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Description : If you've moved from West Coast to East, how hard was the transition in terms of climate?

Last Answer : I bet you’d better visit a few times to get an idea

Description : What are your thoughts on the California 2021 recall election?

Last Answer : I am not a fan of Newsom, but the recall is horseshit. I will vote no. I have often referred to Gavin as Sal Bando, the 1970’s third baseman. He always swung for the fences, almost always popped up.

Description : Do you think Harvey Weinstein is guilty?

Last Answer : Apparently he was found guilty, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing time. If he is sick he can receive medical help in a prison hospital, if needed. For the rest he can spend his sentence in a cel, just like any other criminal. No matter his age.

Description : Would someone please click on the article linked in the details below, and paste it here?

Last Answer : What ?

Description : California voters: are you casting your vote in the primary on June 5th?

Last Answer : Yep. I vote at every election.

Description : How far are you from wildfires in California?

Last Answer : 385 miles

Description : How are our Californians feeling and faring with the North California fires?

Last Answer : I am not directly effected by it, but I know several people who have been.

Description : Could , or should, California split in two, or more, states?

Last Answer : CA has talked about this for years. Two states, and even three states I've heard at times. I think it's a good idea for some reasons, and bad for others. I tend to lean towards ... the problem regarding how it affects us nationally by getting rid of the electoral college for voting in a president.

Description : Any California jellies familiar with the Anza-Borrego State Park wildflowers?

Last Answer : This year all of the California desert areas ( Joshua Tree, Death Balley, Palm Springs, Anna-Borrego) are expected to have incredible displays? Worth a few days driving around southeastern California if you have the time and money for a vacation!

Description : What's the point of a California jury sentencing the Grim Sleeper to death when California hasn't executed anyone in 10 years?

Last Answer : answer:Waste of time and money to put him on Death Row. I say that as a California citizen. Life without Parole is a legal alternative in California. Should just go there without all the extra hoopla around the death penalty process.

Description : At the last police press conferrence re.the San-Bernardino shootings how many injured, did he say?

Last Answer : answer:91 invited guests. 75–80 present. 21 injured. 18 county employees 14 dead. 12 were county employees. I don’t know if they are including the shooters, but I suspect not.

Description : Did you read about the Great White Shark attack in Manhattan Beach California earlier today?

Last Answer : [White Shark says] Go away you stinky jerks! This ocean world is mine! Humans aren’t born to the sea, why the hell do you come here and claim this place yours? Look at tigers, lions… they are fierce, yet they don’t claim the ocean. How dare you? ~

Description : How long does the California unemployment insurance benefit last?

Last Answer : It looks like 26 weeks was the standard and they added a 13 week extension at some point. But the CA Labor Dept website sucks so bad I couldn’t figure out when that applies. I thought our state was bad.

Description : Is there income tax in California?

Last Answer : Yes. I would be more specific but that seems to cover it.

Description : How did Colorado and Washington beat California to legalize marijuana first?

Last Answer : Even more powerful economically? Do you live in California? That statement made me snort my water through my nose. Even the thought that we have our shit together makes me laugh.

Description : Southern California Tornado Warning: Where would tornados form?

Last Answer : According to this article the flooding will be south and west of the mountains. We have had tornados in Bakersfield before. One of our apartments was on the news because it picked up a dumpster and hit a ... stupider since I just realized we both linked the same article. It's late. I'm tired. Sorry.

Description : Using Temporary Paper License along with expired license for Vegas trip?

Last Answer : Take any ID that you have with you, even if it’s expired. That way, you have your temp license and your other, expired, photo ID’s and hopefully, between the two types, you’ll be ok. Good luck!

Description : Californians: What health care insurance have you recently signed up for?

Last Answer : answer:The most affordable private insurance has a very high deductable and co-pay. You have to pay all of the initial expenses out of your pocket. Our company provided insurance has increased the deductable and the co-pay, reduced many of the other benefits, and reduced the premium.

Description : Is it illegal in California to not tell officers there is someone in the house with a gun?

Last Answer : The key point you left out is that the person in question was on probation. There are certain rights you give up as condition to being on probation instead of sitting in jail. If he knew ... in the house he was probably violating his probation by staying there. He should have told the officers.

Description : Anyone live in Bakersfield or Antelope Valley, CA? If so, what are some words to describe the 'spirit' of your community? And why?

Last Answer : You know these places are 90 miles apart and have a great difference in the size of the populations.

Description : Does Obama really need my vote?

Last Answer : We had an election for a House seat last vote decided by a few hundred votes. Out of hundreds of thousands of votes. Still think one doesn’t count?

Description : How long will it take for my California I.D. card to come in the mail?

Last Answer : answer:Why not simply call the DMV office and ask someone if it has been mailed or perhaps has been lost in the mail. Bureaucrats need to be nagged (politely) sometimes.

Description : What should this cake say?

Last Answer : Bon Voyage Good Luck Congrats on the move California Dreamin’

Description : Can a woman request a cesarean procedure in California?

Last Answer : Wow. She’s electing to have major surgery? I urge the both of you to research this beyond Fluther. My wife had 2 births at home without medication and was walking around like nothing happened. Talk to someone who had to go through a c-section.

Description : Why are motor scooters illegal on California freeways?

