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Awake Money Sleepless.

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Description : What happened as the poet lay awake ?

Description : Read the following stanzas carefully and answer the questions that follow each As I lay wide awake My beds began to shake. Was my fear real or fake ? The trembling fan confirmed the quake. The houses ... and the poet. 2. What confirmed that there was an earthquake? 3. What happened to the houses?

Description : People of ask-public, what is something that keeps you awake at night and that you dread of happening right as we speak?

Last Answer : I have a horrible paranoia of my house burning down. Especially if I’m not home and my cats are helpless.

Description : how do you manage to get to sleep when you're wide awake at night thinking?

Last Answer : Ambien

Description : Americans, what is keeping you awake at this time?

Last Answer : my depression & anxiety.

Description : When one is woke are they awake?

Last Answer : Awake describes the literal state of not being asleep. ‘Woke’ describes the state of being aware of all the injustices being present around you, and in society at large.

Description : What time is it in Canada and are you awake?

Last Answer : 10:11 mountain standard time.

Description : Do you have any tips on staying awake from 8am to 8am June 26-June 27?

Last Answer : Have family or friend stay with you to do something you enjoy. Boardgames, card games, movies?

Description : How much extra sleep do you get or staying in bed awake do you do before you feel bad about it?

Last Answer : I’m retired and don’t sleep well. I often wake around 6:30 or 7 but generally stay in bed til around 8 or so. I will sometimes stay in bed until 9ish but if it’s much later than that, I feel like I am being unproductive.

Description : My mother is experiencing tingly, burning feet in bed at night, it is keeping her awake, any first-hand suggestions?

Last Answer : Hmmm sounds like neuropathy. Does she have diabetes? You can also get neuropathy from other things, such as nerve damage. My dad has neuropathy in his foot, on the side where they took veins from his leg ... or fixes things. At night, he often has to get up and walk around to relieve it somewhat.

Description : How to stay awake and resist the urge to sleep?

Last Answer : How long do you sleep during the night? How is your diet?

Description : What is the difference when someone sneezes when awake or asleep?

Last Answer : Well, when you sneeze while asleep, your pillow gets wet.

Description : Why am I awake right now?

Last Answer : answer:Do you drink coffee or any other similar things? Are you overexcited or overanxious? Do you stay indoor and don’t let enough sunlight in? Maybe those are possible causes of your insomnia.

Description : How do you stay awake?

Last Answer : I actually like your question, I am myself working on a way to find out how to stay up, you know! Not a help. But I have read that learning more and more about the sleep and its effects on the subconscious may assist :)

Description : What is that startle reflex that makes you jump or twitch awake?

Last Answer : I think you're referring to the hypnic jerk reflex. This happens during the transition from wakefulness to sleep, aka hypnagogia. Since the a typical night's sleep cycles through around four ... wakefulness, there are several such transitions. The hypnic jerk reflex seems to be related to stress.

Description : What program did they use to make Katy Perry's Music Video: Wide Awake?

Last Answer : The video will be released June 19th (7:53pm ET) on MTV. So. Wait until people have seen it before you ask how it was made.

Description : What would be wrong if one spent more hours asleep than awake?

Last Answer : answer:This is interesting I want to hear what other people have to say. The only times I've ever slept more than being awake was when I was going through a depression :( and physically/emotionally/mentally ... ? Vampire . ? Like I said, I'm interested to know in what other people have to say.

Description : When you can't sleep, at what hour do you say "screw it" and stay awake?

Last Answer : Usually try to lie in bed til around 6, although often I will get up, check the computer and then go back to bed for a while.

Description : What kind of things can I do to stay awake?

Last Answer : Sleep for half your normal amount of sleep - so if you are an 8 hours a night gal then four will do. we have natural sleep cycles that oscillate up and down so if you wake up when you've had some ... to your normal sleep as soon as possible. Then don't sleep too much - get into a routine is best

Description : 60 hours awake, is this possible?

Last Answer : I read about a man who stayed awake for eleven days. He then slept for 24 hours. And he was back to normal.

Description : What keeps you awake at night?

