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Description : What is the conductivity of molar ?

Last Answer : The density of a solution as cm. When one mole of electrolytic substance is dissolved in it, the conductivity obtained by multiplying it by the relative conductivity of the solution is called molecular conductivity of the solution .

Description : How do I purchase a product ?

Last Answer : From Alibaba you can purchase products by paying MASTER CARD or through bank.

Description : What is an analog signal ?

Last Answer : Signals whose values ​​change continuously are called analog signals. For example- voltage of electricity supplied to the house.

Description : What is Zener Diod ?

Last Answer : Zener diode is a special type of diode which, like ordinary diode, not only conducts current in the forward direction , but also in the opposite direction if the voltage exceeds the level of breakdown ... diode is to use the shunt regulator and the voltage reference as the voltage of the circuit.

Description : What is the multiplying factor of shunt ?

Last Answer : Answer : The ratio of load or matte current to ammeter current is called shunt multiplying power.

Description : What is ammeter shunt ?

Last Answer : A small amount of radial coupling in parallel with the coil to increase the range of ammeter is called ammeter shunt.

Description : What is short circuit current ?

Last Answer : Answer : A fault in an electrical system whose current, before or after the current flows through the load, is combined with one or more phases of neutral current which causes more current to flow than normal. The current is called short circuit current.

Description : What is a current limiting reactor ? How many types and what are they ?

Last Answer : Answer : A current limiting reactor is basically an inductive coil which limits the short circuit current by providing inductive reactance when required. Types: 1. Based on the structure- a) Dry type ... reactor. Basbar reactors are again of 2 types- a) Ring system reactor b) Tiber system reactor

Description : What is the method of diagnosing short circuit current ?

Last Answer : There are three methods for determining short circuit current , namely- 1) Ohmic method 2) Per unit method 3.) Percentage reactance method.

Description : What are symmetrical and asymmetrical faults ?

Last Answer : Symmetrical Fault: The same amount in each phase due to the float in the electrical system. The fault that causes hot current to flow is called semantic fault. Circuit breaker ratings are determined by ... through each fan is called an asymmetrical fault. The relay is set via asymmetrical font.

Description : What is Basbar and Bas Kaplar ?

Last Answer : Basbar : Basbar is basically a sheet or color of copper or aluminum. It is the job of the bus driver to deliver power to one or more lads with power from one or more cables. Bus ... is basically a combination of circuit breaker and isolator. There are fire proof walls around the bus coupler.

Description : Why is the busbar sectionalized ?

Last Answer : Answer : If an error occurs in any part of the busbar, the operation of the entire busbar system will not stop. The maximum success of this system is due to the interconnection of different sections of the circuit and the smooth distribution in the outgoing circuit.

Description : title : _

Last Answer : Basbar is a type of copper and aluminum conductive sheet or mata rod , which collects electrical energy from one or more circuits and distributes that energy through one or more circuits.

Description : Write different font names or different short circuit font names ?

Last Answer : There are two main types of short circuit faults. Namely- 1. Semantic faults and 2. Asymmetrical font Symmetrical fault - a) Short circuit three phases together b) Short circuit asymmetrical fault with three ... result c) Double line to ground font d) Two phase one Circuit and third phase earth.

Description : What is Electrical Fault ? What is the cause of the fault ?

Last Answer : Answer : Fault: When two or more conductors come in contact with each other while operating at normal voltage difference, the result is said to be organized. Causes of Fault: Faults are organized due to ... loss of line c) Lightning charge d) Voltage drop e) Loss of unbalance and stability etc.

Description : What features should a switchgear have ?

Last Answer : Switchgear should have the following characteristics- a) Sensitivity b) Detection ability c) Reliability d) High speed e) Durability. F) Expansion advantage g) Simplicity.

Description : What are the components of switch gear ?

Last Answer : The components of switch gear are: circuit breaker , relay , instrument transformer , housing , conductor etc.

Description : What do you mean by switchgear ?

Last Answer : Answer : Switch gear does not mean a single corner object. It refers to the position of the electromagnetic system, including the connective , isolating , and maintenance equipment of normal activity .

Description : What is an Earth Electrode ?

Last Answer : Puta metal part in the soil which connects to the soil is called earth electrode. Thank you all for today's electrical questions and answers.

Description : What is Earthing Lead ?

Last Answer : The wire that connects the earth continuity wire and the earth electrode is called the earthing lead.

Description : What earthing is done in hilly areas ?

Last Answer : Sheet earthing is done in hilly areas. Shit electrodes are placed by digging trenches on the slopes of the hill.

Description : What should be the size of rod earthing ?

