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Description : Jellies in northern climes who garden, do you start your seeds indoors and if so when? And what?

Last Answer : For starters and in full transparency, I don't live up North. However, I do watch a lot of homesteading videos about gardening. My favorite female gardener uses this guy to get some of her ideas ... have given me another few weeks had I thought about it at the time. Good luck with your planting

Description : What are this type of scissors called?

Last Answer : They are, indeed, called clever cutters. I had never heard of them, but now that I checked them out, I can see their appeal. That's because recently I bought a pair of scissors to cut my chicken ... hoped it would be (the angle was unwieldy; my wrist hurt because of it). But these look promising.

Description : Do moles and gophers come above ground?

Last Answer : I think Moles are carnivores, that mostly eat earth worms, so it is probably not them. Besides, you would know you have moles, because they make mole hills.

Description : Spring has pretty much sprung, seeds and sprouts are happening! What (and when) are you planting?

Last Answer : We’re taking a break this year. The chickens, groundhogs, birds, and rabbits have won. We’re just doing an herb garden this year. Having access to fresh basil is amazing.

Description : How do you grow a small indoor flower garden?

Last Answer : I think the biggest obstacle would be sunlight. If you have enough natural light in the place you want to have the flowers, you’re probably good to go. If not, you can get “grow light” lamps or lightbulbs to give your plants enough light to live by indoors.

Description : What weeds do you find useful and enjoyable in your daily life?

Last Answer : A weed is ”…a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, “a plant in the wrong place”.” If you have planted herbs they are not weeds. On the other hand that 100 year old oak tree in the yard would be considered a weed if you don’t want it.

Description : Do you want to help out the monarch butterfly?

Last Answer : Sure! I’m in!

Description : Gardener types: a question about weeds and grasses (details inside).

Last Answer : Doesn't everyone love pavers? You might try using a weed eater and just skim over the surface of the pavers to take out the weed tops while leaving the moss intact. Of course the weeds will attempt to ... I don't do that then within about 3 or 4 years, the moss will completely cover the pavers.

Description : Have you been to an exhibition that was nothing like you thought it would be?

Last Answer : One Christmas I went to the Dickens Faire . It was put on by the same people that put on the Renaissance Faire, and was supposed to be a Victorian Christmas celebration. We were expecting Roast ... crafts goods. Instead of spending the evening, we left after twenty minutes to get a decent meal.

Description : Can I do anything on a budget to improve concrete slabs?

Last Answer : My builder painted my concrete patio and it looks great. It's not my first choice in terms of beautification, tile or pavers would look more elegant, but the paint is very inexpensive relatively ... Home Depot or Lowe's and spend time talking to the paint people and garden people about options.

Description : What should I do if I got bitten by a tick?

Last Answer : Tweezers, they even make special ones just for ticks. Save it in a ziplock just in case.

Description : Can someone answer my tomato plant question?

Last Answer : If you separate them now, there's a chance one or both plants will suffer root damage and/or transplant shock. They seem to be thriving as they are, so I wouldn't worry about separating them. They ... . I used to do a lot of container gardening, and still have herbs and other plants in containers.

Description : Are pill bugs bad for your lawn and/or garden?

Last Answer : I always thought the opposite. They break leaves, lawn clippings, and such down to new, healthy, soil. So having a ton of them actually helps out your soil. I've never seen them eating live, healthy ... least creepy bug around. I wish they ate mosquitos or spiders, I'd start a pill bug farm ;)

Description : Can a bit of fire be good for roses?

Last Answer : Well, I don’t think so, if it’s well controlled and doesn’t get too hot. May even be good for them. Do you have a torch? You could try a small test spot.

Description : Are there any safe alternatives to Roundup?

Last Answer : It’s going to be a pain in the ass to do it, but you can kill plant roots with boiling water. The other option is salt, but that will also affect your new plants, so don’t do that.

Description : A Question about a Gazebo?

Last Answer : answer:My two cents – take it down. It doesn’t take a whole lot of wind to lift a 10’x10’ gazebo. Even if you have the legs anchored, there are other stress points, and the canvas itself can rip. I have seen them destroyed in 15 minutes of high wind.

