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Description : Does anyone has Cyanogen OS on their mobile phone?

Last Answer : answer:I have in the past, on earlier phones. I didn't particularly care for it, or the design decisions they made. It seemed like they did things a certain way because it wasn't standard Android, not ... Cyanogen company is in the process of falling apart, so this may not be a good long term idea.

Description : I'm looking for an App which is available for both IOS and Android which will play in the background using YouTube playlists. Can you help me out?

Last Answer : Sent to my son who is a Senior IOS Developer at Pandora. Will let you know if he has an answer.

Description : What is the best smart phone security apps for Android?

Last Answer : answer:What do you mean by “security”? Do you want an anti-virus app? If so, I use the free version of AVG. It works well and saved me from downloading some things that we not what they appeared to be.

Description : What's up with the (apparent) fallout between Google and Adobe Flash?

Last Answer : answer:It is actually Adobe that pulled the plug on Flash and not Google. This is good, flash is horrible.

Description : Is there a way to move apps on android to the sd card even if the phone will not allow it?

Last Answer : answer:I can on my non droid phone but I don’t know if it will work for android I download the app to my computer then direct copy to the SD as a file, put it back in the phone and the phone does not know the difference

Description : Any good android games/apps?

Last Answer : answer:I have a long list of time-killers, but I will have to sort through over 200 apps to give you highlights. For the moment, I will only mention Empire Defense, Cyberlords, Pobs, Majesty, and Stupid Zombies. More later when I have more time.

Description : Does anyone know how to change the power on/off sound on a Droid?

Last Answer : answer:I don’t have a Droid, I have an Incredible, so this won’t be exact, but… Go to Settings – Sounds – Notification sound Change your default notification sound, and that should do it.

Description : How do you review/rate an Android app in Android Market?

Last Answer : Open the Android market. Click on an app that you have already downloaded Click “rate this app” (or click where the stars are) Then you can rate the app After you have rated the app directly below the stars you will have an option to leave a comment

Description : For Android/Droid users, what does that envelope with the red exclamation mean when you send a text message?

Last Answer : If there is a red symbol after you sent the message it means it did not go through. Click it to send the message again.

Description : If you buy a good brand of Android from a general store or showroom, which one will you get more benefits from and why ?

Last Answer : If you are buying with cash then why not show room. If you buy in general store there is some possibility of copy set. Besides, warranty or replacement is very late. So I will suggest to buy from show room.

Description : Realme Narzo 10A Vs Vivo Y11 Want to know the details ?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : If I buy a Samsung mobile from a general store, what should I check so that the phone is not counterfeit ?

Last Answer : Yes, check.

Description : Is there any possibility of getting fake phone if you buy from Samsung Android brand shop ?

Last Answer : If you buy a phone from a brand shop, you are not likely to get a counterfeit , because if they keep counterfeit products , their dealership will be canceled .

Description : Can't see the Samsung M10 's display ?

Last Answer : Display problem on your phone. The price can be 800-1500 rupees.

Description : How do you know if someone is using your smartphone unknowingly ?

Last Answer : Android has a secret place where you can see all the activities , logs , activities of your phone . You can see even after removing the recent apps of the phone . To do this, follow the following ... have been used recently. (If you don't understand or can't send message to me) Thank you!

Description : I will give JSC this year . And how to get the result or online ? Tell the details.

Last Answer : If you take the JSC exam this year, your results will be released at the end of December You will then be able to list the merits of the two groups (Talent and General) in the form of a PDA ... download pdf reader from play store then enter it and open pdf file then you can see all merit list .

Description : Tell us about the fingerprint locking app. ? I want to give a fingerprint lock on my mother's phone so that the app will print 3/4 people and it will open after any one print . If so, say the name of any nearby app.

Last Answer : There are no such apps on Play Store or any other web The ones that are there work on everyone's fingers Thanks

Description : Which would be better ? xiaomi redmi 8a 2/32 tecno spark 4 3/32 Which would be better to buy. And will the phone support 64 GB memory?

Last Answer : Tecno would be nice. Will support 64 GB.

Description : How is the service of the phone ? Xiaomi Redmi 8A 2/32 GB. How does the service of the phone. I occasionally watch videos on YouTube and browse some sites.

