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Description : State two advantages and disadvantages of centrifugal casting. Write four applications.

Last Answer : Centrifugal Casting: Advantages: 1. Relatively very light impurities move inwards towards center. So they can be removed easily thus helping in producing sound castings. 2. Gates and risers are not needed. ... making rollers. 4. Piston rings. 5. Cylinder liners. 6. Pipes of water gas sewage.

Last Answer : If the centrifugal switch of a two-value capacitor motor using two capacitors fails to open then Electrolytic capacitor will, in all probability, suffer break down.

Last Answer : Centrifugal switch disconnects the auxiliary winding of the motor at about 70 to 80 percent of synchronous speed.

Last Answer : In a single phase motor the centrifugal switch disconnects auxiliary winding of the motor.

Last Answer : A centrifugal switch is used to disconnect starting winding when motor has picked up about 50 to 70 per cent of rated speed.

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