Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

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Answer :

Steak, pie and wife

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Description : Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

Last Answer : Steak, pie and wife

Description : Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

Last Answer : Steak, pie and wife

Description : Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

Last Answer : Steak, pie and wife

Description : Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

Last Answer : Steak, pie and wife

Description : Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

Last Answer : Steak, pie and wife

Description : Valentine's Lovers of , what are you doing for dinner, dessert and boomshakalaka?

Last Answer : Steak, pie and wife

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Last Answer : A bunch of friends are getting together and hosting a big party…and there’s going to be an ice luge! ;o)

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Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

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Last Answer : answer:It depends who is cooking (since you mention your mom) because my MIL makes different dishes than my mom, and different from my husband, or even a chef. If I could, I'd like for my ex to ... to find. Dessert, as I have said before, my favorite is the Mounds cake from TooJays deli in Florida.

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Last Answer : whatever it is, i’d make it light. steak and seafood is heavy…

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Last Answer : answer:1. Dinner: BBq’d marinated steak, corn on cob, salad with mom’s homemade blue cheese dressing and garlic bread. 2. Desserts: Creme Brulees or strawberry/blackberries shortcakes. Now, I’m hungry. LOL

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Last Answer : Been getting really really really popular over the last 15 or so years. Not sure why now. Certainly the surface is beautiful and the scent of the beeswax is entrancing so that people are motivated to get out their hotplates and try it. Non toxic art material = mmmmmm.

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Last Answer : Domino's has the best hot veggie sandwich, in my area at least. I can also get a chicken breast and cheese pizza for like $8. A thin crust would be your best option for a veggie pizza. A medley ... and black olives on top of a smaller portion of cheese. 135 calories for 1/8 think crust veggie pizza.

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Last Answer : A dog that uses kitty litter box. Cat that actualy gives a crap about me instead of considering me as replacable staff.

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Last Answer : I hadn’t heard of this but sure, I support it 100%. I did know Elephants do grieve over herd members losses, loss of their calves. Anything to make the animals in captivity happier and healthier on all levels, by all means.

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Last Answer : Hell no. Grounds and good water. That is coffee, when anything else is added it is a coffee based drink but no longer coffee.

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Last Answer : answer:I had one for fourteen years. He was a doll - not very bright, but placid and lovable. You could even take his food away while he was eating and he wouldn't snap or growl. The person ... were excitable and could be jumpy and incontinent. I think you have to look carefully at the breed line.

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Last Answer : Yes. Yes it does.

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Last Answer : To be clear, I am not asking for advice, just personal stories/insights.

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Last Answer : Nice sharing but I have the real thing sitting 10 inches away from me next to my computer grooming herself right now. My little pussy Mia , a tortie point siamese and look at my avatar, that is ... with the horse clippers 2 weeks ago. I have enough cat hair there to make another entire cat. haha

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Last Answer : answer:Absolutely eat the crust! But, I kind of even it out, bite of the very cheesy part, small bite of crust, so it's all in my mouth at once more or less. If it is cheeseless, then I don't ... never ate all the crust, just a few bites at the end. My mom or dad ate whatever crust I left over.

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Last Answer : He holds a lot of records, including worst valentines present ever.

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Last Answer : Snopes says no.

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Last Answer : I don’t think this applies to all cat lovers.

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Last Answer : answer:Walter is the tin man. Astrid is the lion. Broyles is the scarecrow. Peter is most akin to Toto, unfortunately for a show I am desperate to like.

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Last Answer : answer:Of course hitting your dog is bad. It’s unnatural and cruel. My dog does stuff for me out of love all the time with no hope of reward. Treats are useful when training to reward good behavior.

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Last Answer : A woman's garden is growing beautifully but the darn tomatoes won't ripen. There's a limit to the number of uses for green tomatoes and she's getting tired of it. So she goes to her neighbor and ... So-so,'' she answers, The tomatoes are still green but the cucumbers are all four inches longer.''

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Last Answer : My lovely Border Collie dog, they are mans best friend after all.

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Last Answer : We dedicate ourselves to serving you with carefully crafted fare made from the freshest ingredients. The vast majority of our ingredients are either organic, pesticide free, sustainably sourced, cruelty free, local ... and fat, and we work only with extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and butter.

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Last Answer : I use it every day.

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Last Answer : answer:What is the current condition of the mattress? If it's shaped like a soup bowl, it's probably worth investing in a replacement in the long run. Selecting a new mattress can be a real hassle. They ... to reduce wear in one spot. If you have a box spring, that should be rotated every 6 months.

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Last Answer : answer:Eevee. :] Squirtle.

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Last Answer : Sounds pretty decadent, but good.

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Last Answer : Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!! ;-)

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Last Answer : answer:Welcome to Fluther. Have you had past lovers? Do you feel that your fiance has visions of you with them? First, you have to recognize that this is about you, not your fiance. It is a self- ... out onto your fiance. If you don't take care of this, you will wind up ruining the relationship.

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Last Answer : Thankfully,no.I am a potter and throw stoneware mugs to sell to people who feel exactly as you do.there are alot of you out there :))

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Last Answer : answer:I feel the sort of the same way when I walk into a store and have to deal with the cigarette smoke because the butt can is placed right next to the door .why should I, a person with ... and I would much rather make my dog happy than another human being. That is just me personally though.

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Last Answer : Velociraptor cunning, mean sons of bitches all good qualities in my book.

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Last Answer : No, because it isn’t available in the area I live in…and probably never will be.

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Last Answer : Why not let him out? My cat hates being indoors and does the same kind of thing when he feels trapped inside.

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Last Answer : Yes! She does something new and cute every day. The snow has been really fun for her and she acts like a little kid playing in it.

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Last Answer : Usually they strongly discourage the formation of new romantic relationships. If an existing lover is tied to their addiction or problem (or is an enabler), they might also encourage the cessation of that ... to see him/her change, though, assuming he/she lets the program work for him /her.

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Last Answer : The only kind of collar you should put on a cat is a breakaway collar. Have you considered microchipping? You can also retrain kitty to not charge the doors or try to get out.

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Last Answer : I think they will get sucked in to it or stuck to the screen..Wait, is it an under sand or gravel filter?

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Last Answer : I use a desk calendar. I have one now with birdies on it. I cut out the cutest ones and hang them up around the office. I have shadowing calendars, on-call calendars, company car calendars I ... cute design, check out this site with lots of nice templates for forms, cover sheets, calendars, etc.

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Last Answer : There is a product called a scat mat that gives them a small electric jolt (like a static discharge) - it doesn't harm them (I've stepped on them plenty of times myself), and I guarantee you ... to put something offensive smelling to the cat in the area (citrus, pine, mint, etc) as a repellent.

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Last Answer : Pet stores sell a sour-apple spray or rub-on product. Try that. Or else get those hard plastic sheaths…which would be clumsy but, well…

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Last Answer : I’ve had to give 100 or 200 for a “pet deposit” and then usually an extra 15–50 dollars a month in rent….. I recommend finding a realtor who offers the lower end of that in the rent addition.