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Description : Why is the minimum wage going up?

Last Answer : Inflation

Description : Is Trump crippling our economy to strengthen Russia's?

Last Answer : Seems that way, Trump is Putin’s puppet more than anyone knows. And I truly hope that comes to light when Mueller makes his report public.

Description : What are your economic cues?

Last Answer : My sister bought a house and SUV in 1999. My sister bought a house and SUV in 2006. My sister bought a house and SUV 11 months ago. I AM NOT JOKING It is like when it gets good enough for my sister to spend money it all goes to shit.

Description : Is the cause of the 2008 financial crisis, something about it not being illegal?

Last Answer : There were a lot of illegal acts that contributed to the crisis- securities fraud and violations of banking regulations. But there was a general disregard for prosecuting anyone. The Department of Justice did not file criminal charges against anyone.

Description : Will India become a rich country as it was earlier?

Last Answer : I think it will tend to get “richer” in several ways… until/unless something terrible happens there, such as intolerably increased peak temperatures due to climate change.

Description : What should people have a right to?

Last Answer : I would hope pretty much all of that, both for person A or B, with the most marginal ones to me being: pre-school child care (depending on what you mean) And I would add as well: 15. food (even ... 'd like to do, not that they get shamed and abandoned and made to do something that doesn't suit them.

Description : How do you think businesses are faring in their first quarter under Trump?.

Last Answer : answer:If your business is federally regulated (telecoms, oil, transportation) or involved in the defense or prison industries, you did fine. With everyone else it’s really too early to tell.

Description : What will happen when the world runs out of oil-based fuels?

Last Answer : Resource wars, culminating in global thermonuclear war and the end of human civilisation.

Description : Should companies be able to hire foreign workers, if they can't find locals to fill the position?

Last Answer : Here in B.C the restaurant , and mining industry were guilty of this,should industry be able to do this? I have always been to told by die hard conservatives that wages will go up when there is a ... found a way to circumvent it, should industry be allowed or should they be called to task on it?

Description : What percent of the 1% are Democrat or Republican?

Last Answer : New York Times says 58% of the 1% are Conservative or Republican

Description : Prompted by a previous question, do you know of a number of adult children who are helping their elderly parents financially if their pension is not adequate?

Last Answer : I work with a lot of elderly patients. Many of them have children that help out with finances and personal care. For most of them, the help is minimal, but for some, it is pretty substantial.

Description : What benefits has America experienced in the wake of the recession?

Last Answer : answer:A long term benefit is the restructuring of the housing finance market. It still has a long way to go, and a lot of people were hurt from 2007 to 2010; but it has gotten at least ... falsified mortgages and low cost enticing loans. In th along run, that will make the economy a bit healthier.

Description : Does "country of origin" influence your purchasing decisions?

Last Answer : answer:It doesn't influence me much. I don't see why it's not beneficial to the USA to at least attempt to have a robust manufacturing sector though. The problem is there are ... years ago? Emergent technology matures, and eventually imitators crop up and undercut the originator of the technology.

Description : Hypothetical question, In your opinion what would happen in North America if all transport trucks stopped rolling for 7 days?

Last Answer : Riots… Massive food shortages. Total disaster. The National Guard would be called in and would be ineffective. The NRA would bilk more members.

Description : Speculative history: If the USSR hadn't been a socialist/communist state from 1917, would they now be ahead of (or behind) the US as a world power?

Last Answer : Both west and east stole technology from Central Europe, WHICH IS AND ALWAYS WAS THE BEST EUROPE!

Description : Is this movie on YouTube accurate and precise?

Last Answer : answer:Simplistic and misleading. Get stranded on a desert is island. A ton of paper money would carry FAR more survival value than a ton of gold. I do worry about our Fed being a quasi-private ... W. Bush, and it would be good to have such an accessible film that really concentrates on reality;

Description : Are Detroit's problems the result of austerity programs in the state of Michigan?

Last Answer : Detroit’s problems are a large confluence of things. Not least of which is the decline in population (and thus tax base) from 2 million to 700,000.

Description : Any middle aged jellies starting over from scratch? I could use some cheerful optimisim as I am feeling very grim in the moment.

Last Answer : Bought the farm means dead, maybe that should be worded differently? LOL. Leave it to you to have humor accidently during a serious and difficult time. I hope things turn around for you, I wish I had some wisdom to share.

Description : The perversity of the American economy - should I be happy or sad?

Last Answer : answer:Depends. What’s your industry? If it’s construction, be sad. If it’s hospitality, be happy.

Description : What would happen, to the world economy, if all stored physical gold, and most other precious metals, were suddenly reported to have vanished with no trace, while some still exist on paper?

Last Answer : They would find another resource that that approximated the beauty, nobility, and malleability of gold. It would not be the same. But if you can not have plan A, you have to take plan B.

Description : Are the following statements economic axioms or myths (see details)

Last Answer : answer:These are good points, but somewhat of an oversimplification. Economic production is an indicator of well-being and progress. It would be a better measure if the negative effects, like ... to the last point, worker owned corporations provide an interesting alternative to the current system .

Description : Would you starve before stealing?

Last Answer : Only those who have been starving can answer this question but I think keeping yourself alive is a moral obligation as well as an instinct and so stealing can become a virtue. A government that removes food stamps and lets people starve loses its legitimacy and will result in anarchy.

Description : Fed Chair says economy is struggling. What happens if, as it so often does, the next election turns out to be all about the economy?

Last Answer : Obama wins. Most people have internalized that Republican’s don’t understand the economy and destroyed it. If it weren’t for social issues (many people really don’t like abortion, etc…) Obama would be up 20 more points.

Description : Should people care for the poor or leave them to fend?

