

Description : What is the difference between a theodolite and a tacheometer. Give any two characteristics of tacheometer.

Last Answer : Difference between theodolite and tacheometer. Sr.No Theodolite Tacheometer 1 It is most accurate instrument use for measurement of horizontal and vertical angle. ... 4. The vision through the telescope should give a clear and bright image for a long distance. 

Description : What is meant by permanent adjustment of a theodolite.Enlist any two such adjustment.

Last Answer : A theodolite consist of several fundamental lines .In order reading to be accurate, certain desired relationship must exist between the fundamental lines of the instruments. But due to improper handling or ... axix 4 Adjustment of level tube on the telescope 5 Adjustment of vertical index frame.

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Last Answer : The following are some general GPS field survey procedures that should be performed at each station, observation, and/or session on a GPS survey. A. Receiver setup : GPS receiver shall be set up ... is to identify any problem that may exist which can be corrected before returning from the field.