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Description : Is there anything I can do about this sudden barrage of junk mail?

Last Answer : You can start a new email account.

Description : Who provides a good, user-friendly email service?

Last Answer : I don’t know if there’s more to the question than I’m seeing but I never have had a problem with staying logged into gmail.

Description : Are you suddenly getting many spam emails with only a name and no subject?

Last Answer : I have been getting a lot of text spam lately. It’s usually in a group text with me and 15 or 20 others. What’s really annoying is about half of those people text back angry texts telling the sender to stop. So I then get 15 more texts! I haven’t noticed an uptick in spam email though.

Description : If I wanted to spam people the way I get spammed, how would I do it?

Last Answer : There are publicly available username/password lists from hacked websites. Since many of them require email addresses, you could write some code to extract them into a separate file. You could also write code ... the mails, you would have an email server running, and you'd spoof the from address.

Description : Where is the place for secret question and answer in Gmail, if there is one?

Last Answer : Are you perhaps asking where you can find out what your security question for Gmail is? If so, you go to, scroll down to “Ways we can verify it’s you,” and “security question” should be one of the options.

Description : When typing a letter how rare is it to use a symbol?

Last Answer : I always mistype when I have to use an ö.

Description : Can recipients of a bcc email see each other's replies to the email?

Last Answer : Not unless someone copies the reply to them, no. BCC means someone gets a copy of the email sent, but they are left off of all copies except the sender's record of the sent mail. So if someone ... the people they see on the email copy they got, which would not include addresses that were only BCC'd.

Description : Have you ever come across the following message in your Compose Gmail?

Last Answer : Google sends warnings like that with links to Google Security pages.

Description : Ivanka Trump is found to have used her personal email address for government work. Will she be subject to the Hilary Clinton treatment?

Last Answer : Initially it was reported that it was both Ivanka & Jared. That was just after the election. Since I couldn’t find a reputable source to confirm it, I just let it go. I knew what trump would say even IF it was true!!!

Description : Do you see "Of course you are", "I'm sorry", "No, I'm not" as options in Gmail?

Last Answer : That’s a Gmail feature where it uses AI to suggest replies based on the content of the received email. So those options were unique to the email you got. I think once you click one it sends it as a reply, so there’s no undoing that.

Description : Scammer wizards, can you help me figure this out?

Last Answer : A scammer has sifter through your cousin’s emaIl and connections and grabbed your name. Then sent it to your cousin as if they know you, with a dangerous malicious link imbedded. Don’t ever click on the link.

Description : Question about “Squeeze Page” and MailChimp?

Last Answer : MailCHimp is pretty dumb in the sense that all it does is send out emails. So you're going to need to have some place for people to land (even if you don't call it a landing page) in order ... page (because the Adword has to send you someplace) - and then if that's effective, figure out emailing.

Description : How to copy an entire link in email in ios?

Last Answer : Hi, Firefox Quantum browser here: Click on icon of envelope in upper left menu bar. Here’s what it looks like in the email it brings up: Hope this helps.

Description : Why do I keep getting messages and notifications from Facebook?

Last Answer : Do the messages say “log in here” with a Facebook logo? If so, maybe someone created an account in your name.

Description : What should I say in the email I want to send just to touch base?

Last Answer : answer:Are you on a casual basis with them? If so, Hi John and Rebecca, I just wanted to reach out to you both and say hi and let you know I'm still interested in the marketing position. I ... Please keep me in mind when and if anything opens up. I really enjoyed working with you and the team!

Description : What's a good alternative to gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo?

Last Answer : answer:I actually use a separate Gmail account for my throwaway needs. I know that the Gmail software will ask you whether or not you want to link it with your other accounts, but I simply always answer no. ... . Edit to add: I used for a while for throwaway stuff. I did not like it.

Description : How does a college pick who they are going to send emails to?

Last Answer : answer:There is a lot of overlap in what you listed as interests and the types of schools sending you emails. And, some schools send emails to anyone they can. Best of luck finding a school that is a good fit for you.

Description : What is the assumption that people are making regarding questions from Donna Brazile?

Last Answer : answer:This is another made-up scandal by people who want to smear the democrats. Yes, the implication from the accusations is that Brazile leaked some specific questions so that Clinton would have the ... bad. Appearances count. But the fact of the matter is that this was another invented issue.

Description : How can I schedule an email to be sent on a future date?

Last Answer : There are a bunch of Gmail plugins that do this. I have only had to do this once before and used a python script and the task scheduler in windows. I’m sure there are better ways now with one of these plugins.

Description : If the hackers of Yahoo have the the password how do people sign in?

Last Answer : If you remember the password ( I hope) and if hasn’t been updated by hackers ( hopefully) then you don’t need security question information to change your password. You’ll require it only when you have forgotten your password.

Description : In trying to sign in AOL mail, does it sometimes ask for "Pseudonyme" and and sometimes instead of the usual "Screen name or name"?

Last Answer : I haven’t had an AOL account in years but a pseudonym page would be set-up as another page not in your name but attached to your account.

Description : Can I email pictures to Walmart to get them developed?

Last Answer : It depends upon the Walmart in your area. Some stores offer/ed this service. Some are converting to a new system. It’s worth checking with the local stores in order to find out what they currently offer and how how they can meet your needs.

Description : What's a good email provider to use?

Last Answer : How about Gmail? Free and easy to set up… and you can have as many different addresses as you wish. I have several Gmail accounts and use one of them solely for a purpose like the one you describe.

Description : What email do you use?