Last Answer : I believe that the poor should be given every opportunity to succeed. There already are programs that teach skills and professional behavior to those who might be able to use them, these should be expanded ... be completely free for those who have no way to pay for it but are gifted academically.

Description : What will the world be like when the statistics show that China is the new super power of the world?

Last Answer : Well, I already love rice…

Description : Where or what is Babylon as described in Book of Revelation?

Last Answer : answer:Sincerely, my understanding is that the author of the Book of Revelation was describing Rome, using Babylon as a code word. If I were to assume the prophet really had supernatural powers, ... , exactly as happened in Rome, the Congress was dissolved in favor of a stronger chief executive.

Description : 1 in 2 Americans is poor. Are you?

Last Answer : We are struggling financially.

Description : When do conservatives realize what a problem income disparity is becoming in this country?

Last Answer : How about never or until the workers all riot?

Description : How were you and the area you live in affected by the economy?

Last Answer : answer:I live in a tourist town famous for whitewater rafting and camping and several big music festivals. This was a slow season for sure. Our little river store was slow, sales down, and ... curious what our Christmas festival will be like. The economic issues have spared no community it seems.

Description : Given what the threat of a Greek default is doing, what would the Tea Party have done to world financial stability if they had managed to force a US default on debt?

Last Answer : I'm not so sure as to the specifics of what might happen. I'm not an economist so my best guess is it would be a major disaster? I'm also not sure whether the Tea Party freshmen really understand the ... I'm not sure they even care about what happens to the world. Do they even think about it at all?

Description : Is it true what I heard about our China debt?

Last Answer : I would have to Google it to be sure – as you can – but it makes sense. We don’t really give a lot of foreign aid and we do have a lot of Chinese debt.

Description : Does this graph of median income and per capita GDP pretty much say it all?

Last Answer : answer:You might find the Gini coefficient interesting. We keep some bad company in the income inequality department. But don’t worry. If you work hard enough you will be rich someday. ~

Description : What sort of things would you have in your house if you were a kazillionaire?

Last Answer : The indoor pool that led to the outdoor pool (and bar) that led to the island I live on.

Description : Why don't we create jobs through infrastructure improvement projects (like during the Great Depression)

Last Answer : That is a part of the President’s plan.

Description : If humans find a way to stop or divert storms and hurricanes, would it have negative effects on Mother Nature?

Last Answer : Yes, weather has the effect of acting as an equalizer. The earth is constantly in a state of equilibrium, and stopping weather patterns would have disastrous effects.

Description : How do you best ensure payment for website design projects?

Last Answer : answer:Require that they either meet some tests for reliability, or that they pay in advance. Look at each client that didn't pay you, and see what the danger signs might have been that you could ... binds you to actually complete the work as specified, or else you forfeit part of the payment back.

Description : Is Bank of America about to fail?

Last Answer : answer:I think it will be fine. Here is a good quote, when I think of the market.,a1192.html

Description : Did you see the 60 Minutes show yesterday bout the Mortgage forgeries?

Last Answer : Prison and asset forfeiture sound good to me. We should see what could be done about returning homes to those who want them back (with fair mortgages attached this time), though homes that have been resold ... things that I would like to see happen, but I imagine not all of them are strictly legal.

Description : Investors, how low do you think the markets would go before recovering?

Last Answer : I honestly expect things to hold their own. Copper prices have been steadily climbing for quite a while now which tells me demand for copper is growing and that is the canary in the coal mine for ... to grow a pair and start taking some initiatives to make this change he has promised for so long.

Description : Do conservatives realize Texas is running a huge deficit when they point out half the recovery jobs are there?

Last Answer : I forgot to say…. Everything is bigger in Texas :)

Description : Is there anything you recently gave up to cut your expenses?

Last Answer : answer:I gave up spending so much money on guns. Other than that, I stopped buying such expensive food and cut my energy usage.

Description : How confident are you in the capabilities of the US government to revert the recession?

Last Answer : it will not happen under the current administration

Description : Is the recession affecting you?

Last Answer : answer:Luckily it has not. I don't drive, so I'm not personally concerned about rising gas prices. I have noticed the cost of food has gone up overall, but not enough to be terribly upset about. No ... my family has lose their job or house either. In fact, my mother bought a house about a year ago.

Description : Is bartering / trading goods more socially satisfying than dealing with money?

Last Answer : No, when I interact with people on a one to one basis, it makes no difference what exchange medium we use, money, good, or whatever.

Description : How long do you think it will take the U.S. economy to get out of it's slump?

Last Answer : Different segments will take different times. For the housing industry, never.

Description : What do you think of moving prices of everything, back to 1972?

Last Answer : answer:It would be an utter disaster and would destroy the economy. Deflation is massively disastrous. We need a bit of inflation all the time or the economy stops as people wait for the value of their ... revaluing the money. But it sure wouldn't help the economy and it could make it far worse.

Description : Could marijuana help the economy?

Last Answer : It would probably help us to forget all about the economy.

Description : What are the consequences of the declining birth rate in the U.S.?

Last Answer : I saw a very scary documentary about Muslims taking over Europe and the US, through the declining birth rate. It was on You Tube and if you search Muslims are taking over the world, it shows stats on the birth rate in the US and Europe and it bothered me.

Description : How's eating out faring in your community?

Last Answer : answer:Since our children are grown and gone, my wife and I eat out just about every night. It's just as cheap(at most places)to eat out than to go to the store and prepare the meals at home. Is the ... and their house is paid for, so they go out to eat. Wife and I look forward to this each day.

Description : What is the importance of human capital for a country's Gross Domestic Product?

Last Answer : I would just assume it’s because manpower is sorta valuable.