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Description : What's the best way to evict a commercial tenant in the state of Missouri?

Last Answer : No contract? No lease? Sounds like you could just call the law and get them for trespass but I don't know for certain. Call sheriffs dept. Several online sites to check out first. ... /tenant actions where a lease is in force. Was there one originally? Missouri Eviction Process Eviction Resources

Description : Do I need a lawyer to evict a tenant for not paying rent in Washington dc?

Last Answer : I would probably begin by contacting law enforcement. I know nothing else specific about this problem however.

Description : Can a landlord be forced to evict a tenant if the tenant's child has intentionally destroyed a neighbor's property?

Last Answer : answer:No, you can't force the landlord of a neighboring house to evict his tenants. The rental agreement is between the owner and the tenant. The neighbors have very few rights regarding ... he enforce the agreement. However, you can insist the police address the trespassing and property damage.

Description : is it legal to evict a tenant without going to court ?

Last Answer : The only way you can evict a tenant without going to court is if the tenant leaves voluntarily. Otherwise, you cannot use self help and simply go in and remove their property or change the locks. ... be entered after the court schedules a hearing and notice of the hearing is given to the tenant.

Description : In the State of Florida what is the process to get someone out of your home who is not a tenant does not pay rent is not a relative or a friend?

Last Answer : The process is the same for any tenant the landlord wants toevict. First the tenant must be served a 30-day notice if the rentis month-to-month, even if the "tenant" has not paid one ... a sheriff's deputyand the tenant must follow the directions on the Summons regardinghow to answer their Summons.

Description : Best practices for buying some furniture from the outgoing tenant of the apartment I'm going to move into?

Last Answer : Best practice would be to ask the landlord if you can use the storage unit included with your unit (if any) NOW and move the furniture into it. This way nothing can happen . As far as what ... want you to consider that the space the furniture occupies is worth a lot more than the furniture itself.

Description : Does the landlord or the tenant bear responsibility for the time it takes to repaint before move-in?

Last Answer : Legally they could allow you to move in and paint while you are in this place. But it is only two days. Pissing them off could bite you in the ass later. Making the landlord mad is a bad thing. edit :: and how much are we talking (1500/30)X2=$100 Not worth it.

Description : In a shared apartment, should a tenant have to pay for damages they were not involved in?

Last Answer : Pack your bags and find new roomates.

Description : Paid Partial Rent - Can they evict?

Last Answer : Sorry I wanted to add something but can’t figure out how to edit. Since legally I haven’t received any kind of notice, no 3 day, no eviction – is it illegal for them to put my unit up for rent? Also, they can’t show my unit either right?

Description : What's the best way to evict a copperhead snake that has taken residence in my woodpile?

Last Answer : I’d call a snake expert to remove it for me. I’m not sure where you are or what such a person is called where you are.

Description : Trying to Evict a roommate?

Last Answer : answer:Where do you live? L&T law varies considerably among states and their municipal jurisdictions. By the way, you’re the tenant, and she’s your subtenant. Your landlord doesn’t have a direct relationship or agreement with her.

Description : How to evict the woodchuck and other unidentified garden plunderers.

Last Answer : answer:Oh, boy. Oh, double boy. Having tried everything that is non-toxic, my sister (down the road) has a huge fenced-in vegetable garden that has been overrun with woodchucks and their enormous ... skunks, chipmunks, squirrels, mice and voles. Where do you live? How much acreage do you have?

Description : Renting MY rooms out. Can I evict?

Last Answer : answer:You can't tell them to just get out. You have to give them 30 days notice. Trust me, I tried. The cops got involved and it made for a very uncomfortable 30 days. If they can provide ... out I was renting rooms out without notifying them. I was evicted when they found out. Read your lease.

Description : Renting MY rooms out. Can I evict?

Last Answer : answer:You can't tell them to just get out. You have to give them 30 days notice. Trust me, I tried. The cops got involved and it made for a very uncomfortable 30 days. If they can provide ... out I was renting rooms out without notifying them. I was evicted when they found out. Read your lease.

Description : My host thinks I'm an irritation, a bother, a pain. But he can't evict me, so here I will remain. Then one day I'm taken and ranked among my peers. Can you guess just what I am? Then you might call me dear. -Riddles

Last Answer : I am a Pearl.

Description : How do you evict someone from a home in FL.?

Last Answer : You can find instructions here: .

Description : If anyone is in the landlord business, how do you handle a problem tenant?

Last Answer : answer:Your specific rights are very closely involved with the laws of your city / county / state. They are vastly different in NYC, for example, than they are in San Francisco, or Podunkville. So none of ... of principle, I would never pay the guy to move out. That's just paying off a slacker.

Description : Zamindari , Mahalwari and Ryotwari system were based on exploitation by the (a) Middleman (b) Tenant © Worker (d) None of them.