Last Answer : I really don’t care if it is popular or not as long as it works. I didn’t realize if you used a certain email carrier you could be one of the popular kids or not. I use AOL because that’s what I started out with and it works.

Description : What should my greetings be when I'm sending an e-mail to a staff whose gender I don't know?

Last Answer : Dear friends and associates, Dear Sir/Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, and in a very formal way, though not often used – mesdames et messieurs.

Description : Can a politician who claims to "have never sent an email" be considered a serious politician in the internet-connected world we live in?

Last Answer : It means that the senators are smart, not out of touch. All their communications is either by letter or by phone. It’s too easy in email to write something you regret.

Description : Can I connect my gmail to outlook?

Last Answer : answer:You would like to use Outlook on a PC to send & receive Gmail, correct? Step 1 Enable imap in your Gmail account Gmail Help - Get started with IMAP and POP3 Step 2 Set Up Gmail in ... that says My outgoing server requires authentication . Hit OK, and hit Next to complete your account setup.

Description : How can I recover my father inlaws password for his hot mail account?

Last Answer : I’m going to assume you tried the forgot password icon? It should trigger a text or a message to another email to reset or recover the password.

Description : How to access an old MSN email account?

Last Answer : answer: Have you tried logging in here?

Description : Why are we not getting any e-mails?

Last Answer : Have you tried the Google Mail help site

Description : Importing Gmail contacts from one account to another?

Last Answer : answer:1. Go to your old gmail account, click the dropdown arrow in the upper left Gmail to get to contacts. 2. Click the More [downarrow] button. 3. Select Export 4. Choose which contacts you ... . Select Import 9. Click Choose File and browse to that exported csv file. 10. Click Import

Description : Why isn't my email showing in my inbox?

Last Answer : Look at the rules set up in Outlook. Is it deleting after forwarding? Can you find it in your deleted items folder?

Description : Why does yahoo e-mail want to know my location when I sign in?

Last Answer : So they can direct more meaningful local advertisements to you. They can sell a higher rate to the local muffler shop if the shop knows that they’ll be in front of 80% of the local viewers and they aren’t being shown to someone in another state.

Description : Do you draw a distinction between JUNK and SPAM in your email?

Last Answer : answer:Junk and Spam are the same to me. when I check my email I delete everything without even bothering to read it. I only read email from people I really know and that I correspond with on a regular basis. ... don't even bother opening to read. If I don't know ya, I really don't care. my motto

Description : Do the sites that ask you to sign up using your Gmail (let's say) have access to your email?

Last Answer : With NSA nothing is private, so who cares? If you don’t believe it’s all tracked and linked you are mistaken. Just give up thinking you have electronic privacy and roll with it.

Description : Is this a scam?

Last Answer : I believe they are phishing for your bank account info. You seem to be a magnet for scams: I just read a question of yours about a West African pen pal from 2009.

Description : What are the steps to take if my personal email has been hacked?

Last Answer : answer:The first thing that you need to do is log into your email account and change the password. You should always take that as the first action in case you've got a very malicious ... composed of a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numerals and special characters , as allowed by the system.

Description : Is there a way to unstack my Gmail?

Last Answer : Settings > General > Conversation View > Turn conversation view off.

Description : Very strange Emails?

Last Answer : answer:That’s email spoofing. Happens all the time. You’re absolutely right not to click on the link. I get emails “from” my 90 year old mother-in-law with subjects like “Cool new site!”. I don’t think so.

Description : How can I stop Google Apps from screwing up my personal mail?

Last Answer : Sounds like you really need to talk to a techie from Google.

Description : How to do this in an older version of Outlook?

Last Answer : answer:You need to check and see if Autocomplete is turned off. From the main outlook page select Tools from the menu bar. Click options Select email options Select advanced email options Near the bottom of the ... , CC and Bcc. Make sure this box is checked. Let me know if that was the problem.

Description : How to avoid having to use the horizontal scroller to read the email?

Last Answer : Just shrink the font size on your screen by holding the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and then scrolling the wheel up to zoom in (enlarge) and down to zoom out (shrink). This way you would be able to read the mail without using horizontal scroller. Hope this helps!

Description : Could you recommend an up and coming e-mail client?

Last Answer :

Description : Why are my e-mails downloading as already read?

Last Answer : answer:Have you checked your gmail settings under: Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > POP Download > 2. When messages are accessed with POP One of the options here is to “Mark gmail’s copy as read”. Do you have that option selected?

Description : Where can I find an email address of author Sabine Kuegler?

Last Answer : answer:As a rule, you will have success by going through her publisher - Grand Central Publishing, which is a division of Hachette. In the past, when I have written to authors, I was much more successful ... by the publisher. It looks like Keugler has a Facebook page, so that might be worth a try.

Description : What are you seeing in Gmail's "Stay signed in" box?

Last Answer : How do you get to the “Stay signed in” box to see what’s in it. I do stay signed in. But there doesn’t appear to be anything in Settings controlling that.

Description : What is the best email provider?

Last Answer : Gmail for free is great, if you are willing to pay a small monthly fee and have high speed access Earthlink Premium Mail or they have a monthly dial-up for a slightly higher rate.

Description : Can you answer a question about having multiple Gmail accounts?

Last Answer : I have, like, 20 gmail accounts. They don’t get confused.

Description : Why won't images appear in my e-mail?

Last Answer : answer:What domain is your email on? (What does it say after the @ ) GMail and a few other require you to click “Display images/pictures” in order to see them. On the upper left hand corner of the webpage.

Description : How do you sign off your emails?

Last Answer : I use a dash and my first name unless there’s some reason I think I need more formality, in which case I use “sincerely” and my full name.