Last Answer : Provides good service. You can use.

Description : Which is the best Android phone out of four thousand rupees ?

Last Answer : Symphony v105, v102, e95, v97

Description : Name the phone with good fingerprint in 15 thousand rupees ( including Ram and Rom ) ?

Last Answer : Realm 3 Pro is a very good mobile. Good for gaming.

Description : What is the latest version of Redmi ?

Last Answer : The latest version of Redmi is Redmi Note Nine.

Description : Which is the latest version of Shaomi phone ?

Last Answer : The latest version of Xiaomi is Xiaomi MI Note 10.

Description : How to quickly charge the phone ?

Last Answer : Choose the right charger to charge the phone faster. Usually a good charger costs a little more , so buy a good charger with a little more money. Do not use the phone to charge. Try charging directly from the wall socket. Turn off the phone to quickly charge or turn on flight mode.

Description : Xiaomi Walton and Symphony? Xiaomi Redmi 8a 2/32 Walton Primo R Max 3/32 Symphony Xploer P6 3/32 Which is the best?

Last Answer : Of course, Xiaomi Redmi is the best of these three phones . Of these, Walton has more features but Xiaomi is the best.

Description : Will the new phone arrive in June ? At present, all the phones in the market of Bangladesh are being sold at 11 thousand to 12500 rupees.

Last Answer : Many such phones are coming , so it is not possible to give all the names. I gave you a link to see

Description : Want an Emi number for a Xiaomi Redmi 6 phone ? Can anyone give imei of xiaomi redmi 8a phone . Tell me what color it is and what color it is.

Last Answer : Imei number of any mobile does not match with any mobile. To know the Imei number of any mobile , dial * # 06 # from that phone.

Description : Who likes ppi and GHZ ? Regulotion 720X1440 Pixels ratio 18.9 295 PPI (2.0X2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 & 6X1.45 GHZ) while regulotion 720X1520 Pixels ratio 19.9 ~ 271ppi (2x1.45 GHz Cortex-A53 & 6X1.45 GHZ )

Last Answer : answer:

Description : What is the minimum ppi on mobile ?

Last Answer : For the current time, it is mandatory to have a 5.45 inch 16: 9 display (295 ppi , 1440 x 720p resolution).

Description : xiaomi redmi 7a / oppo A1k Best Who ?

Last Answer : Xiaomi redmi 7a is the best.

Description : Snapdragon vs MediaTek ? Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 vs MediaTek Holio P22 Which is better?

Last Answer : In today's world of smartphone, almost everyone is dancing with Snapdragon and MediaTek chipsets , but most people do not know , what kind of chipset ? And which is better or worse. So today ... smartphones . But when you have Snapdragon on the same budget, taking MediaTek is nothing but nonsense.

Description : Buying a Phone Online ?

Last Answer : You can buy the phone online from Daraz . You will get the phone in your hand within a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 14 days.

Description : What is the easiest way to recognize Samsung brand original phone ?

Last Answer : You can find out if the phone is genuine or fake by sending an SMS with IMEI code.

Description : What is the easiest way to recognize the original phone of Shaomi brand ?

Last Answer : How to recognize a real Xiaomi phone: You can easily find out whether the Xiaomi phone in your hand is genuine or fake or where it was made by checking the IME code of the mobile . IME is a kind ... , then the mobile is fake. I hope you can buy the original mobile using the information given by me.

Description : What is the easiest way to recognize Vivo brand original phone ?

Last Answer : You can find out if the phone is genuine or fake by sending an SMS with IMEI code.

Description : What is the easiest way to recognize the original Oppo phone ?

Last Answer : You can find out if the phone is genuine or fake by sending an SMS with IMEI code.

Description : 9 thousand rupees symphony and wallton phone ? symphony abong wollton phone is giving 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM for only 9 thousand taka.

Last Answer : Brother, there are actually some categories of phones. On the basis of which numbering is done , such as A, B and C categories. IPhone , Samsung , Blackberry, these are A category phones , Walton , ... little inferior. So even if everything is the same, the price varies a bit. I hope I understand.

