What is FPGA ?

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The full form of FPGA is Field Programmable Gate Array . FPGI is the latest addition to the world of electronics. At one time an IC's circuit made up of billions of transistors was used to perform a special function. Now a whole new type of IC has been created where millions of six circuits (or gates) are arranged but no connection is given inside them. Anyone who wants to use it can program the IC and make it into the circuit they want with the connection inside. Not only this, if you do not like this circuit then you can change it to a new circuit. It can be done wherever it is called field programmable or suitable for programming in the workplace. The word Gate Array comes from the number of arranged gates . Undoubtedly, as time goes on, this FPGA will start to play an important role in the world of electronics. There was a time when a device made of old circuit became unusable and it had to be discarded and replaced with a new one. There is nothing to do now. All you have to do is move the old circuit program inside the FPGA chip and run the new circuit program. At one time programming and electronics were two completely different things but now there is a whole new kind of combination between the two.

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Last Answer : FPGA stands for Field Prohrammable Gate Arrays.

Last Answer : FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Arrays

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Last Answer : The Spartan-3E family architecture consists of five fundamental programmable functional elements:  Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs): Contain flexible Look-Up Tables (LUTs) ... fully digital solutions for distributing, delaying, multiplying, dividing, and phase-shifting clock signals. 

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Last Answer : Sr no: FPGA CPLD 1 It is field programmable gate array. It is complex programmable logic device. 2 Capacity is defined in terms of number of gates available. ... 8 FPGA are available in wide density range. CPLD contain fewer registers but have better performance.

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Last Answer : Normally, the FPGA resources are used less than 70% because: Routing becomes excessively complicated

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Last Answer : Yes, FPGA is a volatile device.

Last Answer : field-programmable gate array (FPGA) (1) a programmable logic device that consists of a matrix of programmable cells embedded in a programmable routing mesh. The combined programming of ... serve many different applications. FPGAs consist of SRAMS, gates, latches, and programmable interconnects.

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Last Answer : Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) FPGA is field programmable gate array. FPGA are PLDs which are made from interconnected small macro cells. It is made from logic cells. Logic ... . Volatile. Large number of pins. Slow design software. Don't provide fix delay.