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Description : Should prostitutes go to business school?

Last Answer : I think that you're wrongly assuming that they don't have business skills. People write them off as stupid because of their profession when in fact they are excellent negotiators who can make as much ... smart enough to pay their taxes every year so they can't be prosecuted for failure to pay taxes

Description : Why would an employer get upset about an employee taking more then one sick day in a row?

Last Answer : The employer is unwilling or unable to accommodate the loss of labor for more than a day. That’s an employer problem.

Description : Is selling discounted US stamps a scam or not?

Last Answer : I Googled and got my Are discount postage stamps legitimate? Postal officials warn that deeply discounted postage stamps may be a scam. ... The number of counterfeit stamps being sold online is ... are peddling them on social media, through e-commerce and third-party vendors.Jan 7, 2022

Description : Why is the economy improving in my country, while inflation goes up?

Last Answer : The economy depends on the amount of buying and selling of products and services. It doesn’t have anything to do with the cost of those products and services.

Description : Has any country or region, including fictional worlds, ever been run so well as to turn a profit?

Last Answer : That isn't how governments work. Governments don't create goods and services on their own. But there have been many instances of governments running a surplus, which is analogous to a company making ... government entity that ever turns a profit is a prison industry, because they run on slave labor.

Description : Is it a good idea to partner with this person to open an Etsy shop?

Last Answer : Just say “No.”

Description : Can a passenger sell food on a flight or train ride?

Last Answer : No. They can offer at no cost, but they can’t sell it.

Description : What do you guys think about this idea?

Last Answer : I think it's good that you want to work to earn money, so congratulations on your initiative. But today is July 15. Most people have set up their lawn services back in March, so I'm afraid you may ... else, it would probably cost $200 a week. So you will have to know rates in your area. Good luck!

Description : What is your opinion on creating/supporting more minority owned businesses?

Last Answer : Imagine we are going to play Monopoly. At the beginning of the game, it is decided by a roll of the dice that one player will be unable to buy property for their first 5 trips around the board. ... they are able to buy property or get jobs, they are so far behind most find it impossible to compete.

Description : Is this saying about accounting and finance correct (Details Inside)?

Last Answer : Is the question moot?

Description : Can share holders influence a CEO of a company or a corporation ?

Last Answer : Shareholders certainly can influence the direction of a company. But you have to either have garnered enough support from other shareholders, or control enough of the stock to get the Board and executives ... There is contention over Exxon's future in going green and getting out of fossil fuels.

Description : Is it possible to solve this simple practical math problem without algebra?

Last Answer : Yes. Simple multiplication.

Description : Do you have to be good at math to have a success business?

Last Answer : Not if you hire someone to do it for you.

Description : How is the financial loss from the Suez canal blockage calculated?

Last Answer : Welcome to Economics is not a hard science 101 . I think they mean mainly in terms of losses to the impact on the expectations of international corporations, and the supposed value of the cargo that ... they hadn't made a mixtape, they would have instead re-bought multiple albums at list price. LOL

Description : Do I need a DBA or LLC?

Last Answer : Get a hold of local SCORE office, they are retired business leaders, that help new and growing small businesses. Also get a lawyer.

Description : Why do we mine precious metals from the ground, and place them in a basement vault?

Last Answer : It takes a lot of work and infrastructure to process minerals from the Earth. Some can be mined from a hole in the ground (open pit) and some have to be mined via hard rock mining (tunnels in ... mankind needed it all at once, how long would it take to mine it? It isn't immediately accessible.

Description : Does universal health care benefit the people, as much as it does business?

Last Answer : EVERYBODY wins but the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations. Which is why we are deprived of it.

Description : (WCS) Western Canadian Select (Oil) was minus $34/per barrel last year. What else can go negative?

Last Answer : You’re incorrect. It’s not negative. That would not make any sense.

Description : How would you feel if J.C. Penney, K-Mart, Sears, or Gamestop went out of business?

Last Answer : Sucks for the people working there, but if management fails to adapt the business to an online purchase dominated market, extinction is what follows.

Description : I'm starting a Podcast for women to go along with my brand, You're WORTH It and I'm stuck trying to figure out a title. I need suggestions!

Last Answer : There's no rule that says your podcast must have a unique title. There are plenty of podcasts that share their name with another podcast (e.g. Popcorn with Peter Travers and Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack ... Because You're W.O.R.T.H. It seems like it could work just fine as a title.

Description : How much would you willingly pay to get rid of hiccups 100% every time?

Last Answer : €2,=

Description : What do people over 60 need?

Last Answer : Food and groceries delivery… including milk.

Description : Do you assume the labor union is always right?

Last Answer : JLeslie: Do you assume the labor union is always right? Right ? Do I assume that the labor union, made up of a collection of the actual workers is representing the wishes of the workers? ... staff? Of course we need more unions. And of course it causes more problems between owners and workers.

Description : Is the government blocking you from starting a business?

Last Answer : In Florida you actually can sell cakes without a license made in your home. You have to mark the packaging with Made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to Florida's food safety ... out. When I had questions the local government was always very helpful, which I was grateful for.

Description : Are business owners exempt from minimum wage laws and overtime?

Last Answer : You could just make them all salary positions. OT goes away. But typically, businesses (especially small businesses) just make jobs part time to minimize payroll expenses. I would hesitate to make all ... as you sign the papers making them part owners, they could walk and you would owe them.

Description : How do US companies pay for services (SaaS)?

