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Description : Am I worrying too much or is my dad just ignorant?

Last Answer : My check engine light it flashing. Its not just a solid yellow light

Description : How do they do smog tests on cars?

Last Answer : Smog as in a combination of mist and fog?

Description : Do any Jellies know anyone at Hyundai Customer Care?

Last Answer : I don’t, but you could try your state insurance commissioner.

Description : Car-savvy jellies: what's the optimal $ cutoff for buying a used car?

Last Answer : I have bought a number of used cars. I would never buy any car that I knew needed work. I always buy a Toyota or Honda. They run forever.

Description : Would it help if all cars have the ability to communicate with nearby cars?

Last Answer : It sounds like a great idea, hypothetically, but would it take as much as six seconds before it started to be abused? I’d vote a firm no against any such addition to motor vehicle technology.

Description : How soon after an photo radar speeding ticket is registered before one can get a second ticket?

Last Answer : Just drive really, really fast, and try to make it in 4:55.

Description : When stranded in a car on the highway, in the winter, can you run out of gas idling?

Last Answer : Yes you can, sorry to say. Rule is don’t go anywhere in the winter with less than a half a tank of gas. Have blankets and snacks, maybe a couple bottles of water too!

Description : Cheapest option for moving my car to a diff. State...

Last Answer : You could drive it.

Description : The car has not gone for a long time, what should I check before rolling?

Last Answer : I would have the tire pressure checked, the oil, and battery charge. Also make sure you have gas. Welcome to Fluther!

Description : How can I look up a used car by VIN?

Last Answer : CarMax charges $19.99 for a vehicle history. If you are buying a car though Carmax, they give you a free report, but if you are just looking for the history of a specific car, you have to pay.

Description : What was the first automobile to have a key lock?

Last Answer : I just gave you a “Great Question” upvote. I love your question, have no idea about the answer, and look forward to learning.

Description : What is the best auto insurance company?

Last Answer : No such thing as “best” – it depends on your needs, including: - your driving record – vehicle you drive – how many accidents have you been in? – number of miles you drive to and from work – your age and gender – your work record and so on. There is no one answer to your question

Description : Why don't we have wheels that can go at 90 degree angles?

Last Answer : Don't forget this experimental fifth wheel method installed on a 1951 Cadillac. It used the spare tire to do the job. And while we're on the subject jeck out these two designs. British ... while driving at speed would be disastrous. The negatives far outweigh the small benefit the system offers.

Description : Any car experts that can help me figure this out? -- What is this thing that broke in my car?

Last Answer : Just a thought…If nobody here can adequately name your part, could you take the part to a BMW dealer and ask a mechanic what the part is? They might be able to tell you right away.

Description : I think a business card slid down the side of my car window and is stuck down there, can I get it out?

Last Answer : Doors come apart to allow working on the window and lock mechanisms. Basically all the soft parts on the interior can be peeled open. If you don’t want to do that, I would forget it. Or have a pro do it. Without experience and the right tools, it’s hard to put it back together well.

Description : Where is a good place to buy a car?

Last Answer : I’ve heard good things about Carmax.

Description : Can one make a profit from extracting palladium and platinum from automobiles in junk yards?

Last Answer : It’s the recyclers who do that and make money. You couldn’t make enough trying to do it yourself.

Description : Did you ever own a vehicle in which you would love to have a mint-condition 'Like New' one today?

Last Answer : 1958 Oldsmobile 98 four door hardtop. Like this one but three tone green and white

Description : When did the car become the best prize in a game show?

Last Answer : Before what? It was a typical biggest prize in game shows in the 70’s (unless they were giving away a boat or something). Some of the earlier shows it might be an appliance made by the show’s sponsor.

Description : What will cars look like in 10 years?

Last Answer : It seems likely that the self-driving technology will progress and be more readily available - unless something catastrophic happens (family of four die as autonomous car careens into hospital and kills an ... emergency room full of patients-level catastrophic). Then that would be the end of that.

Description : How durable are electric car power connectors?

Last Answer : Ours is a gigantic plug, nearly as bug as my hand, with a large plastic housing to protect it. It is very heavy, and the cord connecting to the car is so big around it takes both my hands to wrap around it. It shows zero signs of wear after several years of use.

Description : What was your favourite vehicle that you owned?

Last Answer : Tesla Model 3. It’ll be 3 years this spring and I still get excited every time I get behind the wheel.

Description : If one can run, or bike, faster than the speed limit is it still a crime?

Last Answer : In the UK the speed limit applies to motor vehicles only however you can be charged with “wanton and furious cycling” if you are riding in such a manner that could endanger others.

Description : How long does a car last when idling with a full tank of gas?

Last Answer : A rule of thumb we used was: a passenger car burns about 0.5 gallons of fuel per hour while idling. If you have a 12 gallon tank you can figure it will idle for 24 hours. The range is large ... if you have air conditioning running your flow rate will be double so your tank will be empty in 12 hours.

Description : Is the hand on a pedestrian traffic signal sometimes doing anything like flashing? See detail.

