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Kashmir is called the paradise of the earth.

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Last Answer : Kashmir is called the paradise of the world.

Last Answer : Kashmir is called paradise because of its natural beauty. This place is a green land of natural beauty. Besides, there is good yield in fruit cultivation here.

Description : What is the interval between each level of paradise ? The distance between each level of Paradise is equal to the distance from the earth to the sky.

Last Answer : There is a gap between each level of Paradise , equal distance from the earth to the sky.

Last Answer : : The warmest place in the world is Daliol (Ethiopia).

Last Answer : The coldest place in the world is Verkhyansk, Russia

Last Answer : Lapaz Capital Of the earth The highest In place Located.

Last Answer : Kashmir Of the earth Earth - heaven To say Is

Description : If you dug straight through the center of the Earth to the other side, where would you pop up?

Last Answer : I’d end up as shark food somewhere in the southeastern Indian Ocean, a few hundred miles off the western coast of Australia.

Description : Has every part of the earth been discovered?

Last Answer : The surface is more or less fully explored by satellite. Though less than 10% of the worlds oceans have been explored by humans.

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Last Answer : We’ll find out soon enough.

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Last Answer : Approx. 1–3 years old, see: How old is your satellite imagery?

Description : How much of a population can the Earth hold?

Last Answer : answer:Respectfully, we'll know, as soon as the limit is reached, I guess. I know that probably appears to be a flippant remark, but human beings don't occupy as much of the planet's land ... on our Big Blue Marble where humans are not found, and those areas are referred to as unspoiled regions.

Description : How many kilometers above the earth is the satellite placed ?

Last Answer : Satellites are usually located 36,000 kilometers away from the earth.

Description : How much heavier is the sun than the earth ?

Last Answer : The sun is 5,626 times heavier than the earth.

Description : How far is Mars from Earth ?

Last Answer : The distance of Mars from Earth is 7.6 crore kilometers.

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Last Answer : : Our planet includes the Milky Way galaxy.

Last Answer : The Second Earth Conference was held in Johannesburg.

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Last Answer : If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth, it would take 42 seconds to for an average person to fall to the other side. The legal owner of one-sixth of the Earth is the Queen of the ... actually the only place in the solar system where water exists in all three states (solid, liquid, gas).

Description : Why Oregon was called a pioneer's paradise?

Last Answer : the weather was always sunny.Their letters also stated that disease was unknown, trees grew as thickas hairs on a dog's back, and farms were free for the taking.

Description : Why is the flower called bird of paradise?

Last Answer : There is a bird by the name of Bird of Paradise. The plant Bird of Paradise is beautiful when it is in full bloom and it resembles the wings of the bird. It is also called the Crane Flower. I just looked at a picture of the flower in full bloom and it really resembles the bird.

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Last Answer : Paradise

Description : Had you never seen one of them before, what characteristics would you attribute to a bird-of-paradise?

Last Answer : You mean this Bird of Paradise ?

Description : Why are tropical islands often pictured as paradise?

Last Answer : They want you to go there to visit and spend your money!

Description : Resurrection and eternal life in paradise, guaranteed or your money back. Who could ask for a better deal than that?

Last Answer : It is a tad difficult to claim your money back when you are, well, dead.

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Last Answer : answer:This may sound odd, but my paradise would be an empty room with nothing but a type writer and fridge with unlimited supply of food and drink (so I don't die XD) . No noise or anything, maybe ... do whatever we want to do. I would want the best of both worlds, socialization, and isolation ^_^

Description : Where is your paradise?

Last Answer : I haven’t been everywhere I want to go yet. So, to pick from where I have been, Kauai would be it. My choice a couple of years ago would have been Kailua on Oahu, but that got way too populated for me to call paradise.

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Last Answer : I live in paradise(play the viddy). Paradise is in the middle of nowhere! It has it’s down falls. Trust me.

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Last Answer : Figi would be my choice. It has a stable government. It is the perfect blend of tropical relaxation and activities.

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Last Answer : answer: Paradise has a lot of problems. Most of them being the dependence of a lot of people wanting to visit paradise and spending a lot of money while they do so. This is particularly difficult as most ... one good storm can ruin an entire year's economy. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

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Last Answer : That game is pretty fun. I prefer Burnot 3 Legends but paradise is pretty cool too. It’s like an open map game, and you can go to different places to do different events. it’s pretty fun

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Last Answer : The wonderful thing about Google, is Google's a wonderful thing. I used my eyes and I read on those pages, mostly Wikipedia. It seems that the box comes with more cars, more tracks, offline ... the expansion packs, etc. Likely everything that comes with the game, with the ultimate name and whatnot.

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Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : when can I prune my bird of paradise

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Last Answer : Don't seperate it..............put the whole thing in a larger pot with new soil......................it is a tropical plant

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Last Answer : I would very carefully take off the sheets.............and make somekind of clear enclosure around the plant giving it lots of breathing room on the sides & top..........and cover that ... make a greenhouse around it. Hope you know that this is a tropical plant and will die in freezing conditions.