Last Answer : Different companies, different ways. And it also depends on the size of the expenditure. A small company will often simply use credit cards and then account for items that way. A larger company with better ... 's laws govern the transaction? US or Poland? So there is a preference for a US provider.

Description : Client filing for bankruptcy?

Last Answer : At some point you will need to file a claim against the company (to the bankruptcy trustee, once they are appointed). You'll wait and wait and wait. There's a hierarchy of who gets paid first ( ... they are filing bankruptcy and when it is possible for you to file a claim. read this Good luck.

Description : What Google products do you miss?

Last Answer : Reader (for RSS feeds). None of the others were useful for me.

Description : Is it against the law to sell dvd rewinders?

Last Answer : “All art is quite useless.” —Oscar Wilde

Description : Accountants and small business owners can you give me some info on a SEP IRA?

Last Answer : Here’s the Nerd Wallet take on SEP IRA. Yes you have to contribute with certain rules.

Description : What books are you diving into these days?

Last Answer : Anne of Green Gables and Lucky Boy by Shanti Sekaren – a Mexican immigrant’s powerful story.

Description : Would China not be justified in conducting a clandestine military operation to retrieve its unjustly detained Huawei CFO?

Last Answer : Prevention is better than cure. I don't think she's unjustly detained in the first place. She'll probably lose her position or be clarified as innocent, either way the case will be over. All for ... Security, surely she and China should find it acceptable, it's not like they have a choice anyway.

Description : Can a corporation be given the death penalty?

Last Answer : No. And they cannot be put in jail.

Description : Do you own and use a business card scanner and software?

Last Answer : Why wouldn’t a printer / scanner work? Also if you build a data base using Access or Excel (I prefer Excel) in which to store this information you can search it that way. What exactly is it you need to do? I might be able to help.

Description : Is it better to study business (bachelors) in Slovenia or Estonia?

Last Answer : WELCOME TO FLUTHER!!! Not being familiar with the education system in either place, I really don’t have a preference!!! Yet, it sounds to me like you’ve already made up your mind. Strictly going by YOUR description, I’d say Estonia is the better offering & believe that is where you prefer to go!!!

Description : Is the greatest piece of evidence yet that Trump has no clue how to run a business?

Last Answer : I wonder how the trumptards will rationalise the fact that they foam at the mouth at the mere mentioning of regulations that were enacted through the proper democratic institutions as an ... completely fine with this wannabe dictator directly threatening companies like some alcohol fueled mob boss.

Description : Career Advice: I am engineer trying to figure out whether to do a startup?

Last Answer : Why do you think you would “never get into a PD firm” if you try a startup first?

Description : How many billions do you think Trump’s businesses are going to get from the Saudis as investment after he leaves office?

Last Answer : What makes you think he isn’t getting money from Saudis and Russians and coal companies and steel companies? He in it for the money.

Description : Is buying this house a bad idea?

Last Answer : That's a red flag to me! I'm not an expert in any way on real estate, and neither are you. That's why this is not a good idea. Anything can happen and you will not be protected. Another ... far out and they spend most of their time on the road running the kids to ball games, school, play dates.

Description : What books would you recommend for growth and account marketing?

Last Answer : I am not in sales, but I learned a lot from my father and my husband. I found this. Some of the books on this list look pretty close to what you're after. You might want to read it ... hard look at number 6.

Description : What’s a great item to sell at a market night?

Last Answer : Candles, and you could have lots of candles lit to light up your table.

Description : How can voters and politicians counter excessive corporatism?

Last Answer : By spreading information about what corporations have been doing, and having conversations that change how people think about the role of corporations in the world, including within corporations, so that it stops being the case that corporations are essentially playing to own and destroy the world.

Description : Uber and Lyft users: Do you care one bit or not if your driver is a "good conversationalist"?

Last Answer : It’s very low on my list of priorities.

Description : Who wants to change the coins?

Last Answer : As a Canadian we got rid of our penny a few years back,haven't missed it, our Government is looking at getting rid of our nickel, don't know how far along they are with it. We have been using coins for ... when you realize they get far more life out of a coin than a paper bill you see it's worth it.

Description : Do you think that Papa John's need a new name?

Last Answer : Black Jack’s

Description : If you travel for business but use your own credit card, who gets the frequent flier or credit card points?

Last Answer : Depends on company policy. If the department that you turn your receipts into hasn't said anything, the credit card points (aka, rewards ) and the airline miles are probably yours. But check ... and credit card points, since they were actually paying for those expenses. See, things can change.

Description : What is typical when selling a business with a broker?

Last Answer : I have a friend who recently sold what I would consider a rather large business: 150 employees, property and buildings. He contracted with broker, for a complicated fee that depended upon the sale price ... broker received about 5% for all that work. My friend was quite happy with the whole process.

Description : Who do I contact for business questions?

Last Answer : Depends on the city / state. Where I live (Georgia) that sort of thing is usually regulated at the County level, unless there is a city within the county that handles it. (In my ... is within the city; the remaining 80% is unincorporated) Impossible to answer your question without more information.

Description : Is producing plastic bottles for water, or straws for people with mobility problems, only for emergency possible?

Last Answer : They buy in bulk and store long term.

Description : What are the different jobs you had and the one which you liked the most?

Last Answer : Floral delivery Driver Fast Food Worker Dishwasher at a fine dining establishment Forklift Driver Car Audio Sales and installation Paper Mill Factory Worker Lumber Yard Grunt Dry ... happiest as an instrument technician and specifically when I worked river surveys deploying instrumentation