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Description : When should I stop watering my pumpkin plants?

Last Answer : when your pumpkins are bright orange decrease watering......don't water the leaves.....1 week before harvest stop watering. When the stem is hard....leave about 10 inches of the stem on as that keeps it fresher. ... .........and put it somewhere out of the sun. we put them in the roots cellar....

Description : when do I stop watering my potatoes? plants are very tall and gangly, I live in the Portlalnd Oregon area.

Last Answer : keep watering until the tops turn yellow......

Description : How much watering does my San Diego lawn need?

Last Answer : You may want to start by checking with your town’s regulations due to the ongoing drought California and the Southwest has been dealing with. Whenever we have a drought her in the Midatlantic states, they limit how often we can use water for watering the lawn or washing cars, etc.

Description : What is your personal experience with watering balls/bulbs?

Last Answer : They look really cool but I've never tried them it seems like it would be easy for the tube to get blocked when you put it in the soil. (I saw that it says to make the hole first, ... they work decently well. I like the glass ones, but I think they would be irresistible to small grandchildren:-)

Description : Has anyone ever actually died while waiting for intelligent life to enter the Watering Hole chat room?

Last Answer : It depends on how close to the speed of light the space ship’s velocity is.

Description : Whacky or Wise? Watering houseplants with ice cubes?

Last Answer : All of the reading I’ve done on orchids recommend tepid temperatures for water so as to avoid shocking the plant.

Description : Can I leave my plants in my room without watering them for a week.

Last Answer : Depends: What type of plants? If the plants can’t take it, fill a tub/sink/someting with 2 inches of water and leave all your plants there ;)

Description : Why is the Watering Hole always empty?

Last Answer : Do you mean the Coral Reef?

Description : Can I divert my shower and tub drain to yard watering?

Last Answer : yes. We do that now. It’s called a gray water system

Description : Where did the Watering Hole go?

Last Answer : This appears to be the current URL.

Description : The leaves are dropping off my Agonis tree am I over or under watering

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Description : What is the proper procedure for watering orchard of various pitted fruit trees around 4 years old?

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Description : I have a 4ft by 4ft sun fern, how do I care for it? watering tips

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Description : leaves on new Eucalyptus tree became dry and brittle. despite proper watering.

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Description : How do you know if you are watering tomato plants too much, or not enough - getting yellow leaves? Thanks.

Last Answer : Clip off with the clippers and trim them off.............water after the sun goes down at the plant has cooled off............don't water the plant only water the roots............wipe the clippers ... 5...ring it with old cow or horsemanure........keep away from stems let the rain wash it in......

Description : how often do lilacs need watering?

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Description : Why are the leaves of my beets turning brown? I'm watering plenty

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Description : Why are my petunias wilting too soon after watering?

Last Answer : They should be planted in the ground right before the sun goes down in the coolest part of the day. Ph should be 6.0-8.0

Description : What are watering requirements for thompson seedless grapes?

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Description : when do i start watering roses after winter months

Last Answer : As soon as you see life starting water at the bottom gently. Avoid spraying the leaves later as that causes other problems with the leaves.

Description : my pothos plant's leaves turn yellow after watering. What am i doing wrong?

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Description : why are the leaves on my yucca plant turning yellow? Am I over watering it or under watering

Last Answer : They sound like they are going into shock...............maybe too much light until they are happy with the transplanting.

Description : How do you keep from over watering a peace lily?

Last Answer : They can not handle sunlight.................only light................you might need to put into 1 size larger pot & change dirt.......feed

Description : Why did the green "leaves on my mini lemon cypress plant become very brittle despite weekly watering?

Last Answer : almost sounds like it burning up in too much sun. Mayb call the florist.

Description : During the S. CA drought this winter should I be watering potted Plumerias?

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Description : Did watering newly planted fruit trees kill them?

Last Answer : Does anyone else in your area have those fruit trees planted like you have. It might be too hot to plant them in the spring. I will look for the tags & receipts and take them back for ones to plant in the fall

Description : How to prevent over watering mums

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Description : Should you quit watering if you want cantaloupe to ripen?

Last Answer : they need about a inch of water a week depending on the soil and the heat you can check to see if they are ripe by smelling the melon (very strong odor) should almost fall off the vine

Description : What are watering requirements for Autumn Joy sedum?

Last Answer : new soil, fertilizer what's the ph..........................

Description : what is the proper watering schedule for a small potted raspberry plant on a sunny patio?

Last Answer : allow raspberry plants to dry out a little then water

Description : my indoor palm tree plant is beginning to get yellow leaves is it due to over or under watering?

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Description : just bought and planted crepe myrtel watering twice a day the leaves are curling and dying, what is wrong

Last Answer : planting trees in spring and fall...............in the heat of august they go into shock....I don't know it is is going to make it. If you just bought it I would take it back with the receipts and get the money or credit.............wait for fall...........or spring

Description : How much should I be watering the tomatoes?

Last Answer : Tomatoes need to be staked otherwise they will fall over. Yellowed leaves at the bottom of the plant have nothing to do with watering and are not a problem. As the plant grows and its energy goes ... it looks dry, water generously again. in hot weather, you may need to water every other day.

Description : If the leaves on your tomato plants are curling upwards; are you watering to much or to little?

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Description : How much water is the minimum recommended per watering

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Description : watering grapes

Last Answer : please visit this site http://www.monrovia.com/plant-catalog/plants/2224/thompson-seedless-grape.php

Description : Does over-watering cause the leaves to turn black on tomato plants?

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Description : how can i grow turnip greens in summer w/o them burning up. I am watering every other day for 10 min.

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Description : branchs are drying up and it not to do with watering

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Description : My schefflera amate leaves are turning brown and dropping off. Am I watering it too much or not enough?

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Description : My coleus looks dry but is still growing, what is the recommended watering regimine?

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Description : How do I care for an Alocasia Ivory Coast indoors plant? What are some watering tips?

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Description : watering pink jasmine plant?

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Description : how to take care of grape vine, watering everyday,need to protect grapes

Last Answer : I need to know if I need to do anything at all to help my grape vines survive Arkansas winters?

Description : signs of over watering aleo vera

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Description : How much watering does a mango tree need?

Last Answer : In which month mango flowers bloom After growing 5 years

Description : What would cause the "flowers" on my tomato plant to dry up and fall off even with constant watering?

Last Answer : Mulch your tomatoe's. Soil born virus can splash up on the plant from heavy rains and transmit diseases. Mulch keeps the dirt off the plant.

Description : jasmine plants on watering

Last Answer : You need only to water a Jasmine plant once per week, any more than that and you run the risk of killing the plant. -Birdy

Description : Leaves on my peppermint tree are all turning brown even with regular watering. What could be wrong?

Last Answer : The 5th tree is receiving far too much water, possibly from the run off of the other 4 trees. Water it less than the other four, but add 2 to 3 teaspoons of ammonia around the base of the tree. ... water and pour it at the base of the tree. The ammonia will assist the tree in survival. -Birdy