Last Answer : In case of iron or steel rod the diameter is 16 mm but in case of copper rod it is 12.5 mm. In both cases the length is at least 2.5 m. Is to be.

Description : What does earth continuity mean ?

Last Answer : The conduction wire that connects the earthing lead to the metal cover of electrical furniture, appliances, or wiring is called the earth continuity wire.

Description : Which earthing is less expensive ?

Last Answer : Rod earthing is the least expensive. Because the soil does not have to be eroded, the cost is less than other earthing.

Description : What should be the size of the pipe electrode ?

Last Answer : The size of the pipe electrode should be 36 mm diameter 2 to 2.75 m long galvanized iron or steel pipe.

Description : How many types of earthing and what are they ?

Last Answer : There are two types of earthing , namely _ a) system earthing b) equipment earthing.

Description : What are the essential elements for earthing ?

Last Answer : They are _ a) earthen continuity b) earthing lead c) earthy electrode

Description : What is the best earthing method ?

Last Answer : Pipe earthing method is best. This is because it is less expensive and when the soil dries out in the dry season , regular earthing can be done by pouring water through the pipes.

Description : What is Neutral Plan ?

Last Answer : A plane at infinite distance , where the value of electric field intensity and potential V is zero , is called Neautral Plan .

Description : On what subject does inductance in transmission line depend ?

Last Answer : a) On the line b) Conductor spacing c) Conductor radius

Description : What does GMD & GMR mean ?

Last Answer : GMD = Geometrical Mean Distance GMR = Geometrical Mean Radiue.

Description : What is the best economic pf ?

Last Answer : Improving the power factor means maximum annual savings , which is called the best economic power factor.

Description : What is Tariff ?

Last Answer : Answer : The amount that the power company charges per unit ( kWH) of electricity is called electricity tariff or tax.

Description : What is Diversity Factor ?

Last Answer : Diversity factor is the sum of the individual maximum demand and the ratio of the maximum demand of the plant.

Description : What is capacity factor ?

Last Answer : The ratio between the total power produced at a given time and if the plant is running at full capacity at that time, is called capacity factor.

Description : What is Demand Factor ?

Last Answer : Demand factor is the ratio of the maximum demand of electricity to the connected load.

Description : What is load factor ?

Last Answer : The ratio of average load to maximum load of a power plant or customer is called load factor.

Description : What is peak load ?

Last Answer : The maximum load of a plant or customer is called peak load.

Description : What is guard wear ? Does it work ?

Last Answer : When the power line crosses the telephone or telegraph line, guard wire is used on the top and bottom of those power lines to prevent any accident by falling on the telephone or telegraph line. These wires are connected to the earth for security.

Description : What does Guy or Stay do ?

Last Answer : The guy or stay cable is clamped to the head of the pole and the other end is guy insulator and the pole is pulled to the ground with the help of stay set so that the pole cannot be tilted.

Description : What is the requirement of cross arm in overhead line ?

Last Answer : Cross arm steel is made of angle section or wood. Nut-bolts , clamps, etc. are firmly attached to the head of the pole. Cross arm s insulators and conductors carry the wire.

Description : How many types of line support and what are they ?

Last Answer : Four types of line support. Namely- (a) wooden pole , ( b) steel pole , ( c) concrete pole , ( d) lattice steel pole

Description : What is a jumper ?

Last Answer : It is a type of conductive or small cable and through which one conductor is connected to another conductor.

Description : What are the ways to reduce system loss ?

Last Answer : ( a) Monitor meter readings and coordinate with bills , ( b) Collection of outstanding bills , ( c) Detection of illegal electricity connections , ( d) Improvement of billing system , ( e) Elevation of transmission voltage

Description : What is the best economic power factor ?

Last Answer : This means that raising the power factor results in maximum annual savings , in which case the value of the power factor is called the best saving power factor.

Description : What is Synchronous Condenser ?

Last Answer : When an over-excited synchronous motor is connected to a line to enhance the power factor without load , it is called a synchronous condenser.

Description : What happens if the value of power factor is low ?

Last Answer : ( a) Current flows more , ( b) Copper loss increases , ( c) Heat increases , ( d) Output decreases , ( e) Voltage drop increases , ( f) Different electrical machinery heats up quickly. , ( G) The life span of various electrical machinery and appliances is reduced.

Description : What is System Loss ?

Last Answer : Answer : System loss is the loss of power due to transmission of energy from the point of production to the point of use , waste of machinery including the own use of the production center , technical and non-technical losses etc.

Description : What is Unemployment System Loss ?

Last Answer : ( a) Consumption loss , ( b) Billing loss , ( c) Collection loss

Description : What are technical system losses ?

Last Answer : Waste due to transportation, waste due to equipment, waste due to own use of power plant.