Description : Official and unofficial phones ? The official price of a phone is 11 thousand rupees. Again, the unofficial price of that phone is less than 9500 rupees. And unofficial phone is also available to buy in the mobile markets.

Last Answer : : In fact, the phones that are brought from other countries with the approval of the government are called official phones. However, these phones have to be taxed. The price is too high. And the ... very little is available in the unofficial phone market. So it is better to buy the official phone.

Description : Select a good brand of phone. ? Name a good brand phone priced from 11 thousand to 11500 rupees. Complete new version Ram 2GB Rom 32GB should have a good quality processor. Battery backup will be good.

Last Answer : You can buy Samsung j4 mobile.

Description : Which of these three phones has the best processor ? Oppo A1k Processor Mediatek hello p22 xiaomi redmi 8a Processor soc collam snapdragon 439 Samsung A10 Processor exyonis 7884 Now you tell me which of these three processors is the best .

Last Answer : In my opinion, Oppo would be the best. The service is very good. I myself am an Oppo user. Charya , the camera is all super. Just look at the service without looking at the processor. Oppo Best between three.

Description : usb 2.0 / micro usb 2.0? What is the difference between usb 2.0 and micro usb 2.0 ?

Last Answer : Universal Serial Bus , commonly known as USB, connects peripherals to computers, creating a single common interface that modifies the port type of our computers . Although one end , the part that connects ... micro USB connector as dense as 2 micro USB connectors Mini USB 3 Mini USB Slow micro USB

Description : Can this phone use a pen drive ? xiaomi redmi 8a This phone has Usb 2.0 Type - C 1.0 reversible usb on the go . What size pen drive can be used in this phone.

Last Answer : You can use any pen drive on this phone. Converters of different sizes are now available in the market. The price will be 80-150 rupees. So there is no benefit in thinking about size. Only if it is of good quality.

Description : This phone has Usb 2.0 ?

Last Answer : Universal Serial Bus , commonly known as USB, connects peripherals to computers, creating a single common interface that modifies the port type of our computers . Although one end , the part that connects ... micro USB connector as dense as 2 micro USB connectors Mini USB 3 Mini USB Slow micro USB

Description : A good brand of pen drive ? Want to know the name and price of a good brand Otg Usb 2.0 (32GB) Pendrive

Last Answer : You can find it in any mobile market near you. Edata is a very good company. The price will be 800-100 rupees.

Description : : sd card 32GB ? Suppose the internal storage of a phone is ROM 32GB, RAM 2 GB . The phone has USB 2.0 and supports Otg . It does not use sd card in such a phone . It wants to view music pictures with the help of 16GB or 32GB pen drive . I want to know what the same pressure will be

Last Answer : Both pen drive and memory card are the same thing. So you can use any of them. Just make sure the OTGT matches the phone. If you have USB 2.0, you will only get the right speed if you use it , otherwise the phone will hang. Thanks.

Description : Can a pen drive be used instead of memory in this phone ? xiaomi redmi 8a This phone has usb 2.0 . What if i use 32GB pen drive instead of sd card in this phone.

Last Answer : It would be better to use OTG pen drive in this phone. Use a little better quality or the phone will be slow.

Description : How much do you get in vivo y90 ?

Last Answer : 8.1 (Oreo) on VIVO Y90 phone ; Funtouch 4.5

Description : Which phone would be best to buy for 12 thousand rupees ?

Last Answer : You can buy Samsung Galaxy J2 or Samsung J4 for 12 thousand rupees .

Description : xiaomi redmi 8a 3GB / 32GB Price How much ?

Last Answer : ৳ 10,999.00 Variant: Official (2GB + 32GB) 10,999 / (3GB + 32GB) ৳ 13,999 / (4GB + 64GB) ৳ 14,999 / Unofficial (2GB + 32GB) ৳ 10,000 / (3GB + 32GB) ৳ 11,000 Brand: Xiaomi

Description : Only xiaomi phone users can answer ? I would like to know how to buy xiaomi redmi 8a phone .

Last Answer : xiaomi redmi 8a I use the phone myself. It serves very well for camera and charging but the phone gets a little too hot. And the charge is very slow. Besides, I like everything else.