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Description : Let Brain Atrophy or Die with Dignity?

Last Answer : I would opt to die with dignity, if I could. My dad wanted to, but you had to live in Oregon for 6 months to take that option.

Description : If you've gotten through the pandemic so far without getting Covid, do you feel it was luck or the precautions you took?

Last Answer : I've never gotten sick from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I've been tested twice (both negative) and have had 2 Pfizer vaccine shots. But this doesn't meant that I haven't been exposed to virus ... just kicked it's butt. And antibody test from a blood specimen would indicate weather or not I was exposed.

Description : What do you think of the needle exchange program?

Last Answer : needle litter is preferable to galloping contagion.

Description : Is it me or is it true that more and more people are being diagnosed with brain tumors at a rather early age these days?

Last Answer : answer:Personally, I think people are being diagnosed with brain tumors at an early stage these days. President Carter certainly wasn't young when he was diagnosed (and, admittedly his health ... testing, on the other hand you have people surviving formerly fatal diseases because of early diagnosis.

Description : What do you know about Tuberculosis?

Last Answer : answer:We had a TB exposure at work about ten years ago. Everyone had to be tested. A couple people were found to be infected but not infectious; they were put on antibiotics and told to ... to her being more vulnerable and extended her recovery. Fortunately, she did not have a resistant strain.

Description : ALS or Alzheimer, which affliction would you hope to have if you had to have either?

Last Answer : Hoping to have, what an academic exercise.

Description : Should we be more concerned about Ebola?

Last Answer : I don’t think so.

Description : How did the condition Down Syndrome get its name?

Last Answer : From Dr. John Down, the physician who described it in1866. [ Wikipedia entry. ]

Description : How does the CDC keep the small pox alive?

Last Answer : The smallpox virus is deep-frozen. There are only two places to keep it alive- the CDC and a lab in Russia. This 1993 New York Times Article talks more about the controversy of keeping frozen specimens of the smallpox virus.

Description : Is fibromyalgia fake, or real?

Last Answer : A good way to get medical marijuana?

Description : What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer's?

Last Answer : answer:Alzheimer’s is a specific type of dementia. This is actually really good, and sourced:

Description : Are people, who live in asbestos shingle houses, prone to disease?

Last Answer : answer:Even if asbestos shingles are on your home, if they are in good condition and left undisturbed, they are usually NOT a serious problem. The mere presence of asbestos in a home or a ... asbestos shingles wherein the particles can get inhaleated then I think its not so much of a concern.

Description : What are the five most costly diseases and their prevalence in the U.S.?

Last Answer : I think you may have to look them, the conditions up individually. Here's a link on a study about the prevalence of diabetes and costs over the lifetime of the individual. ... done.

Description : [Fiction question] What nasty and preferably deadly communicable disease would cause sudden intense stomach cramps?

Last Answer : Constipation is pretty horrible…Especially if you happen to be the person that uses the bathroom after them!

Description : I am officially a swine! H1N1 got me yesterday. how long does the fever last?

Last Answer : I have no idea. I saw a lot of people posting on FB that they got h1n1 yesterday. Very strange. Get better soon, k.

Description : Is there a panic in your area regarding "swine flu"?

Last Answer : Not in Indiana.

Description : Skilful photo editing or actual medical condition?

Last Answer : lmao, photomanip.

Description : What causes frequent urination ?

Last Answer : Frequent urination is a symptom of diabetes. Frequent urination can be caused by a few more reasons. Such as body aches , overeating or overeating. Drinking more water causes more urination. Again, even ... sensation in the urine. In this case, drinking a little more water will solve the problem.

Description : How is normal urination ?

Last Answer : Normal urine is clear , colorless or yellowish. The urinary incontinence process is smooth , painless and completely relaxed. The process can be started voluntarily , without any pressure. The motion is ... only the control of such life-threatening illness , in many cases it is possible to cure.

Description : Want to know how to survive from diabetics ?

Last Answer : Physical exertion and moderate balanced diet will keep you away from this disease .

Description : Why Heart Attack ?

Last Answer : The heart is located in the middle of the chest and on the left side. Blood circulates throughout the body through contraction and expansion. The heart , the only organ that works all the time , ... their branches. Most of the deaths in the world are due to blockage of these three blood vessels.

Description : Why are stones in the bladder ?

Last Answer : There may be stones in the bladder for various reasons. Stones can be caused by a bacterial infection anywhere from the kidneys to the bladder. It has been seen that stones are formed ... or at the end of urination. Occasional cessation of urination during urination. Sudden stopping of urination.

Description : Severe headache. Dizziness. What are the medicines for whole body pain ?

Last Answer : Ibuprofen tablets can be taken with a doctor's advice .

Description : Is there any remedy for stuttering or stuttering ?

Last Answer : You should read the book regularly in the morning and at night. After 7 days you will be able to understand the results.

Description : What is the easiest way to make saline ?

Last Answer : Put a handful of molasses or sugar and three pinches of salt in a glass of water and stir well. Your saline is made.

Description : What is Influenza ?

Last Answer : Influenza virus is a virus of the family Orthomyxoviridae , which is responsible for influenza disease. At different times it has been identified as the cause of death of millions of people. ... immune system against influenza, it quickly enters the body , infecting other members of the species.

Description : Why do adults snore more than children ?

