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Description : How long will it take for the first book to be written about the Putin invasion?

Last Answer : There are already many, many books in print that might as well be about the Ukraine invasion. The fact that they don't mention it is almost irrelevant. It's the same Putin. Try one by Masha ... is the thought that somebody somewhere is already looking for an actor to play him in the movie version.

Description : Is there a book you'd like to read but haven't got around to yet?

Last Answer : Numerous books but one is In Search of Lost Times by Proust.

Description : Do they make The Witcher Sword of Destiny book in Hard Cover?

Last Answer : I’ve been able to find it on Kindle, Nook, & in paperback. I even checked my library & they only carry it in paperback. So, I’m guessing that it’s not available in hardback.

Description : What are some fast paced thriller books with male protagonist?

Last Answer : Just about anything by Robert Ludlum, especially the Bourne Trilogy. You can read his books in a single extended sitting, they are definitely page turners.

Description : Can anyone think of the name of this book?

Last Answer : A friend found it for me! “The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Albom (also wrote “Tuesdays with Morrie”) From the description, this wasn’t my kind of book, but omg I’m glad I read it – twice!

Description : What are all the different ways to categorize books and what do they all mean?

Last Answer : For the record, yes I googled this. I got weird answers and some were talking about movies, is it the same with books too? Weird answers as in “A saga is a Scandinavian legend” But I have heard someone once say “The Twilight Saga” That’s not a Scandinavian legend is it?

Description : How can I remove mold from an old paperback?

Last Answer : Unfortunately you really can’t. When I worked in the library and we were weeding the collection, if a book didn’t pass the “sniff test”, we chucked it. If it was still a useful title in the collection, we would order a new copy.

Description : How can I go about selling my books?

Last Answer : I think you can use Facebook again. Give it a shot.

Description : Would studying books/materials on critical thinking, and logic, help reduce suffering?

Last Answer : I'm not sure how reading books about that has anything to do with suffering really I haven't read any book about critical thinking, but I learned it all by myself by observing real life. I used ... than we think, so I'm not affected by provocative fake news anymore. But that's just my experience.

Description : What is the catch for joining this site offering free downloads?

Last Answer : I don’t see them saying it’s free. There’s a 5-day free trial (that you doubtless need to give them your CC info for). “Memberships start as low as $11.95”.

Description : I'm looking for a book series in which a femme fatale is the main character.

Last Answer : Vanity Fair. Becky is a femme fatale before femme fatale is a thing.

Description : Can you think of any books where the setting, or most of the action, takes place in Pensacola, FL?

Last Answer : Had to Google but here you go: There are other lists as well.

Description : Is this story sending the wrong message (details inside)

Last Answer : I think that the more things change from one culture to another, the more things stay the same. If I had read that story, not knowing you are from Viet Nam, I would think it happened in the States some ... charges. Just promise me now, that you wont ever put up with crap like that from a man. OK?

Description : Is there a website that translates professionally a 60,000-words-book for 50$?

Last Answer : I’m thinking “no.” If it does, it’s got to be just running a computer program on it. If it were done “professionally” by a professional human translator, that’d be a charity service which would either be unknown by most, or have a long waiting list.

Description : If I write a story about reviving zombies, and I asked for names from someone, and I use that someone's name should I credit them?

Last Answer : Yeah, would be nice to acknowledge them. Depends also what you both have agreed on her bringing in the name. Will she get royalties, or a one off amount, or ‘just’ the honor.

Description : Can I have names for a scary/horror book?

Last Answer : “The Scary Horror Book” For real, we need information about what the story is about. Yes, I understand that you probably don’t want to give away a good plot or idea, but we need more to go on.

Description : On Dreame, how do you go back to your books drafts?

Last Answer : Try contacting them.

Description : Is "the Vanity of Existence" by Arthur Schopenhauer, book worth reading?

Last Answer : Get it from the library. If you really like it then you can buy it. You do realize that Schopenhauer was a philosopher, so it may not be light reading, and the title is not very uplifting. What made you decide on this book?

Description : What novels are a must read according to you, in the historical fiction genre?

Last Answer : The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett about the building of a cathedral in the Middle Ages. It has a sequel as well. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck about the Dust Bowl and the Oklohoman migrants. To Kill a Mockingbrid by Harper Lee about racism in a Southern town in the 1930s.

Description : Could you tell if an old book had undergone any restoration?

Last Answer : The listing has ended but you can still click on the link….then click on the photo of the book displayed or click on the words “see original listing” and it would then show the photos before the sale ended.

Description : What is a good book describing poor people and what they do to survive?

Last Answer : There’s an author Barbara Ehrenreich who has written several books showing what it’s like from the poor person’s perspective. She actually spent a year working in Walmart and some other low paying jobs and wrote about what life was like. If you Google her, you can learn more about her and her books.

Description : Is it safe to lay my cellphone on my chest when making long phone calls?

Last Answer : Unless you have a block of concrete or something I suggest not using phones at all if you’re afraid of that. The thing is though, it probably doesn’t matter, people are using phones all over the place, on your subway, out in the street, everywhere. There’s no escape.

Description : Humorous art theft books?

Last Answer : I don’t know of any books like that, but I did see a funny, sweet movie, made in the 1960’s starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole called How to Steal a Million, that was about an art heist in France. Here’s some info on that Movie

Description : Has anyone read this book about the science behind why people succeed or fail?

