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Description : How do I defrost frozen lemon meringue pie?

Last Answer : A few seconds in the microwave should work, or eat is as is, like ice cream.

Description : How can there be such variation in the number of calories of supermarket muffins?

Last Answer : You answered it yourself – sugar and fat!

Description : What are some things not meant for human consumption that you ate, to find out what they taste like?

Last Answer : I ate rat in China. They served it in a restaurant.

Description : Do your roommates and you work as a team when eating?

Last Answer : When my wife used to make chicken soup and we still had kids at home, one of the kids liked to pull out only the vegetables, another liked only the broth. The rest of us like it all mixed.

Description : For those who eat Ramen noodles do you drain them before eating?

Last Answer : No

Description : What are your favorite rides and things to do at Disney World?

Last Answer : Only once was I at Disneyland Paris, and the only 2 things I remember are not being allowed to go on one of the rides because I was not tall enough, which made me super bummed, and I remember some ... area, where I climbed behind the sets. I also got a Rescue Rangers plushie that I no longer have.

Description : Are you dieting?

Last Answer : No. Just cutting pop out of my diet. I am sticking to mostly tap water. All other drinks I have as a special occasion. Or at least I try to limit them. Just trying to lose belly fat and my man boobs. Everything else is perfect.

Description : Can you make it to a San Francisco East Bay meet-up?

Last Answer : Me, Me, Me! I’ll be sliding down from the North Pole or maybe up from the South Pole – never am quite sure!

Description : How many 55 gallon drums would the contents of a typical fully stocked grocery store cereal aisle fit into?

Last Answer : Based on how little cereal comes in boxes these days I’d be surprised if it filled one barrel.

Description : How do beekeepers harvest honeycombs without killing, or including, bee larva?

Last Answer : Bees separate honey from larva in the hive.

Description : At what point does culinary cultural appropriation go to far?

Last Answer : When it doesn’t taste any good. Otherwise, all’s fair in love and cooking.

Description : Do brussel sprouts originate from Brussels?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : What should I cook with my leftover wine?

Last Answer : Why don’t you just drink it?

Description : Are home made burgers healthier than fast food burgers?

Last Answer : It all depends on where you get the hamburger for your home made burger. Buy cheap 30% fat hamburger from a big chain that uses all of the steer in its hamburger, I doubt it is anywhere as healthy as a ... of bun are you using - a multi whole grain buns, or white bread bus made with lots of sugar?

Description : If you could only get take out from one restaurant what would you pick?

Last Answer : It’s a toss-up between Cracker Barrel, or Panda Express. my favorite Mexican place.

Description : What is the best type of olive oil, hard cheese, and bread, to make grilled cheese sandwiches?

Last Answer : Crusty white sourdough Havarti cheese Butter or lard instead of oil (but if you must do oil, use something you like, but extra virgin will tend smokier. The best oils tend to come from smaller producers and counterfeiting/adulturation is rampant.

Description : How long after your get disgusted from a meal do you try again?

Last Answer : Everything is wonky to me. Nothing tastes right. As long as I don’t throw up I’ll try it again soon.

Description : When do you use wax paper vs parchment paper?

Last Answer : My mom used to wrap my sandwiches in wax paper when she'd send me to school with lunch (this was in the 70's). Parchment paper is for baking. I wouldn't use wax paper for baking ... circumstances, but I would just use parchment, which is also thicker. Wax paper can be used for the microwave.

Description : Is this taking "triggers" a bit too far?

Last Answer : Can you give me a source of this, like the original episode where his line came from? I don’t think I can properly judge this without a proper context.

Description : Would this mandatory tip scenario bother you?

Last Answer : It would very much bother me if they hadn’t mentioned it in advance. I’d probably refuse the order.

Description : What foods would you not eat?

Last Answer : Snails or any bugs. I’d have to be really starving to eat cauliflower or broccoli. No animal organs.

Description : Do you strip away the strings on the outside of celery before eating it?

Last Answer : Nope. I trim the ends, right below the line where the leaves start, and most of the white part too. But that’s it, then I fill with almond butter.

Description : Can you think of any flavors that change as the amount of flavoring increases?

Last Answer : Peppermint. Cinnamon.

Description : It’s December — and officially cookie season. What Cookie will you be baking this Month?

Last Answer : Chocolate chip. Another good cookie for the season consists of chocolate chip recipe, minus the chips, and add nutmeg, cinnamon, clove (or pumpkin pie spice) for a spice cookie.

Description : Have you ever tried Hello Fresh or other meal plans?

Last Answer : I am using it right now. It is tasty, the dishes are varied, and the recipes simple. Of course, with all subscription services on the internet, it is only a free trial, and it naturally assumes ... specify how often they deliver you the boxes, and as far as I know, you can pause it indefinitely.

Description : What should I know when buying and freezing multiple rotisserie chickens?