Description : What can you teach me about chopping wood and felling "trees"?

Last Answer : answer:Why an axe? When I have had to do this, I have used either this link or one of these link I personally find saws – in particular the first one – easier to control.

Description : Do you ever forsee a future focus on flavor with American fruits and vegetables?

Last Answer : answer:It is already happening, with people seeking out heirloom fruits and vegetables. People realized how much is lost by hybridized produce. And once people taste good stuff, they won't go back to ... produce is that you get seasonal variety that keeps you from eating the same thing year round.

Description : A bit of fluff to muse over, who does your gardening or yard work?

Last Answer : I shave it myself

Description : How can I grow sweeter strawberries?

Last Answer : 7 Tips To Growing Sweet Strawberries

Description : What type of flower is this?

Last Answer : Possibly an astilbe?

Description : Beans! Gotta love 'em! But which ones? (See details)

Last Answer : I like Lima beans, so I would plant them. But… others don’t.

Description : Has anyone here tried growing potatoes in pots?

Last Answer : Yes and no. I didn't set out to grow potatoes. Just had an old potato that started sprouting, so I stuck it in a pot. Mostly interested in drawing it. But when I threw it out, I did notice that several ... the dirt. I'm thinking if I can grow them quasi-inadvertently in a 5 pot, you're good to go.

Description : Do you know anything about growing on a Christmas Lily plant once it has finished flowering?

Last Answer : Here is a pretty good how to for the plant you want to keep.

Description : How to get a elephant ear corm ready for Winter ?

Last Answer : I would guess you want to keep it in barely moist soil and not let it dry out. But don't over water it either. Maybe check the bulb to make sure it's not drying out and water accordingly. ... keep it in cold but not freezing temperatures. I've read about them in books but never tried growing one.

Description : Yellow jacket battle round 3: overkill nuclear option?

Last Answer : answer:The best option is surprisingly clean and easy. Now, my experience with these little bastards is extensive. It's been tough battling in the shit. Many good men lost their lives, some ... s a surfactant. They suffocate instantly. It's much quicker and more devastating than chemical wasp killer

Description : Why did my flowerbed cave in ?

Last Answer : answer:You must have a creek (or some other waterflow) that had washed away the soil beneath. You may have read about this sort of thing happening in Florida read this where sinkholes are created just ... . It sounds like you have the same problem on a smaller scale. Water hollowed out the ground.

Description : Has anyone here tried some form of hugelkultur and how did that work out for you?

Last Answer : I haven't tried that but as long as you watch the nitrogen levels carefully it should work. The decaying wood would be a home for bacteria that use the nitrogen in the soil, tying it up so it's ... . But just watch the color of your plants and you can tell if there is adequate nitrogen for them.

Description : Do you have budget garden decorating ideas you could share?

Last Answer : It’s an idea, another jelly posted a picture of one on Facebook and loved it. I found one in the back hoard of a house I bought and it creeped me out. Take an old metal bed and bury it partly in tbe ground and plant flowers in it.

Description : What's the best way to weed my scruffy yard?

Last Answer : answer:I also have a tiny little garden. It depends on how much you want to spend really. What I did, and I am no expert, was pull up the weeds (on hands and knees). Then turn over the soil ... rid of them. I am quite pleased as I washed the stone pathing, tidied up and it looks really pretty now.

Description : Does anyone here have first hand experience making a vertical garden out of a wooden pallet?

Last Answer : We have the pallets now but I need your links if you’ll share.

Description : How do I create a small terrarium?

Last Answer : Try this…

Description : Who is your favorite athlete participating in the upcoming winter Olympics?

Last Answer : answer:Here is a nice list of HOT Olympians Julia Mancuso Allison Pottinger Carmen Schaefer Natalie Geisenberger I could go on and on…..

Description : Veggie gardeners.... can you help me prime my prize pepper?

