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Description : Why do gas prices have to go up as a result of Russia's war on Ukraine?

Last Answer : As you say it's a matter of scarcity. Shortage of supply, means folks will bid more to obtain whichever widget is in demand. No need to speculate on who's going to take it in the neck. ... 's war expenses. Does anyone here believe the Chinese (for instance) intend to honor any boycott or sanctions?

Description : What are some odd ways to balance your counties debt?

Last Answer : An odd way may be for government to spend less, like we have to do when we’ve not enough money.

Description : Other than the gold standard what non fiat currency is a good investment?

Last Answer : It sounds like you are asking what good barter items might be. It would have to be something that lasts a long time or something that can be created continuously, something physical, and something that ... system is kicking in, growing your own and trading it for things you need is a win-win.

Description : What is never enough?

Last Answer : My existence

Description : What is the future of crypto digital currency?

Last Answer : There is not a consolidated super power thinking on cryptos. And making a fiat crypto would differ from the privately manufactured cryptos. At the core of your question is a discussion on what is ... Roght now, cryptos are nothing more than Ponzi schemes that have almost failed but not quite yet.

Description : Do those who want to be billionaires without contributing to society unconsciously want people to be their slaves?

Last Answer : Of course,and don’t forget those slaves should just be happy to have a job.

Description : What does the recent Chinese rebuke of individual wealth mean for the world economy?

Last Answer : Not an investor or an economist, but I have worked as a legal researcher for attorneys supporting business clients with interests in China and elsewhere in Asia. For whatever it's worth, ... likely a calculated attack aimed at bringing private business under party domination. Only time will tell.

Description : If the US Treasury were to mint a $1T coin, how would that be different from printing the same amount of paper currency?

Last Answer : As I read the article, the law says it must be a platinum COIN, not something on paper. I guess that the assumption is that coin is solid and permanent, while pieces of paper are ephemral.

Description : How does the Federation's Starfleet members pay for stuff from non-federation members?

Last Answer : (Pay-)in-kind

Description : Would inflation happen if every country printed equal amounts of currency?

Last Answer : Inflation would happen no matter what.

Description : Does the violent legacy of 20th century socialism prove that socialism is a bad idea (read more)?

Last Answer : Can you point to what examples you are citing of violent socialist legacies?

Description : Relationship between deforestation and industrialization?

Last Answer : It seems like Kenneth Pomeranz's The Great Divergence might point to some good sources. Deforestation and coal seem to be recurring characters, but he doesn't seem to think that deforestation was a ... on my ctrl+f-based skim through the book.

Description : What valuable commodities do we have in abundance?

Last Answer : Which “we” are we talking about?

Description : Why do first world countries encourage democracy, and capitalism, in poorer countries then smash them down ? (Details Inside)

Last Answer : Well, the least to say: its a very complex matter i think. Its tough to make a generalized conclusion. You can find examples for the good and the bad. Developed nations have different interests and ... . The interest of developed nations are not free from selfish acts, but can be positive as well.

Description : Are some human rights abuses by governments because there is an oversupply of citizens?

Last Answer : I don’t think so. I think it’s just cultural differences and some leaders are sadists.

Description : Should I build now, or wait till next year?

Last Answer : I predict limber will continue to increase in price as the supply continues to dwindle. I am investing in that industry because of it. If your area is anything like ours, it will take forever to get the permits.

Description : Are destructive tornadoes good for local economies?

Last Answer : Not really. However much they put in contractors’ pockets there are others who are displaced and probably out of work. And they put a strain on resources.

Description : Would this carrot and stick approach work to get more people vaccinated against Covid?

Last Answer : There is a massive vaccine shortage – not a shortage of people who want it.

Description : Does China deserve to be the world's top superpower?

Last Answer : Deserve? I suppose if they can take that power and hold on to it then, yes, they deserve it.

Description : Will American manufacturing ever "come back"?

Last Answer : Adjusting our tax structure for corporations for one. Finding people who are willing to work for less than what most Americans are willing to work for.

Description : How would you make a system that ranks all of the careers and jobs to each other?

Last Answer : There are plenty of job rankings already. The question to be asked is, “ranking in terms of what?” Satisfaction? Compensation? Contribution? And “career” is much different from “job”. Career is over an extended time, job is what ever one is doing at present.

Description : Could you please comment for as long as possible of what are the meaning and the implications (in mathematical, statistical, probabilistical, economical, technical terms etc.) of the following three types of baseball contract?

Last Answer : It seems that he would be guaranteed a starting point of 15 million per inning pitched; But it comes down to how many innings he pitches per season, and how many runs are scored, both earned and unearned, while he pitches. If done in the US, some pitchers would do very well.

Description : Why are the new tariffs causing U.S. domestic steel producers' stock prices to fall?

Last Answer : ~ ~ ~ ~ Wait wait wait, you listening to the Orange haired tax master ??

Description : Do you think Trump is trying to reduce the trade deficit by imposing taxes on importers and people who buy imported goods in the form of tariffs?

Last Answer : On the supply side; grain and produce numbers are DROPPING for USA farmers. So, no it is will not reduce deficit because we have reduce what is being sold to China and others impacted by tariffs.

Description : Is a minimum wage job "minimum wage" because the high competition for the job, or because it is easy?

Last Answer : Neither. It is usually because of the low skills level necessary to be hired to do the job. That doesn’t make it easy, it means the required training is minimal.

Description : Why does the Nobel prize in economics not have a cash award?

Last Answer : The Nobel Prize in Economics has the same monetary reward as all of the other prizes.

