I've been calling one landline for a long time. Nobody does that there. Do you think that they can see my number (when they return to see that I called), or it is not possible to see it on a landline.

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Answer :

If they have a properly equipped device, then yes. But you don't know it.

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Description : People who have a home (landline) phone: Do you freely give out your home phone number and what is your personal criteria for doing so?

Last Answer : I’m 46 My landline is generally my only phone, so yes I give out the number. My cell phone is only used outside of the home and for really important things. That is the number I rarely give out.

Description : Is it normal to have a large number of telemarketer calls and robocalls on a landline nowadays? And what can be done about this?

Last Answer : answer:Yes. That’s why I cancelled my landline. The Do Not Call Registry helps, but it still wasn’t worth having a landline for me.

Description : How can one differentiate a residential landline phone number from a mobile phone?

Last Answer : There is no way to know on a phone whether someone is calling you on a mobile device or landlines. In today's economy most people have decided to just use cell phones rather than spend money keeping landlines, chances are most calls you receive are going to be mobile phones.

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Last Answer : My older HP printer requires a landline. Now that we are in the 21st century I imagine there might be a way to send a fax over wifi but that would be very hardware specific. It is probably a function in the manual. ... 't mind me seeing it) you can email it to me and I'd be happy to fax it for you.

Description : How many times does a landline phone ring in 1 minute?

Last Answer : The cadence for pots lines is typically a two second ring and a four second pause. So about ten times, the last (10th)ring will probably go slightly past 1 min.

Description : Will landline telephones become extinct?

Last Answer : For personal use, certainly. I don’t think I know a single person my age who still has a landline. I could see corporations continuing to use them (call centers, etc).

Description : How common are landline phones with discretion on them?

Last Answer : What does “discretion” mean? Personally, I never heard of such a feature.

Description : How can I fax without a landline?

Last Answer : Some free fax services include https://faxzero.com and https://www.myfax.com/free

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Last Answer : Everyone I know under 50 yrs old has given up their landline because they are worthless unless the cell towers are down and your area has buried landlines.

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Last Answer : I can't say if you can or can't completely replace it, but one thing you have to consider is the fact that all your contacts need to have and use Skype too. Then there is of course, for ... , or landlines or cell. So I guess completely lose the landlines is possible but it will need some work.

Description : Is it at all possible to have internet without a landline?

Last Answer : It is called Dry DSL. Yes, you can get it from AT&T.

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Last Answer : I’m not sure I understand the question…can you explain more?

Description : What's a good company to get a landline with in San Francisco?

Last Answer : I don’t think you have many choices. Pacific Bell got bought out by AT&T. I didn’t do too much digging, but AT&T and Comcast seem to be the two options. Someone who lives in the city can correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I found so far on the internet.

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Last Answer : answer:No way this will work. landlines are just that, landlines. they operate similar to cable lines. a cellphone works in a competely different manner. cellphones send their signals to a nearby tower and the ... . wife and i consider our cellphones to be like a third arm. it goes where we go.

Description : Can 4G wireless replace my landline, DSL and cell phone?

Last Answer : I think it’s a possibility, but it’s too soon. Wait for version 2.0.

Description : How do I setup the landline computer portion of iTunes so I can then download apps?

Last Answer : I work in Chat at Apple dealing with this question all the time. I am not %100 sure what you are referring to setting up landline portion of iTunes So this answer my not be what you are looking for ... it is always best to get in contact with iTunes support. They will also be able to help you out.

Description : Can you dial 911 on a landline without service?

Last Answer : If it doesn't have a dial tone, I don't think it will work.

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Last Answer : The only downside we have found is that we have sort of inconsistent sound quality (bouncing or echoing) on calls which can be a drag particularly if you use the service for business calling ... . That said-I love the plan particularly for conference calling-it is really inexpensive for that.

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Last Answer : Change the channel on your cordless phone.

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Last Answer : Check with ATT for their Uverse service.

Description : In addition to a mobile phone, can a landline number start like this?

Last Answer : No, the landline does not have this number.

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Last Answer : Need Answer

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Last Answer : I hope someone comes along who understands this better than I,but I think you can only get internet bundled with Direct TV fromone of these providers -- CenturyLink, Exede, Cincinnati Bell,HughesNet, ... the internet (VOIP), and if one of theabove is available for internet then it should work.

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Last Answer : Landline phone service is becoming less common in many homes across the nation. The popularity of cell phones has greatly affected the number of homes that subscribe to landline phone service. In days gone ... bad weather. Cell phone towers can be interrupted by storms, so a home that has a landli

Description : Phone and Answering Machine Combos Add Efficiency to Landline Service?

Last Answer : Just about everyone that purchases landline phone service isalso going to purchase an answering machine. That's just how itworks. You're going to want to know who called and what theywanted, and ... the hassle of trying to make sureeverything is installed and working right, and that's worth thehighe

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Last Answer : where can i appy for a landline phone in johnson city tn

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Last Answer : apply for free landline in ga

Description : What is the average cost of a landline per month?

Last Answer : It is hard to say how much a land line costs per month now. It depends on how much you use your land line. Most people now have cell phones so they don't even use land lines.

Description : Where can I get internet services without a landline phone ?

Last Answer : Where can I get internet service while on the road in the United States

Description : Why should I have a landline phone service is I have a cell phone?

Last Answer : A landline phone could be used for when your cell phone signal goes out and for emergencies in the household.

Description : Can I get high speed internet if I don't have landline phone service?

Last Answer : Most of the high speed internet providers use cable for the delivery of the services. They are also available through a satellite or cell phone connection. Yes, you can get high-speed ... cables. Lots of companies offer discoutns if you bundle satellite TV and satellite internet services together.

Description : What are some reasons to keep a landline home phone?

Last Answer : Having a landline would be good to have in case of a power outage-your cell might run out of battery and you wouldn't be able to recharge it. Simple landline phones still work in power outages. Cell phones are also easy to break or lose, so having a landline is good for when that happens.

Description : What is included on Verizons landline basic phone service?

Last Answer : Verizon's basic landline phone plan includes unlimited incoming and outgoing local calls only. You can use all emergency and 911 services. You can use features such as *69, but you will have to pay ... calling at a flat rate, some long distance calling, and can come with features like caller id.

Description : Do I need to have a landline phone to have Internet services?

Last Answer : You can get internet several ways without a landline phone. In fact you can have DSL via phone line without paying for a phone. You can also get broadband internet by cable modem or ... several options,wireless,cable,satellite internet,wifi zones are provide internet without the need for a phone.

Description : Where can I go to find affordable landline phone service?

Last Answer : Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

Description : Is landline phone service needed for broadband internet connection?

Last Answer : DSL Extreme has a deal with Verizon where you do not have to have a landline to get DSL. Other providers like AT&T offer DSL without a landline to limited markets. If you choose Cable internet, you do not need a landline at all.

Description : What companies still offer traditional landline service?

Last Answer : AT&T, Qwest, and Verizon all offer home phone service. Which companies offer it in your area is generally determined by your PUC.

Description : What phone company in Nevada provides discounted landline phone service?

Last Answer : Vonage provides discounted landline phone service all over the United States!

Description : Are there still phone companies with landline service?

Last Answer : Yes. Landline service is still available in most areas. It is generally cheaper than cell phone service, though obviously it doesn't allow for the same degree of mobility.

Description : Does AT&T offer landline phone service in Canada?

Last Answer : Yes, but the costumers have bad reviews about the service in Canada