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Description : Can you update a laptop from windows 10 to windows 11?

Last Answer : I haven't upgraded yet so I don't know how smooth it will go. I have an HP 2-in-1 Envy laptop and I have a notification icon from Microsoft on my task bar in the right corner of the screen ... you jump into it, I suggest that you do a backup of any pertinent files on your current system. Good luck

Description : Have you tried Windows 11 yet?

Last Answer : I have Windows 11. My computer crashes once a week. I don’t know if It is the O.S. or a problem with the rest of the computer that I bought from Dell two years ago. Other than that I haven’t noticed any improvement from earlier operating systems.

Description : What fiction books talk about extraterrestrials that try to replace unsuspecting humans with hybrids?

Last Answer : Invasion of the Body Snatchers V (I think)

Description : Can the US still make old fashioned basic cars without computer chips?

Last Answer : Yes but very unlikely. Some things that are now handled by integrated circuits were quite complex back in the day and would have to be reproduced from scratch now. Think timing advance, fuel-air ... of the reason cars are so safe and last 200K miles + now is because of microprocessor technology.

Description : Will we have hybrid photonics, quantum, and classical computer processors?

Last Answer : Quantum computers already exist, albeit on a very limited scale.

Description : Do you have a checklist or drill for getting on board with a new computer?

Last Answer : No need to follow routine or anything. Laptops generally comes with OS and all the necessary programs pre installed. So you just need to backup/transfer your personal/work files into the new system. That ... where you left off. You can also remove the hard drive of the old laptop for save keeping.

Description : In your experience, how often do you need to buy a new laptop?

Last Answer : I still prefer desktops, I need their flexibility with ports and drives and stuff. It's a perpetual upgrade but roughly 5-7 years to do a major overhaul with a new motherboard and processor. That ... are basically throw away items after a year or two. I replace phones every three years or so.

Description : What are the differences between iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Air?

Last Answer : Sounds like all he needs is the base model iPad ($329). Here is a comparison that you were looking for. Unless your husband were looking to do significant work with the Apple Pencil and other CPU ... I had a 2nd-gen iPad many years ago, and have had to research these fairly recently for relatives.

Description : How does the AlphaZero chess playing computer evaluate positions?

Last Answer : It does have a database of positions. It got that database by playing millions of games against itself, building up a memory of probabilities of which position likely leads to a win, and selecting the next move accordingly.

Description : Semi-urgent - What is a trusted site that would tell me if a file I have is a virus, keylogger, trojan, etc?

Last Answer : Try Virus Total

Description : I broke my os on my laptop, now can i dont have any OS?

Last Answer : I suggest you do a Google search for Linux user forums and ask this question there. Good luck.

Description : Is computer chip transistor density, maximized for miniaturization?

Last Answer : By squeezing more transistors into a smaller space, a microprocessor can be produced which does more work in less time (more powerful). It also allows one chip to perform more functions – what used to require several chips can all fit into one chip.

Description : Why won't my laptop turn on?

Last Answer : The fix is very simple: Unplug the power cable from your laptop. Locate and remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Re-insert the battery and plug in your laptop. Attempt ... Laptop won't start? Try this simple tip. - TechSolvers blog laptop-

Description : Is Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader different from Adobe Reader? How?

Last Answer : They are different versions of the same software. Originally it was Acrobat Reader then they changed it Adobe Reader mid 2000’s and then to Adobe Acrobat Reader in mid 2010’s.

Description : How do I establish my Fluther account on a new computer?

Last Answer : Not sure I understand exactly, but when I got a new tablet I just went to Fluther and logged in with my same name and password. Easy as that. I use my account on my laptop most of the time, ... forget them. A little extra typing is better than getting locked out. Also I do keep some in a notebook.

Description : Do you use Google Drive?

Last Answer : I use it all the time when I need to share things with someone or just store something online temporarily. It's a neat service overall. You are given 15GB free of storage, and you have to pay money if ... big so I'm good. And besides, that's way bigger than a lot of other cloud services out there.

Description : Can a screenshot's date be changed?

Last Answer : That would be the date that the computer's clock was set to when the screenshot was taken unless the file was renamed, or unless there's a bug involved. I have seen some bugs with the ... can be easily changed. Changing the EXIF data is also possible, but requires a little bit more knowledge.

Description : What's the worst thing you ever spilled on your computer keyboard?

Last Answer : Dirty stories my grandmother told me – Or an eggnog. I can’t decide…

Description : I'd like to get a new laptop for digital art and animation. Any suggestions?

Last Answer : You need to do better than that. You're going about this backwards. What sorts of software will you be using for your art? What are the software needs in terms of RAM and processor ... an understanding of what your actual requirements are, you can look for a machine that meets those requirements.

Description : What are computer cookies and should I accept them?

Last Answer : They are small files created by your web browser at the request of web sites, which store whatever data the web page is programmed to store, such as identifying information so a site can tell you ... tracking cookies in its security settings page, at least in the version of Firefox I'm running).

Description : What's the difference in terms of plot between the 1977 and 1997 version of "Demon Seed" by Dean Koontz?

Last Answer :

Description : What are your best custom made desktop computer design websites?

Last Answer : I ordered one through HP

Description : What can I do with an old laptop?

Last Answer : Wipe it and donate it to a homeless or battered women’s shelter.

Description : How do I disable the Outlook calendar?

Last Answer : What device are you on?

Description : Excel experts: how do I make this kind of a dropdown list (details inside)?