Last Answer : Because they cannot go freeway speeds. There are scooters that are freeway legal, they have larger engines and can maintain 55 mph. In California the engine has to be at least 150 cc.

Description : I want to ask California to make journalism a mandatory class, how do I go about doing that?

Last Answer : answer:Journalism is pretty specialized work in writing and publication, and doesn't really cover what you're wanting to instill in students. It also requires an end product to be made, and ... mandatory would be trouble, our educational budget has been slashed more than a jack the ripper victim.

Description : Can radiation make thyroid disease worse?

Last Answer : I don’t know if radiation will affect your mother’s thyroid disease, but all the reports from physicists I’ve heard is that any radiation heading from Japan is not nearly strong enough to damage the health of anyone on the west coast of the US. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Description : Going about doing a legal name change in California ?

Last Answer : I don’t know how much it costs, but this explains the process.

Description : Is there something about California culture that precludes people from flushing public toilets?

Last Answer : A lot of homeless people that live in coastal cities in California essentially live at the beach. Many of them are alcoholics or mentally unstable as well - I can only assume that when you're a ... '. Where I live, the homeless that live near the beach can be very aggressive towards non-homeless.

Description : What stereotypes do you associate with California?

Last Answer : Vegetarian peace activists that only wear birkenstocks, spending their entire evenings discussing politics while smoking up a shitload of weed.

Description : What are California tenants' rights concerning guests?

Last Answer : answer:(1) His apartment is a separate unit in the multi-family home, correct? (2) Is there a lease?

Description : How would you vote on California Prop 19?

Last Answer : I would certainly, absolutely, no question vote in favor of it and I don't even smoke pot any more, not for a long, long time. But it's about as rational an approach to marijuana as I' ... that would have been legal under this statute will be released from prison? That would be a great thing.

Description : What's the California accent?

Last Answer : Like this link

Description : Recommendation for a great divorce lawyer in SoCal?

Last Answer : While I understand the idea of going to court when someone has been cheated on and left with nothing, a recent experience has shown me that the only people who get anything from a divorce are ... attorneys. When you think about cheating, it seems mild compared to the destruction the lawyer can do.

Description : How do i become a resident of california?

Last Answer : If you have a car and insurance, do you have a driver’s license? What does under my name &CC’s. mean? You need to contact a lawyer that specializes in residency papers.

Description : What experiences are not to miss while camping in Yosemite?

Last Answer : Check that you will not be downwind of the controlled fires they are setting to thin the trees.

Description : If I move out of California, do I need to update the CA DMV?

Last Answer : If you moved out of California and to a different state, the new state will require you to have your vehicle registered there and not in California. most states allow thirty days for this ... you apply for the new states drivers license. you can thank computers and Registry Clerks for this.

Description : Engineering grad schools in southern California?

Last Answer : Cal Tech?

Description : In california what is the tax amount on $30.000?

Last Answer : answer:First…congratulations! How cool is that? lol Whatever the amount, ( doubt it would exceed a 10–15% tops, but don’t know for sure ) A couple of grand for a 30k prize…..not a bad deal, if you can afford it.

Description : Can a person obtain a new drivers license with non moving violations that have not been paid?

Last Answer : answer:Probably. If you were in your car with the LA tag, then the non moving violation is on your record and they know about them. If you were in someone else’s car, you are ok. If they were legit parking tickets, what makes you think you shouldn’t have to pay them? Am I missing something?

Description : Where is a good school to take surfing lessons?

Last Answer : answer:This may be useful.

Description : How is it that Jerry Brown can run for governor of California after having already served 2 full terms?

Last Answer : He’s grandfathered in. At the time he was governor, there were no term limits. So he can be elected again for two more terms, I believe.

Description : What are the requirements for a motorcycle license in california?

Last Answer : You can take the written test then use your own motorcycle for the behind the wheel at DMV, or you can take the written test then take the safety class in small cc motorcycles and get a certificate that covers the behind the wheel at the class.

Description : I am getting unemployment, if I can get freelance work (which will temp. decrease my weekly check) will that increase the length of time I can receive it?

Last Answer : Yes. This just happened to us (different state, but these rules are the same). There is an amount you have “banked,” if you will. When you work and your benefit is reduced, your still have the balance available. So when you run out of work, and you can reopen your claim.

Description : How do feel about California recently being ordered to reduce its prison inmate population?

Last Answer : [mod says] Lets stick to the topic, please. Thanks!

Description : Is it legal to own a peacock in california?

Last Answer : I don't think so most states require an exotic animal permit to own one legally, which depending on the state can be a bitch to get, so often people can find ways around the system. now don't quote me, ... park ranger, and this is the kind of crap he drawls on about all day so it kind of rubs off.

Description : I'm a CA transplant living in New Mexico. Please give me one good reason for returning to the Golden State.

Last Answer : California Girls

Description : In and Out or Fat Burger?

Last Answer : Of the two, I vote In and Out. But given my druthers, I’d go to Carl’s Jr. or Wendy’s.

Description : Is it expensive to get a driver's license/residency in California?

Last Answer : A drivers license is $28.00 in California. You may be confused with registration fees for you car which are more and are based on the value of the car, county of residence and other arbitrary things.

Description : How many hours can you legally be required to work in a day?

Last Answer : it depends on how old you are. I’m from Pittsburgh so i dont know about you but 16 and under its 8, if your older there isnt really a limit