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Description : How can I help a friend with ADHD and anger problems?

Last Answer : I would ask her parents if you can start a Go-Fund-Me account to raise money for medical assessment and treatment.

Description : If you found out a friend was casually racist, would you talk to them about it, or simply not talk to them again?

Last Answer : I would talk to them about it, yes. Not being verbose or confrontational or anything, just a little “That was a bit racist right now, don’t you think?”

Description : What behaviour by family, friends or strangers can you not tolerate?

Last Answer : Blind loyalty to a cause ,religion, political party, with out even a try to listen to what the other said has to say.

Description : Do you personally know anyone with Covid conspiracy theories?

Last Answer : This is a hard one. Remember when saying Covid came from a lab was a conspiracy theory? But now more and more experts are leaning towards that as an answer to the question of where it came from. My ... is something that was thought to be true that wasn't. And yet people continue to act like it is.

Description : To those who send out Christmas and holiday cards, do you keep track of who you've received from, and adjust your list accordingly?

Last Answer : Aw, hell no. I send out cards about every five years, just becauseI want to. I grew up in a culture of obligation and reciprocity, where copious notes were made on who sent what, how personal ... cards, and sometimes I enjoy sending them. Pretty sure my holidays are much happier than hers ever were.

Description : How many sets of identical twins have you known?--that is, you actually knew both of them.

Last Answer : Two of my fifth grade classmates were twins. To be honest I don't know much about them because it was a long time ago and I wasn't their friend. The only thing I know is that they were very ... in the family. I remember speaking to them once. They were nice people. I wish I had known them more.

Description : Is it really important to you to exchange holiday gifts with your friends?

Last Answer : No. It was especially difficult when I had no money. I have no problem not receiving gifts, either. And your coworker is obtuse.

Description : Do you remember Mr Grimm?

Last Answer : My sympathy and best wishes to Mr. G!

Description : Is it okay to unfollow an (old) friend on social media because they trigger your anxiety?

Last Answer : Yes. Unfollow. Don’t unfriend.

Description : How often do you text, talk, or see your friends?

Last Answer : I have an old fraternity brother that, other than one day last month, I had not seen in 15 years. He lives in Kansas while I am in California. He and I text 3 or 4 times a week, and chat ... not on a regular basis. The only friends I see on a frequent regular basis are people who are in recovery.

Description : When was the last time you hosted (at home) a group of more than four people who weren't family members?

Last Answer : I gave a party for Xmas in December 2019. I am planning one this year and have invited about 10 people. I’m very excited.

Description : I am friends with someone who is nice to me but my friend group doesn't like them?

Last Answer : It’s difficult to give you thoughts, because we don’t know the details about why the group ostracized Z. We don’t know if they acted unfairly. You have a very delicate balancing act to attempt. I wish you luck.

Description : I lied to my online best friend, should I tell him my real age?

Last Answer : Kids! Tell him the truth, now. Don’t make it worse – don’t let it fester. He’s going to react in some way. Maybe no big deal, maybe yes, But it’s out of your control anyway. “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

Description : Will you be traveling for the upcoming holidays?

Last Answer : Nope too many unvaccinated still mingling with the rest of the population, my county has 45% vaccinated. . . .

Description : Can we come together to mourn another lost jelly?

Last Answer : If it is any comfort, his last visit to Fluther was on the day he passed. He was with us to the very end.

Description : Should I end it with him?

Last Answer : I would give James a say. Discuss it with him. Tell him your concerns and give him a chance to change. If not then it would not be a total shock. Maybe he is thinking the same and ... you and your relationship can be admitted to be mutually over. I would owe the relationship that much respect.

Description : Do you have people in your life that you constantly stifle reacting to them out of love for them?

Last Answer : Yes, my aunt. She is my last older relative left alive and was really good to me when I was a kid. She lives alone and, unfortunately, has aged into an opinionated, judgmental, busy body (with slight ... 'm okay with it because of our history and, frankly, she won't be alive for too much longer.

Description : Am I a bad person for not being able to connect with my friend?

Last Answer : It sounds like your friendship has run its course. You have probably noticed by this time in your life that some of the people you were good friends with in high school and college have drifted away from ... an effort to connect with her, but if she texts, text back. It costs nothing to be cordial.

Description : Do you have any person in your life that won't let you give up on yourself?

Last Answer : Yes! My husband of 40 years. At the age of 58 (I am 61 now) I was diagnosed with a disease that progressively and steadily is not only effecting brain function but all body functions as well. I will ... very dark time as life as I knew it was gone. He's been my biggest cheerleader and supporter! :)

Description : I lost all my friends and don’t know how to fix it?

Last Answer : I was snuffed out in university, because I admited to have a mental illness. My only advice is to focus on your studies. Adults usually stop bullying eventually. The rest end up on the street or in ... a saying. One cannot lose a true friend by being yourself, and every one else doesn't matter.

Description : I need advice with my friends, how do we get closer?

Last Answer : Thank you for trusting us with your situation. It took courage to write to us. Good on you! Making friends is always touchy. I suggest you relax when you're interacting with them and be yourself ... . It took time. Take some deep breaths, and remember that making friends takes time. Good luck.

Description : For those fully vaxxed, do you socialize with those who aren't ?

Last Answer : I only know the unvaxxed very casually, and I always have my mask on. I am fortunate to live 8n a very well vaxxed area.

Description : How do you rank your family, friends, or career for importance in your life?

Last Answer : Family and friends # 1, career if you want to call it that, is over. Semi Retired and working a part time job with a friends company. So pretty far down on the list. It’s extra money is all it is.