Last Answer : (a) Middleman

Description : Does anyone know about the TEA Party of Florida vs. "The Tea Party?"?

Last Answer : They’re the same thing, in essence. Apparently in FL there is a difference between being a member of the original Tea Party movement and the national Tea Party movement. It must be some sort of states’ rights distinction.

Description : byu vs florida state ?

Last Answer : byu vs Florida state

Description : Landlords of Reddit, what are your tenant horror stories?

Last Answer : need answer

Description : Am I being too restricting with my tenant on his visitors?

Last Answer : I think he is pushing it and taking things for granted!!!!! For your peace and happiness, terminate him immediately…

Description : Landlord responsible for tenant behavior!

Last Answer : Home owners insurance should cover expenses.

Description : If you own rental property or are a tenant, care to share best/worse renter stories?

Last Answer : I wanted to rent our first house out when we moved, but Mrs Squeaky is scared to death about getting renters from hell so we just sold it instead,and 2 years later the property sold for double of what we sold it for,I still kick myself for that.

Description : A tenant of a landlord is harassing me. What can I do?

Last Answer : You have to move out. This is a dangerous situation. Tell the landlord why you must break your lease if you have one and find another place to live.

Description : What are my rights as a tenant in this situation?

Last Answer : answer: So apparently when it gets cold enough, they will set the heat downstairs at 70 and that's what it stays at all winter. Apparently? Did you actually talk to your landlord about it ... likely to get a relevant answer by checking with whatever rental board covers the area that you live in.

Description : Is normal for a rental company to sign a lease for an apartment to a new tenant without giving the current tenant the option to re-sign and continue living there?

Last Answer : Are there any clauses in your current lease about renewal? Most states have housing and tenants’ rights information on the web. It sounds to me like your upstairs neighbor was making a deal behind the scenes for a while, check to see if any of your rights have been violated. Good luck!

Description : Does anyone who owns rental property know the ramifications of a tenant being in jail?

Last Answer : answer:I would think if the rent is being paid it's not abandoned. It probably will take a few months to make a paper trail of the rent not being paid (as I assume it's not). You need a ... 's abandoned and clean it out and rent it out to someone else. You may be subjecting yourself to a lawsuit.

Description : Do I have any tenant rights in San Francisco if I do not have a lease?

Last Answer : Without a lease, you have no rights.

Description : How would you handle this tenant-landlord issue?

Last Answer : I think you are lucky she is only asking for an extra week. In many jurisdictions without a lease you are considered a month to month tennant and would have to pay the whole month’s rent.

Description : Can I ask my tenant to clean the house?

Last Answer : What does the lease say? Most I have signed required the housing to be a “clean” and “safe”, maintained by the tenant.

Description : Suggestions for selling a rental property with a tenant?

Last Answer : answer:You can offer the tenant an incentive to leave and show the property vacant. You can tell the tenant that you are selling. I am supposing your rental contract requires them to accept showings, etc.

Description : Any thoughts about Conde Nast becoming the main tenant at 1 World Trade Center?

Last Answer : I will defer to those who live in NY as to what their wishes are. Although as a nation we all lived through 9/11, I feel New Yorkers should have the ultimate say in this issue.

Description : How to go about screening a potential tenant for my rental property?

Last Answer : You can get all of your information by searching for Nevada landlord/tenant law and/or Nevada landlord association. You need to insure the info you receive is dependable. So best you find it yourself. I would have to charge you if I did the research for you.

Description : Can the landlord keep the rent if the landlord asks the tenant to leave the premise.

Last Answer : answer:What are the terms of the lease agreement? My initial answer is no, as the security deposit is your money, not the landlords. It is held as a guarantee that the property will be returned ... the deposit may be forfeited if the lease is violated in some manner - so more details are required.

Description : I can't find my state's tenant abandonment laws! Help if you can!

Last Answer : Did you not provide for this in the lease? All the leases I’ve ever had to sign basically said that whatever I left after the mutually agreed-upon move-out date belonged to the landlord. Also, it might help future posters if you include your state.

Description : Does a commercial landlord assume any responsibility if his tenant is selling Medical Marijuana?

Last Answer : The property manager would likely have the same responsibilities to this business as they would to all the tenants. It’s the responsibility of the individual business owner to make sure they comply with local laws.

Description : How to deal with a tenant from an apartment across the alleyway who plays loud music on a regular basis?

Last Answer : An anonymous note on his door couldn’t hurt, and would at least land you a good entry on

Description : How do you prove you have a rent deposit as a prospective tenant?

Last Answer : You could use a credit report, or show him a receipt from your bank of how much savings you currently have. You could also write him a check for the deposit, he’ll see that it wont bounce and get over it!

Description : A prior tenant left a large plant in our herb garden. It has leaves about 6" in diam.

Last Answer : Need Answer