Last Answer : The flashing hand means you are running out of time to clear the intersection if walking. It is the pedestrian’s “yellow light”.

Description : First time buying a vehicle, can someone help? (need advice)

Last Answer : Do a lot of research online regarding pricing and financing. But, first decide what type of car is best for you.

Description : Is this a good idea for a product?

Last Answer : Not very aerodynamic. Doesn’t seem as if it would be easy to reach while sitting in the car.

Description : How resilient were early cars against hail storms?

Last Answer : I learned to drive on a 1954 Chevy BelAir. It was a tank. It had heavy steel as a body, not thin steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Hail might put a scratch on the paint, but the metal itself would have been difficult to dent.

Description : What is your opinion regarding the speed limit drivers should do in the left lane of a highway?

Last Answer : If you have three lanes, the right lane should be for people who want to drive UNDER the speed limit, or for people who are about to exit, or for those entering. The middle lane should be for ... speed you think you can get away with, but no tailgating and no blocking others, holding up traffic.

Description : Are smart cars able to react properly when in an accident?

Last Answer : Smart cars aren’t sentient, only very technological in a dumb sort of way.

Description : If you were building a garage would you make it an RV garage?

Last Answer : I recently had a garage built. Small house, cozy neighborhood, not RV sized, just a small, one car garage. Into which my car has never gone, as I use it as more of a shed. I just had a full garage rather than a shed for resale purposes.

Description : I need someone to tell me what is the name of a car part in a Jeep Cherokee.

Last Answer : Go to the dealer and get the right part !

Description : Has anyone ever used or even seen a car vending machine?

Last Answer : I have seen something like this in a parking lot in NYC. Not a purchase, but getting your car out from being parked. Can you really buy a car with coins? Seems shaky.

Description : What happens if there's an emergency while driving with no cell reception?

Last Answer : All is good if you have a satellite phone. Is expensive, but you can buy if you need.

Description : Would it be profitable for one to be able to customize a car like a video game?

Last Answer : They already do it. They even had a TV show about it

Description : Is this a normal feature of a mini-van?

Last Answer : Never heard of a vehicle having clapper technology.

Description : What do you think about adding more auto trains?

Last Answer : I had never heard of it, so I googled it. It actually sounds fun! And affordable. It's a great way to get somewhere and not have to drive there, but you get to have your car with you. I think ... as on a plane you are charged by weight and would be limited to how much you could take on your trip.

Description : Do cars with remote automatic start have an automatic stop?

Last Answer : The remote start will let the automobile run with a key in ignition for about 5 to 10 minutes including accessories like radio and heater fan.

Description : Can the interior (the content, the scent, etc.) of one person's car be the same as that of another's car?

Last Answer : The interiors can be identical, at least to the point where you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (like odometer readings or radio presets). Happens all the time with rental cars, get the keys to Car A but get in Car B. But the fob should not work on the wrong car.

Description : When are we going to see personal flying vehicles as ubiquitous as cars?

Last Answer : Unless they are fully automated, controlled by a central traffic computer, hopefully never.

Description : How durable is the electric car charging port?

Last Answer : As durable as any other electrical plug-in connection. Easily replaced/serviced I’d wager. It would have to last for at least the battery life, which would be 5 to 10 years. There are many examples out in the world, especially with electric lift trucks.

Description : Is the movement to modernize automobiles why GM is closing plants?

Last Answer : The cars they build in those plants have little or no market. Everybody wants pick-ups and SUV’s.

Description : Can you diagnose my car problem?

Last Answer : Whole front end sounds funky. Maybe last front end work was done by a carpenter or plumber! Wheel should be straight ! If not the power steering will cause the steering to WANDER. Caused by plumber not ... it clicks and creaks ( CVJ needs work and replacement) Take it to a front end alignment shop !

Description : What is it like driving a luxury car?

Last Answer : They sit lower to the ground, the seats are usually more plush and comfy,they have all the gadgets you could want,and are extremely quiet to drive. Give me a truck or an suv any day.

Description : Would it damage your car if you power washed the under side of the engine?

Last Answer : Sounds like you got something wet & it needed to dry out before starting. You probably didn't damage the car just gave it a temporary shock. I don't know that I'd try that on the newer computerized cars ... easily blow the Mother Board & cost $2,000-5,000 to repair. You might want to read more here.

Description : Many new cars have no spare tires. What are you expected to do if you get a flat?

Last Answer : They come with a can of gas/gunk that seals and refills the tire long enough for you to get to a garage. Or they have run flats so it’s not an issue.

Description : How should pedestrians not walk on a 4 way walk traffic light?

Last Answer : You can walk diagonally as well.

Description : What order should these cars go in? (See link.)

Last Answer : Same as you, which is the lawful and legal way. 2–3-1

Description : Have you noticed that cars look like they are faces?

Last Answer : Interesting question.

Description : When the bear attacked the car, why didn't these guys drive away instead of sitting there honking their horn?

Last Answer : They didn’t want to hurt the bear. He was on their car.