Last Answer : One rotisserie chicken costs $10 or 2, for $16. One club pack of 5 chicken quarters costs $10—$20. A club pack of chicken wings is $20 for 30 segments. Also one can buy day old cooked chicken quarters for $2–4 each Prices on segments vary. Rotisserie chicken prices stay the same over time.

Description : What's the weirdest thing that you have taken a big bite of?

Last Answer : Oh, dear. It was horseradish. When I put it on my plate at the buffet, I thought it was mashed potatoes. What a disastrous mistake. I guess the stuff itself wasn’t weird, but taking a big bite of it was.

Description : What sweets do you like?

Last Answer : Chocolate. Oh, and chocolate. And I really like chocolate!

Description : What foods can one eat in the dark?

Last Answer : I don’t eat in the dark. I will not eat in the dark when in the car traveling (which I like to do at night). I turn on the passenger light. I cannot put food into my mouth unless I look at each bite.

Description : What will you be doing for Thanksgiving this year?

Last Answer : We’re just having a quiet day, my daughter and I, eating lavish sides and watching movies and playing with the dog.

Description : What are some good products/food that you tried?

Last Answer : I like powdered peanut butter. Lots of flavor. I don’ miss the fat that was removed.

Description : What are your least favorite traditional Thanksgiving foods?

Last Answer : Green bean casserole is not a traitional food in my family, because it is awful. And I cannot abide ruining good sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I could eat turkey and cranberry four nights a week and not get tired of it.

Description : What are some restaurant foods that you can replicate for cheap?

Last Answer : Additional items: Eggs. Cheap at home expensive at the restaurant. All drinks. Like water, milk and pop. Toast, and pbandj sandwiches.

Description : Please list as many American foods that can make one sick, that you can think of?

Last Answer : All of them.

Description : Do you know anyone who has ever gotten very sick from eating stuffing that was cooked inside the turkey or chicken?

Last Answer : Every year we cook stuffing both inside the turkey, and in a casserole pan. The pan dressing doesn’t taste as good, and I never saw anyone get sick from the inside of the turkey dressing.

Description : Are you having a noodle shortage where you live?

Last Answer : Pasta and noodles too.

Description : Does your local KFC deliberately break all of the chicken thigh bones before cooking?

Last Answer : What ? Do you mean the thigh and drumstick separated ?

Description : What are some items that never sell even in a panic buy?

Last Answer : I don't know about items, by category, but in the first mad rush of panic buying in March of 2020 I was curious to see which brands of regular grocery items didn't sell out even when others ... too busy grabbing paper towels, soup cans, flour, and powdered milk. (We never touched the powdered milk.)

Description : Can one freeze home made meatloaf?

Last Answer : Sure!

Description : Want to help me solve a Thanksgiving challenge?

Last Answer : Order your meal from a local gourmet grocer.

Description : What does it mean to cure meat?

Last Answer : To dry it out, flavor and preserve the meat by means of salt and (usually) spices.

Description : What advantages do meal-kit services have, that proliferated during the pandemic?

Last Answer : They tend to have high-quality ingredients, that you don’t have to shop for or think about before you can make them, so they sort of give you time that you’d otherwise possibly be using to do those things yourself.

Description : What luxury items do you buy ?

Last Answer : There is a false premise in your question. Spending a bit more on a high quality product is not necessarily a luxury , it is often the most economical action, because one pays for a higher quality. I ... even buying cereals or sodas is wasteful, paying for crap either on the way in or the way out.

Description : Do you prefer a toaster oven or a toaster for making toast?

Last Answer : I am a toaster person. I have lived 67 years without a toaster oven, and not missed it, but Lordy, I love my toast, so I am all about the vertical crisper. My daughter, however, is part of the toaster oven cult and thinks me nuts. I love her anyway.

Description : What are the little white dots in my canned Puritan Beef Stew?

Last Answer : If they’re squishy, it’s probably fat. If they’re hard, it’s probably salt.

Description : What’s the longest you went without food?

Last Answer : Involuntarily, I had a bad infection and couldn’t keep down any food for 2–3 days. They gave me an IV until they got control of the infection.

Description : What are some low FODMAPS frozen bagged veggies that one can eat every day?

Last Answer : What can I eat on the FODMAP diet? Foods that trigger symptoms vary from person to person. To ease IBS and SIBO symptoms, it's essential to avoid high FODMAP foods that aggravate the gut, ... such as artichokes, asparagus, onions and garlic Some fruits, such as apples, cherries, pears and peaches

Description : What is sitting in your fridge, freezer, or pantry, that you need to eat but just don’t want to?

Last Answer : Banana bread that’s great but we ate a few slices hot and don’t want the rest. Caramel dip for fruit. Great once or twice now we’re done and it’s practically full. Frozen spaghetti sauce I made but I love it fresh so I keep putting off using it.

Description : Has the USDA organic logo always had rows at the bottom?

Last Answer : USDA organic logo Take your pick !

Description : Are pickled jalapenos ‘dill pickled’?

Last Answer : Only if dill is added to the pickling mix.