Last Answer : Coloma I’m not much of a gardener, but my mom picks her veggies when they’re almost ripe and lets them finish ripening on the kitchen windowsill. I’m thinking that if the sun hasn’t reached the bottom of you pepper yet, it probably won’t.

Description : How to maintain home garden?

Last Answer : Water in the morning and evening when it’s cool, so you don’t burn your plants.

Description : Why aren't my Bamboos growing?

Last Answer : Is there anything different about the soil between the locations. Also bamboo likes a lot of water. My back yard was intended to just have a patch, and I used a container (a buried bathtub) but it escaped and now has completely taken over the garden and invaded my neighbors yards.

Description : What is the best backyard water sprinkler for kids to play in?

Last Answer : They love to run into the spray and stand or sit on the sprinkler, so I suggest you get on that lies flat on the ground.

Description : Would spiders (and mites) be harmful to a compost system?

Last Answer : answer:I don't know of any spiders that are vegetarian . That is, I don't know of any spiders that will harm your plants directly by eating any part of them. (If I'm wrong about that I'd ... insects (worms are to be expected, but not insects), then it may be more suitable for use with planting.

Description : Can you help me figure out how to compost in my urban yard?

Last Answer : answer:If you use no animal matter or debris, you can simply toss the stuff in a heap in an unobtrusive corner or behind a bush and let it age. Occasionally turn with a pitch fork if you want to ... break into a galvanized pail in my garage where I store cat food; but it is mainly animal protein.)

Description : What long-stemmed flowers make good cut flowers?

Last Answer : I like gerbera daisies, strawflowers, minature sunflowers, mixed with baby’s breath. Lilies and Irises also work if you have the time.

Description : What is the best way to set up a minimal-maintenance vegetable garden?

Last Answer : Get a timer for the the hoses and use a drip system.

Description : Any advice for a beginning urban gardener?

Last Answer : answer:Geraniums are virtually unkillable, they grown in a lot of climates and are pretty worry free. They also come in lovely colours. They usually come in either an upright growth habit or an ivy version. ... thumbs and I can't kill Gazanias. They are pretty and come in a range of hot shades.

Description : What tobacco variety to grow?

Last Answer : I would think you would need to start researching what varieties would grow best in your particular climate zone. Finding out your areas growing seasons length, soil requirements, amendments, amount of sun needed, ( ... , to get the yield you desire if you want to have a long lasting supply on hand.

Description : I've got a ton of mushrooms in my lawn. How do I get rid of them?

Last Answer : Why do they bother you? Mushrooms and toadstools spring up like magic all the time on lawns. If you expend lots of energy in removing what are essentially lawn ornaments or latent mulch, you will be frustrated when they return.

Description : When is Butternut Squash ready to pick?

Last Answer : I’m real scientific on how I decide. I feel the outside for firmness, tap it a little, then say, let’s try this one. I really can’t tell until I cut into it.

Description : What is this lawn care implement called?

Last Answer : A weedeater or string timmer.

Description : What's a good way to cage a rose bush to protect from deer predation without it being too unsightly?

Last Answer : I'm having trouble finding anything that's attractive rather than just utilitarian. If you know someone who works in wrought iron or welding, may you could adapt something like this into a more attractive version ... ? What about using a decorative trellis to create a fence - like 3 or 4 of these?

Description : How to evict the woodchuck and other unidentified garden plunderers.

Last Answer : answer:Oh, boy. Oh, double boy. Having tried everything that is non-toxic, my sister (down the road) has a huge fenced-in vegetable garden that has been overrun with woodchucks and their enormous ... skunks, chipmunks, squirrels, mice and voles. Where do you live? How much acreage do you have?

Description : Can vegetables be raised indoors during winter season?

Last Answer : answer:Where do you live? Are you wiling to build a green house? I believe that you can keep poblano pepper plants in a sunny room during the winter but that doesn’t give you much variety.

Description : Why is it necessary to mow a lawn?

Last Answer : The risk of fire is one reason for keeping grass short. Also, because grass grows unevenly, the aesthetics of a smooth lawn is another reason to mow.