Description : What are the causes for the differences between white and black wealth?

Last Answer : There are obviously many factors in play here, racism is one obvious factor, education is another major problem since public education is predominantly funded via local property taxes, this ... a hugely disproportionate affect on racial minorities in America. See the school-to-prison pipeline.

Description : What is the origin of profit?

Last Answer : So, what’s your question?

Description : Would it help an economy if money expired and did not “earn interest” after a time?

Last Answer : No. Everybody could go on the “Dole” and nobody would work . . . then what @RedDeerGuy1 ?

Description : Can someone please explain to me, in laymans terms, the difference between "real wages" and "money-wages"?

Last Answer : ** Disclaimer: I'm not an economist! The way I see it used is like this: If I get paid $20 per hour, this is the nominal wage. The real wage is the purchasing power of that $20. In ... real wages . While nominal wages have increased since the 70s, Real wages have not for much of the workforce.

Description : If you track the cash to the first worker, then are all costs eventually labour costs?

Last Answer : It depends upon the product. Raw materials can be a significant portion of the cost certain items. For something made of stainless steel, or precious metals the labor can be almost insignificant. Software costs are almost all labor.

Description : Do economists ever get it right?

Last Answer : Economics is a religion. What else is the mythical “Inivisible hand of the free market”, other than a God, ruling from above high?

Description : Which jobs have no future?

Last Answer : I was going to say corset maker and retail, or the crotchless bloomers women wore under tons of body modifying apparatus and fabric up to WWI, but with the growing popularity of Victoria's Secret, it' ... you would also probably have a hard time finding genuine whalebone to do it with. So Whaler.

Description : What are the motivations for low-income people to have so many children?

Last Answer : You seem to be under the misapprehension that many people have children deliberately.

Description : Is the system designed to keep the rich, rich?

Last Answer : And this is everything from house insurance, to mortgages , to loans.

Description : How much is protectionism worth to you?

Last Answer : What option or choice does the average American have in this case? What I think you are saying because of immigration going down cheap labour is going to come to a halt and when labour goes up so does ... idiot (Trump) out of office. Or am I as canidmajor always points out I am missing the point?

Description : How will the US economy be affected if Venezuelan oil is completely cut off due to Civil War?

Last Answer : Hardly at all. Venzuela’s oil production has been reduced to be barely noticeable outside the Caribbean. And right now there is a glut of oil; every time it sneaks above $55 per bbl there is a huge increase on the world market.

Description : What are the roots of Venezuela's economic issues?

Last Answer : At least two major causes, one of which you mentioned above. 1) maduro's predecessor, Hugo Chavez, made the government and society into a socialist state. As any student of history knows, ... turned the country into a dictatorship, taking over the parliament and trying to take over the courts.

Description : Are you in favor of a minimum wage increase?

Last Answer : The reality is that increasing the minimum wage has mixed results, but is not the widespread destruction in employment that people like Pugh fear. In many ways, increasing the minimum wage increases the ... as they get it; in economic terms, it increases the velocity of money through the economy.

Description : Which kind of lightbulb is more energy efficient / cost efficient to operate for the same amount of light: those twisty spiral florecent bulbs or LEDs?

Last Answer : LEDs are more energy efficient and last longer

Description : What can I do about so often getting "screwed" (taken advantage of) for being poor?

Last Answer : Check your PMs.

Description : Would you use a Dollar Coin instead of a Dollar bill?

Last Answer : No. I prefer paper bills. I hate jingly things in my pockets and despise coin purses. I prefer stealth mode when moving out and about.

Description : How can I improve my skills in Economics?

Last Answer : answer:I'm not sure what you are asking. There are any number of books - both highly scholarly and more popular - that discuss economics. One of the best basic books is Naked Economics ... business magazines. I would say that 75% of any understanding of economics is simply applying common sense.

Description : How do you portion out a large bottle of perfume or cologne?

Last Answer : Glass container only. You can find atomisers online. You can use a a pipette to draw up and dispense it into the new container. I deal with essential oils and fragrance oils. Leaving them in plastic bottles is bad. :/

Description : Is the "redistribution of wealth," really just a "redistribution of abused power?"(details )

Last Answer : Yes, I agree on all points. There’s much more to be said about it, as it is not that simple and many of our pervasive ideas about money and economy and industry and fairness and so on need to change, but yes.

Description : Is there a way to profit from the alt-right movement? Should I try to corner the market on brown shirts? Or maybe white cloth for KKK robes?

Last Answer : Buy stock in Zyklon-B

Description : So, if you had to have G. W. Bush or Trump run your lemonade stand,which one?

Last Answer : I can’t stand either of them, but Trump would probably be funnier and draw a bigger crowd.

Description : How does PokemonGo generate money for the company?

Last Answer : answer:Microtransactions. I have no idea why people are willing to pay for PokemonGo virtual consumables. Beanie Babies were pretty popular once too, and Treasure Trolls before them. I suspect it’s firing the same neurons for people who are into that kind of thing.

Description : Have you read any authoritative reports about the situation in Venezuela?

Last Answer : answer:Go to the Economist web site - they're pretty serious and authoritative. British magazine mostly reporting on business and economics. Written with a British flourish. Several articles ... ://

Description : Did the US enjoy a much sounder economic foundation in the late 1960's/early 1970's than we presently have? Why or why not?

Last Answer : answer:The economic foundation circa 1970 was pretty shaky. In 1971, Nixon severed the relationship between the dollar and gold, which had severely restricted the ability of the economy ... variety of financial instruments which reduce risk and make economists better able to anticipate disruptions.