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Description : If a house has solar panels and all energy is free, then is it ok to leave the lights on?

Last Answer : I think it would be wise to not waste any energy whether it's free or paid. Every electronic item has a limited working lifespan, if you were to run it all the time, it's gonna break very soon. Aside ... then the short answer is Yes . You can waste as much as you want since you own this energy.

Description : Why don't they construct giant magnifying lenses to create heat and power?

Last Answer : We already do This is probably what you pictured in your head, but it is exactly the same thing on a very large scale. excerpt Creating and storing power was the easy part. Far trickier was finding a way to deal with the stresses created by “radiation fluxes”

Description : Is the energy crisis real?

Last Answer : Who is calling it a crisis? We have plenty of energy here in the US. OPEC has been aggrresive at limiting supply and raising prices.

Description : Why is there such a difference between highway and around town miles per gallon?

Last Answer : Yes to starting and stopping. Gas is used to get up to speed; braking slows it down and repeat. Also on the highway you are in the top gear with fewer RPM’s less gas is used.

Description : When to use dry batteries, when to use wet batteries, and where do you find them?

Last Answer : In many cases, dry cell batteries are not rechargeable, where wet cell batteries are. Dry cell batteries were once used in old telephone systems and wet cell batteries are used in automobiles. ... means of absorbent material -from The New Century Dictionary, 1944 ed. Like a flashlight battery.

Description : What branch of science does research into tachyon energy computing ?

Last Answer : Right after we reach “the speed of light”. We are close, to speed of light, with the Large Hadron Collider.

Description : Is it possible to convert infrared energy into electricity?

Last Answer : Silicon solar cells can convert the shorter wavelengths of IR to electricity: You can also concentrate solar IR and use the ... .com/

Description : Which takes less energy?

Last Answer : Send this Q to LuckyGuy!

Description : Why is it important to not mix brands of batteries in a device (whatever kind of device)

Last Answer : It is the type of battery not the brand. Types of batteries include: Carbon Zinc, Alkaline, Rechargeable Alkaline, Li-Ion or NiCD.

Description : Does Isis want to destroy the planet?

Last Answer : Your question details are a non sequitor to your question on ISIS. ISIS does not want to destroy the planet, just civilizations that it considers evil. But what the hell does that have to do with renewable energy? Besides, ISIS gets funding from oil sales.

Description : Have they successfully converted energy to mass?

Last Answer : They?

Description : How do you feel about the expansion of nuclear power as a zero CO2 emission energy alternative?

Last Answer : In general I am in favor of the newer Gen 3 and the future Gen 4 designs. Gen 1 and 2 now in the field are fossils. Yes, there is nuclear waste that we don'[t know how to handle ... never become the utopian Hydrogen society and nuclear waste will continue to fester for tens of thousands of years.

Description : What to do if you feel that there is no energy to do something?

Last Answer : Lying down without sleeping. Shorter power naps. Meditation. Changing your life situation so you aren’t upset about it. Taking breaks and stepping outside. Changing/improving your work location (lighting, noise, distractions, air quality). Various other personal developmental approaches.

Description : Can you help with home heating question?

Last Answer : We don’t do homework questions here.

Description : Why do we relate the square of the speed of light in energy?

Last Answer : You’re squaring the speed at which light travels, not light itself.

Description : How can I figure out how much energy a hummingbird expends while hovering?

Last Answer : answer:I don’t know all the formulas, but the approach to solving it is lift = load Since F= mA, and m = mass of a hummingbird and A = acceleration of gravity (32ft/sec/sec), the lift energy must be equal to the load force.

Description : Alternative energy - why not an executive order that every new construction have solar panels?

Last Answer : I’d be down for that.

Description : Is gravity a renewable resource?

Last Answer : Renewable? What “exhausts” or diminishes it? If a falling stream drives a water wheel, the water might dry up, but you will wait a long time for the day when a single drop fails to fall or even falls more slowly.

Description : Are you venting your electric dryer into your home during this patch of cold weather?

Last Answer : With the dryer venting into the house all the energy stays indoors. You are drying your clothes and humidifying your house for free.

Description : Do you believe in negative energy/vibes in objects?

Last Answer : No. That is nothing more than superstition.

Description : Do you drink Energy drinks?

Last Answer : No. I never understood the existence of these things. It’s as though coffee was never invented.

Description : What are some good or natural ways of gaining long term energy to workout longer or for other projects?

Last Answer : Eat a banana.

Description : Suggestions on books about the global energy market?

Last Answer : answer:I would recommend The Prize (Daniel Yergin) but that is somewhat dated now and is definitely more pointed at the petroleum industry. Yergin also (more recently) wrote The Quest, which is a ... to some checking on which issue(s) of each to consult, but they are both quality publications.

Description : Is the total mass and energy of the Universe constant?

Last Answer : No, it does not imply that, it just means the empty spaces get bigger. From what I understand, the emptiness is not all dark matter and energy.

Description : If I jog too early will I become uneasy?

Last Answer : Are you eating enough and staying energized? What is your dietary intake like? What is your sleep schedule like? These are additional aspects that you should monitor when entering a new exercise routine. We might be able to give you more direction with some further information.

Description : Australians: How do I get a fluorescent globe that isn't dull and green?

Last Answer : USA answer, look for CFL bulbs with a 3000* K or LESS for “color temperature”. The blues and greenish color come from CFL’s at slightly higher * K, the bulb come with up to 6500 *K which is called “daylight” by some.

Description : [SFW] Does matter matter? See detais.