Last Answer : while in Excel, hit F1 key. Type in drop down. This is the MS help function to get you there

Description : Can you help me think of an ice breaker activity for a Zoom group?

Last Answer : We’ve done trivia games and also Scattegories as game nights for UU on Zoom. Both fairly easy and fun.

Description : Is VPN helpful for learning Programming languages ?

Last Answer : I'm not aware of any nation-blocking for free programming sites, let alone that being a widespread thing. It seems to me that usually when someone posts information for free online, they rarely then ... of thinking. But if you find some, I imagine you can likely spoof your location easily enough.

Description : What should I do so that I can learn Java in a fast and efficient manner?

Last Answer : Perhaps you could audit a course. Auditing isn’t as expensive, but you’ll still get the instruction.

Description : Can you help me with my Zoom recording questions?

Last Answer : You should get an email to your zoom account with the recording link. It usually takes some time. The longer the recording the longer it takes to render and upload.

Description : Can you add WiFi printing capability to a printer that didn't come with it?

Last Answer : You could play around with something like this No guarantees.

Description : How to sort files in Chinese pinyin in File Explorer?

Last Answer : From some brief research, it looks like a more difficult problem than some might think. On Apple computers, however, it is possible to do this for Chinese. The best answer I found for Windows suggests ... and the registry, which looks less hopeful, but might work better than what you're seeing now.

Description : Do you follow the advice to turn off blue light on your screen or just stop using screens before bedtime?

Last Answer : Wow, I didn’t know that was an option! I’m such a poor sleeper that I turn off the screens at least an hour before bed.

Description : Can someone help with where to get a custom PC?

Last Answer : My favorite PC builder is They specialize in quiet PCs, but they do custom builds and do a ridiculously good job, in my experience. I’m still using a PC from them from about 2010 that I’ve had them upgrade a couple of times, with no complaints.

Description : Is DuckDuckGo a browser or a search engine?

Last Answer : I asked Google and it says search engine.

Description : How would I find people who might be interested in old computer technology books?

Last Answer : I found some by posting to Cragslist. Depending on where you are, there might be a computer museum…

Description : In the future will locksmiths be trained in retrieving access to locked out computers?

Last Answer : I have problems with passwords all the time, even when I remember them. Nearly always the site can send a link to my email address that will allow me to reset it. I’ve never been locked out of my PC or of a website for any length of time because of password problems. It is a nuisance however.

Description : How do we get my daughter's (they/them) new computer to stop thinking they are French when using MS Word?

Last Answer : I found this page with a similar question. Seems One Note may be the issue or the keyboard is set to french.

Description : Have you had this happen with Amazon?

Last Answer : did you try online chat?

Description : Is my laptop dying?

Last Answer : I’d check the hard drive and if it’s in the red, you likely need a new laptop.

Description : With today's laptops, is it still necessary to use a laptop cooler cooling pad when it sits on your desk or table?

Last Answer : Oh yes. I guess it depends on the kind of work you do. If you are just browsing, watching videos and stuff, you probably won't need a cooling pad but if you're on heavy duty things, you can ... ragged. I have no clue about the product you've listed though i just use an AC and two mini fans.

Description : Can you recommend a good, reliable backup software?

Last Answer : Macrium Reflect should be able to do all that.

Description : Does anybody around here actually use Alexa or Siri to do things?

Last Answer : Yes. I regularly ask Siri to add items to my shopping list, to set a timer, what the weather is, to turn on and off lights, to play music, to find a location and get directions. I say Hey Siri, Good ... on, turn off (or go to sleep). I like the convenience and try to remember to ask it to do more.

Description : What irks you the most about trying to snag an appointment for a COVID vaccination?

Last Answer : Well, via telephone I got on The List with my regular MD. Weeks went by. Then I wandered into the Walmart Pharmacy and got on their list. They called me the next day.

Description : How long do Microsoft accounts stay locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts?

Last Answer : Once “locked” that is it ! ! Use the “unlock” interface t To reset password.

Description : Help me predict crypto transaction fees (approximately)?

Last Answer : Generally, expect transaction fees in the range of 0.05% - 0.10%. But the greater cost is a lack of a consolidated market, so while you may be buying at what appears to be the lowest offer, ... buying from may be selling to you after he bought elsewhere for a lower price. That is called arbitrage.

Description : Do you use autoruns? Have you used autoruns?

Last Answer : There are some programs that I want to launch automatically at startup, yes. I also have a batch file to reconnect mounted network drives, because Windows has this nasty habit of forgetting them randomly when you shutdown and restart the system.

Description : A little more help with McAfee?

Last Answer : McAfee has an removal tool How to remove McAfee products from a PC that runs Windows “Method 2: Remove using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR)”

Description : Do we have an app that adjusts the reading comprehension level in a book?

Last Answer : There is something called the Fry Readability Level that can tell you what reading level a book is on but nothing I know of that would change the vocabulary of a book already written. That doesn't really ... Fry score is usually used with children's books and might show up in a review of the book.

Description : Will there ever be universal wifi?

Last Answer : I don't think it's likely in rural areas. In cities and suburbs there are already some parts of the country if you subscribe to a certain provider, like Comcast is one example, you can use their ... is the next phase for connecting people. I'll be interested to see other people's answers. Good Q.

Description : Is inkjet or laser better for printing photos?

Last Answer : Generally an Inkjet will produce better photos than a laser printer. A laser printer will produce better text and is cheaper per page (after the initial cost) For the best results printing photos you you just want to use a dye sublimation printer however the refills are pretty expensive.