Description : How do I tell someone I want to keep in contact when we barely know each other?

Last Answer : Just say it exactly like that, nice and easy. You seem interesting, can I add you to my socials so we can keep in touch?

Description : Did you know member Darth Algar?

Last Answer : Wow… We where just getting over our differences, he helped to ground me. Thank you anniereborn.

Description : How do you feel about ghosting?

Last Answer : As a gay man, I've been ghosted many times. The vast majority of the time it was men I'd seen once or twice. It was irksome, but I recovered instantly. Once, a boyfriend ghosted me. ... a potential for violence. When ghosting is done in a relationship that has some history, it's grossly immature.

Description : When writing a story, do you have to add background to why something happened or can you simply put it into another whole book?

Last Answer : I don’t think you have to go into it in too much detail. Just a hint can create tension and make the reader curious enough to want to read on. You can explain more later as the story develops if you like, but you are in charge, it is your story and you can tell it any way you want.

Description : Have you ever found out something about a long time friend, which shocked the hell out of you?

Last Answer : What does race have to do with which political party that you choose? Anyway I was shocked to learn that a guy from my high school (a very competitive weight lifter, wrestler and track athlete) changed his name from Tony to Gloria and has assumed the identity of a women.

Description : How to deal with best friends who are moving away?

Last Answer : It took a while, but in at least some cases, I’ve kept in touch with people via regularly scheduled recurring Zoom meetings and/or some shared context or things we do together or talk about.

Description : How do I stop talking to a friend I've known for years?

Last Answer : If you want a gradual out, I'd suggest just becoming a little less available. Take up a new interest, or volunteer for something, and be busy more of the time. Many friendships do change ... breakup. That also allows you the option to revive your relationship if you feel like it later on.

Description : What should I do?

Last Answer : Why do you need to lie about not being a virgin?

Description : If your friends say they don't want the Covid vaccine because the long term effects are unproven, do you try to talk them into it?

Last Answer : In the case you describe, no. In fact, in most cases, no. It’s been a year. People know what they know by now. If someone chooses to make decisions about themselves, fine. It may result in me making the decision to not hang around them, or only under very specific and controlled circumstances.

Description : Should a married man text another woman "Happy Valentine's Day"?

Last Answer : WTF?

Description : Have you ever played "my house my rules" on someone?

Last Answer : And how old were you at the time? As to the question: no, not really. Besides, I’m married. It’s the wife’s rules, not mine.

Description : Would you ever unfriend an acquaintance due to their inability to write a normal post?

Last Answer : Do you mean on Facebook? No.

Description : Have you ever been set up on a date?

Last Answer : Yes. My mother tried to set me up with the daughter of a friend of hers. It failed royally.

Description : Help! I’m allergic to my friends!

Last Answer : Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do. I love cats but am highly allergic and puff and wheeze, especially indoor/outdoor cats. I simply can’t be in the room with them or where they hang out for more than 15 minutes, so I don’t.

Description : So, how are my jellies today?

Last Answer : Wallowing in executive dysfunction. But otherwise, doing okay. PS Think this should be in Meta.

Description : What do I do with my sugar daddy?

Last Answer : How sweet is he?

Description : Would you like to troll your girlfriend/boyfriend to see if they'd like cheating on you?

Last Answer : Maybe, if not, you could tell me your (not necessarily actual) reaction of finding out.

Description : How do I deal with someone who is obsessed with me?

Last Answer : What would have worked for me is if I had help finding someone else. You can sign your friend up on a dating site and help write the about me section. You can even pay the first months ... your friend that one day he/she will find someone more special than you and every thing will work out.

Description : Does a business owner have the right to change their mind about offering services to friends for free?

Last Answer : First off, Welcome to Fluther! As to the deal between your wife and her friend, it sounds like they had different expectations from the deal. Was there anything put into writing up front? I think ... clothes they wore? I think being friends is the initial problem. They needed to talk more up front.

Description : Do you have a friend or family who repeats the same stories over and over again in conversations and you stopped reminding them because you know it will never stop anyway?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : What's your favorite thing(s) you do to cope with solitude and don't have any friends?

Last Answer : I do the things I like (like going to art museums or going on hikes or long walks, or going to music performances). And if I crave company, I look for groups that do those things. A good place ... . And once you meet a few people, you can do things with them that are separate from any organization.

Description : Is your best friend a lot like you, or more like a case of opposites attracting?

Last Answer : Similar. She loves wearing black, I love wearing black. Neither take any crap from anyone (mostly due to crappy childhoods), kind of alpha females. We both are more inward searching than outward, for validation ... I don't think either of us would use the phrase best friends' unless you forced it.

Description : What does it mean when a friend of many years sends you a link to a love song and tells you to listen?

Last Answer : How old are you and how do you know this person.

Description : A question for those that have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or illness - did you make an effort to let extended family and friends know?

Last Answer : No. I didn't tell anyone but my husband until much later. I had to figure out how I was going to deal with it myself before I started answering anyone's questions. I eventually mentioned it to friends ... much have stopped talking about it. I would not have wanted to be asked about it all the time.

Description : Does she hate me?

Last Answer : She may not necessarily hate you. It’s possible she may not want her picture taken with you for some reason. I would ask her about it or at least write her a letter.

Description : How do you respond to your "friends" Facebook memes about being sad and lonely?

Last Answer : Respond with another meme?

Description : Have you lost someone who you wish you had rushed out to see when you heard they were sick?

Last Answer : Yes , a fellow congregant at UU whom I was beginning a friendship with just died of leukemia at 49. I texted and emailed a few times but didn’t go to see her.