Last Answer : Listened to audio book Here it is- Good idea/poor execution= low chance of success Poor idea/good execution= low chance of success Good idea/good execution= high chance of success Who knew?! It is a “fad” book. Like the Marie Kondo tidy book. Or Sapiens.

Description : Can you help me find this fantasy novel title? (Details inside)

Last Answer : Sounds like the premise of 75% of fantasy novels written.

Description : Anyone else having trouble with Amazon advanced book search?

Last Answer : Yeah, it is not working well for me. Seaches for known titles, or for known author names, are giving me “No results for in Books.” which suggests to me that it’s failing to take my search terms as input.

Description : How many books are on your wish list?

Last Answer : Zero. If I want a book I buy it.

Description : Is this misleading and even wrong?

Last Answer : That’s only if you glance. To those for which such things matter, believe me, no one walks away with the wrong idea.

Description : Do you like ebook or paper book (details inside)

Last Answer : Paper. Forever. The only time I will use ebooks is if I am traveling (plane, train, etc.) and carrying books would be heavy. I find that my eyes get more tired reading off a screen.

Description : Bibliophiles: would you attempt this save?

Last Answer : Keep it. At least until you are convinvced that you won’t be torn with pangs of regret at its loss.

Description : What would the experience have been of a young woman in the mid-1930's who was raped and became pregnant?

Last Answer : My dad was born in 1924 & my Mom in 1926. according to the stories I overheard, the victim of rape was chastised for allowing it to happen. IF she became pregnant she was ostrasized for enjoying it while ... a woman couldn't get pregnant IF she didn't enjoy it ...This was happening in the US.

Description : Why are all of these reviews dated within the first 3 days?

Last Answer : It gets a “D” from Fakespot.

Description : Please can you suggest a good free book on my kobo from 2014?

Last Answer : My e-reader is 2014 not the date that I want my books from.

Description : Book readers, which fictional story while reading it made you feel life is still worth living despite the desperate struggles?

Last Answer : Neither a book, nor fictional, but seeing kids playing with their toy aeroplanes makes me smile.

Description : Have you read any translated literature recently?

Last Answer : Interesting question. I haven't recently completed a translated work, but I have one in progress: Godsong, a new verse translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, by Amit Majmudar. As it happens, I've ... author has to speak to us through an intermediary instead of addressing us directly. Why do you ask?

Description : What book do you dislike the most?

Last Answer : Any book that is a previous edition (with the exception of first editions) especially outdated computer programming books. I hate math text-books that progress too fast. Without explaining what it is used for and a ... Rings at page 70 or so. Will read it all if I break a leg and am incapacitated.

Description : What is the difference between a person reading a magazine or a book, and a person looking at their phone?

Last Answer : As long as they’re quiet and not driving, I don’t care what they do.

Description : Does the banner on a new book, "New York Times Best Seller" mean anything at all any more?

Last Answer : I don’t read best sellers unless they are recommended from Amazon or radio or television. I usually stick to the same authors or subjects.

Description : Can you recommend me a good historical fiction book?

Last Answer : I looked up the The Nightingale, and a similar book that I enjoyed is The Girl from Venice by Martin Cruz Smith His Russian detective novels are really good, too, centering around a Moscow homicide investigator.

Description : If I replace my 5-year-old Kindle with a new one, how do I get all my books onto the new device?

Last Answer : Should all remain on your cloud account for Kindle.

Description : Do books have legs?

Last Answer : Books do not have legs. But they can grow them.

Description : Who is your favorite crime and thriller author and why?

Last Answer : Crime and thrillers are different genres, in my opinion. And crime isn't just crime; it can swerve into police procedurals, courtroom dramas, and so on. Anyway, here are a couple: Military crime/ ... better than her husband Jonathan. She writes better stories. Their son - don't waste the time.

Description : Can one transmit disease from reading old books?

Last Answer : Tuberculosis can be around that long. Never good to explore an old tuberculosis hospital that has been vacant for 70–80 years

Description : Have you ever signed out a library book then not read it?

Last Answer : All the time. They look good in the library but when I get them home, not so much. Any fiction book that I bring home is subject to the 50-page test. If it hasn’t grabbed me in 50 pages, it is history. There are so many horrible authors

Description : Are there any passages from books you have copied out because the writing is so exquisite?

Last Answer : I adore this passage and could read it again and again. The rising of the spring stirred a serious, mystical excitement in him and made him forgetful of her. He would pick up eggshells, a ... that she loved him best, as a soul all unaccompanied, like her own. Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

Description : Do you have fascination for spy stories?

Last Answer : I did enjoy the Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid games.

Description : Why does the CIA have a book on Fritz Springmeier?

Last Answer : The CIA recently released details of a collection of documents Navy SEALS recovered from Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad. Fritz Springmeier’s book “Bloodlines of Illuminati” was one of the titles they found. It is all available here.

Description : What are alternate careers that you can get into that doesn't require university math and a driver's license?

Last Answer : You could become a famous opera singer. You could write the Great Canadian Novel. You could take up boxing and become the next Great White Hope – if that’s still allowed. There’s always domestic terrorism or serial killing; maybe you could Uber from victim to victim.

Description : Considering how much of a miserable failure the Trump Regime is turning out to be, what section of the library does his book "The Art of the Deal" really belong?

Last Answer : The trash bin.

Description : When did books start having paper dust covers?

Last Answer : read this explanation link Early 1800s.