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Power quality is important because the electrical appliances will works better and will be safer and less loss in energy. Low energy waste and improves stability of power system .

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Last Answer : By applying various power quality monitoring devices and using telecommunication technique .

Last Answer : The power loss is an important factor for the design of transmission line.

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Last Answer : Energy conservation method in induction motor by improving power quality: Electrical energy can be conserved by improving the power quality. It can be achieved by avoiding voltage unbalance, maintaining ... losses can be minimized by using harmonic filter thus reducing the harmonics in the system.

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Last Answer : We cannot have power factor greater than 1. As it is a measure of cosine of angle between voltage and current. 

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Last Answer : It is unity power factor but difficult to achieve in dynamic loads

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Last Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

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Last Answer : P= 1.83*V*I*COS@ where P is power           V is voltage            I is current           COS @ is P.F COS@= P/(1.83*V*I)  in other way cos @ = true power/apparent power

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