Last Answer : Almost everyone has an experience. Everyone in the house ate dinner and sat in front of the TV. After a while, Grandpa leaned back in his chair and started snoring. The younger members of the ... the neck shrink and with it the airway becomes narrower. That's why adults snore more than children.

Description : What foods cause constipation ?

Last Answer : 1) Bread Bread contains fructane which stays in the stomach for a long time , is not easily digested. In this way the bacteria ferment fructans and form gases. This gas causes problems like ... causes digestive problems. However, in this case, hot milk helps to reduce the problem of constipation.

Description : What is the way to get rid of back pain ?

Last Answer : With the development of technology, the scope of human work has increased but manual labor has decreased. Most of the work is seen on chair-table basis. People who do not have back pain due to constant ... chronic back pain. So exercise regularly , but it must be subject to the advice of a doctor.

Description : What is the way to get rid of foot pain ?

Last Answer : Leg pain is a very common problem that affects people of any age. Pain in the toes , ankles and feet also causes pain in the feet. Causes of foot pain are: old age , not wearing comfortable ... pain gradually. However, never massage ice for more than 10 minutes as it damages the skin and nerves.

Description : What is the way to quit smoking ?

Last Answer : Smoking has many harmful aspects including lung cancer , narrowing of blood vessels in the heart, increased risk of heart attack , obstruction of blood flow to the brain , loss of sexual ability. Many people ... not to please your friend or lover , but for your health. Take such a strong position.

Description : Sometimes there is pain in the right side of the lower abdomen , what is the way to get rid of this pain ?

Last Answer : It is not clear from this question what your problem or disease is. Be sure to point out all the problems or contact a doctor to get the problem resolved.

Description : What is the treatment of earwax disease ?

Last Answer : Take medicine with the advice of a homeopathic doctor. Kanpaka will go there.

Description : What is the treatment for PPR disease ?

Last Answer : Take saline based on sulfur drugs / antibiotics , antihistamine drugs and diarrhea as advised by the doctor .

Description : What is Shipping Favor ?

Last Answer : Colds , pneumonia and fevers are seen when animals are moved from one place to another, such as changing habitat . This is called shipping favor.

Description : What is the way to get rid of allergic cough ?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Is there any way to prevent the birth of a disabled child ?

Last Answer : There is prevention of child marriage.

Description : I have been diagnosed with prostatitis. Treated with ciprofloxacin and ibuprofen. But I noticed that my semen was getting very sticky and ejaculating fast. Is it a physical or mental problem ?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : What do I do if my skin is white ?

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Description : What is the way to reduce heavy buttocks ?

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Description : What can be done to reduce belly fat fast ?

Last Answer : Exercise daily. Then the fat will be reduced.

Description : What can be done immediately if there is blood in the nose ?

Last Answer : The problem of blood flow through the nose starts from a few seconds and lasts up to 10 minutes. Some of the causes of this problem are: dizziness , physical weakness , excessive stress , head injuries and often ... this way the problem of blood flow through the nose can be prevented.

Description : What are the home remedies for chronic headaches ?

Last Answer : Peel an apple. Then cut into slices and spread some salt on top. Get up in the morning and eat this apple and salt. This will eliminate the problem of chronic headaches.

Description : What can be done to get rid of blisters on the body ?

Last Answer : In medicine, a rash or blister is called a furuncle , it usually occurs in the hair follicles of the body. This problem mainly affects the face , armpits , back , neck , throat and buttocks. These rashes are ... it is cold, clean the affected area with this water several times a day.

Description : What can be done to get rid of the painful pain of mosquito bites ?

Last Answer : Mosquito is a very annoying small animal. But this tiny creature has the power to make the human body sick. How many things do we do to repel mosquitoes such as burning coils , using airsol , pulling ... of sleep and don't forget to take some rest even in the afternoon and rest in hot environment.

Description : What are the symptoms of low immunity ?

Last Answer : Do you get very sick all year round ? Or small diseases in your body ? Don't blame the weather or the polluted environment for all this. Although weather and polluted environment have many effects ... 100 grams or more of sugar per day, then you will understand that your immunity is decreasing.

Description : Can I be allergic to used cosmetics ?

Last Answer : Can also cause allergies to used cosmetics. There are basically three types of cosmetic inflammation. 1. Early excitement 2. Light sensing 3. Causes of Allergies to Allergic Cosmetics: Nail polish contains ... on the head, the roots of the hair become very itchy and swollen around the forehead.

Description : What kind of yoga can be done to control diabetes ?

Last Answer : Diabetes is a disease that can never be cured , it has to be brought under control. And it requires proper eating habits and physical exercise. It is possible to control diabetes in several yoga practices. ... // 3.

Description : What to do to get rid of itching very quickly ?

Last Answer : You can take antihistamine citrigine to stop itching. Such as: Elatrol , Citizin , Renil, Nolar , Regin , Tyramine etc. Or you can take the antihistamine loratadine. Such as: Loratin , Eladin , Tyrol , Eradex , Protein etc.

Description : What is a heat stroke ? What are the symptoms ? Is there any medical system ?

Last Answer : Heat Stroke: Heat stroke is a type of complication caused by an increase in body temperature. Normal body temperature is 98 Fahrenheit. If it crosses 104 Fahrenheit then heat stroke can occur. Heat stroke is a ... . - Body salt is excreted with sweat , so if you feel weak, eat food saline. Thanks