Last Answer : answer:Any number of things, although apparently not for too long or I'd be really tired all the time 1) Worrying about money (bad thing) 2) Stress about work (another bad thing) 3) When I know I ... to have a fight to the death (hopefully not mine) with it before I could turn out the lights lol!

Description : How long can a woman stay awake before she hallucinates or faints?

Last Answer : I think you must see a doctor and get some sedation. You can’t function or think straight without sleep.

Description : What causes waking with up with severe pain in the head, and then pain going away if you stay awake?

Last Answer : Sounds like something to do with having your head in a different position, but the only answer to excrutiating pain in the head has got to be – see a doctor.

Description : Tips for staying awake during jury duty?

Last Answer : answer:Proper amount of sleep. Stimulant such as coffee or soda. Rubberbands on the wrist so you can snap them when dozing off.

Description : Is it normal to dream while you are awake?

Last Answer : Do you mean like a Daydream?

Description : For those of you who will be awake tonight, what will you do without ask-public for two hours!

Last Answer : I might actually go to bed at a decent time. If not, I’ll probably read.

Description : What is this awful itch that keeps me awake?

Last Answer : Did you tried taking allergy medicine? It helps.

Description : Is it better to stay awake or go back to sleep?

Last Answer : answer:I’d take 2 Benedryls plus a Melatonin, and as soon as the effect kicked in, I’d go back to sleep. And probably wake up about 5 or 6 hours later, since I had just slept for 6 hours (the medicine will add the need for a few extra hours, but in this scenario, there is time for that).

Description : How to keep an infant awake when doctor orders sleep deprivation for EEG?

Last Answer : answer:First up, I wouldn't worry about it until you hear from the pediatric neurologist about the test. It may not even be an issue. Secondly when you have seen the pediatric neuro guy and have the test ... should be able to have a chat, perhaps evn over the phone, to help put your mind at ease.

Description : Will the caffeine in chocolate syrup keep me awake at night?

Last Answer : I believe the problem is probably more the sugar or corn syrup, which is the main ingredient of the chocolate syrup, that keeps you awake. Add some chocolate with caffeine to that and its not a ... Milk , which was warmed milk with honey in it at bedtime and believe it did somewhat induce sleep.

Description : It is 4 30am and I am still awake. I've tried every trick that I know of to fall asleep. Any advice?

Last Answer : Have you tried… cough um… you know… relieving some stress cough cough nudge nudge wink wink

Description : Does it ever bug you when other people are awake when you are?

Last Answer : I can understand the loss of quiet time but it is something that you can't really prevent- others awakening. I spend a lot of time working in the early hours of the morning - I am more ... I get interrupted I do find it irritating - unless I simply stop what I am doing and become social.

Description : It's 12:56 pm. I'm tired and yet awake. Any suggestions for going to sleep when your entire being rejects the idea?

Last Answer : answer:“Hit yourself on the head with a hammer. You will be out in nano-seconds.” If you are going to insult me, use proper spelling, then you appear to have some intelligence. I might just might be offended as an award.

Description : It's 3am and I am awake and up and at my computer. I have to get up at 8am. Am I crazy?

Last Answer : You’re not crazy. I tend to be a night owl as well, e.g. I have to get up at 6:45 am. Its 2:18 am now.

Description : Will drinking cold instant coffee help me stay awake all night?

Last Answer : It still has caffeine, so it should… why not sleep though?

Description : Why don't we snore while awake?

Last Answer : Actually, Chuck, my ex does.

Description : I need to stay awake. We are out of coffee, energy drinks and sugary things.. Help.

Last Answer : 4:15 you live on the east coast huh? Well I usually use music. It animates me so I can get into the “get things done” mode, haha.

Description : What do you think about when you lie awake at night?

Last Answer : Why won’t the damn dog shut up?

Description : I have to analyze a Star Trek movie for my 'Intro to Cultural Anthropoloy' class. In this assignment I have to apply 4 anthropological theories, and find examples from the movie. Which Star Trek movie is ... this or which one is the best Star Trek movie out there, that I can stay awake watching?

Last Answer : Any will work. Btw, folks here don’t like doing your homework for you, I’ve noticed.