Last Answer : TLDR. Yes, it matters. OK.

Description : What energy drink should I have today?

Last Answer : As a person with severe sleep problems, I highly recommend that you avoid drinking more caffeine than you usually do. Rather, do the unthinkable and try to go for a walk to start your day. When you feel ... and get moving again. If all else fails, avoid the energy drinks and go for a small coffee.

Description : How many Wh of heat does each Hot Hands packet offer?

Last Answer : answer:I do not have the absolute scientific answer for you but I do have a subjective one that might help others answer your question. First I commend you for asking the question in the form ... $0.00084 = ~ 0.1 cents Batteries and chemical heaters are very expensive when compared with electricity.

Description : What cities around the world use steam heat and what are the pros and cons?

Last Answer : answer:Most municipal steam heating uses waste heat , that is, steam that has already been used in some process or other (typically electric power generation), but no longer has the pressure or ... it. That's not such a problem in the summer time, when maintenance outages are normally scheduled.

Description : What are the greatest opportunities for moving U.S. energy policy forward?

Last Answer : A Democratic President with a 60 seat Democratic majority in the House, and 65 seats for the Democrats in the Senate.

Description : If you found out helmets were unnecessary, would you be more likely to use a bike sharing program in the city?

Last Answer : Helmets do save lives. I think people should be able to choose for themselves but, one cannot dispute the safety factor. I've been a horse person most of my life and helmets are mandatory in any ... brain damaged. Bikes, motorcycles, horses, yep, a good idea even if they are hot and uncomfortable.

Description : What's the best way to store mechanical energy?

Last Answer : One way to store mechanical energy is to convert it into potential energy, such as raising a weight. Many grandfather clocks use this method, and it can store energy for an unlimited amount of time. ... is much more compact and does not depend on gravity; however, the springs can degrade with time.

Description : Do atoms have more energy when moving?

Last Answer : answer:Atoms are always moving. If there center-of-mass does not seem to be moving relative to some reference there is the internal movement of the electrons and the vibrational modes. But yes, ... of anything, at least because of the Heisenberg effect observing the momentum is going to change it.

Description : Think back a couple of years, when corn was being touted as a "renewable energy source" and its plentiful supply would solve our energy problems forever. What happened?

Last Answer : answer:Biofuels are a good idea in rich countries with surplus production of food. Biofuels are a bad idea in poor countries where people struggle to be able to pay for their food. Using ... farm. And there's also geothermal. Plus energy efficiency. Better windows. Better insulation of buildings.

Description : Do you think that bad luck can be cleared away? Or changed in someway?

Last Answer : The native Americans burn white sage around the interior perimeter of their homes to dispel bad energy.

Description : Was Don Quixote right?

Last Answer : I’d rather live near one of those than one of these

Description : Is algae the answer to our energy problems?

Last Answer : answer:There is no single the answer to our energy problems. Algae is a good partial answer, because it can potentially be a large source of cheap, renewable fuel. We already grow renewable ... . Growing and processing algae would also use energy, which would have to come from another source.

Description : Clothes dryer energy consumption question - which takes more energy?

Last Answer : answer:An earlier similar discussion Which dryer setting is more energy efficient?

Description : Energy healers - how would you explain what you do to the average person?

Last Answer : I have talents in crystals and stones. I give folks rocks. I am not formally trained either and frustrated because we could do so much more if we open up to the possibilities.

Description : How to feel fresh in the morning?

Last Answer : Recently, I started an exercise program. I have tried this before and normally a few days in of getting up earlier I just give up. But this time I am planning the workout and the time the night before. I am not sure how, but it seems to be making it easier to get up and have the energy to do it.

Description : Has anyone had a CFL Bulb catch fire?

Last Answer : answer:It hasn't happened to me and I've used them alot. Research on the web revealed this type of issue has occured, albeit very infrequently. I suggest you inform Home Depot, just in case others ... , 272 million CFLs were sold in 2009 in the United States.

Description : When are oil producing countries going to run out of it and what impact would it have on that future world?

Last Answer : answer:They won't run out . That's the thing about oil in the ground: there will always be some amount more . It might be deeper, it might be more dispersed, it might be mixed ... . At that point, there would be no incentive to explore for deeper deposits or more complex refining methods.

Description : What potential pros and cons can you think of with this energy saving idea?

Last Answer : The cons? Massive slaughter and huge amounts of property damage on America’s highways. Bad, bad idea.

Description : How to view someone's aura?

Last Answer : Welcome to pseudo-science. There’s no aura, and you can’t view it.

Description : What exercises can I do to decrease my 2 mile run time?

Last Answer : You need to increase your lung capacity and I would do splits where you run full out like you are being chased by a bear for one minute and then walk. Repeat 4 - 5 times and really push ... after the minute run. Do this daily and in 2 weeks you will see your distance endurance improve dramatically.

Description : What accounts for the vastly different energy levels in different species?

Last Answer : Dude, hang out with a two year old for a little while. Kids’ main mode of ambulation seems to be running. I’m not sure why that changes we become adults, though.

Description : What is conceivably sharpest?

Last Answer : answer:My rapier wit. But if you are looking for something a bit more tangible, this might fit the bill.

Description : Is there a device that I can plug my refrigerator into, that will cycle the fridge on and off in order to save energy?

Last Answer : Your refrigerator already has a thermostat that does just that. If you cycled it off more than the thermostat calls for, its internal temperature would rise, introducing food safety and spoilage risks.

Description : Which energy drink is at the top of the market?

Last Answer : Red Bull