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Description : How to Get More Vitamin C in Your Diet ?

Last Answer : Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps support a healthy immune system, promotes the absorption of iron, and acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from damage. Here are some tips on how to ... more Vitamin C-rich foods into your diet, you can support your overall health and well-being.

Description : What are the benefits of exercise?

Last Answer : Exercise has many benefits for overall health and well-being. Here are some of the key benefits: Improving cardiovascular health: Regular exercise can help lower the risk of heart disease and ... with a doctor before starting a new exercise program, especially if you have any health concerns.

Description : What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Last Answer : COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus disease, is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The symptoms of COVID-19 can vary widely, but some of the most common symptoms include: Fever ... develop any symptoms, it is important to self-quarantine and contact a healthcare professional for further guidance.

Description : What vitamins are not stored in the human body?

Last Answer : The B’s and C are water soluble and you get rid of what you are not using fairly quickly. A, D, E, and K, are fat soluble and stored.

Description : Do you think I should talk to my new doctor about my stuffy nose I've had for almost 2 years?

Last Answer : I think the answer to any question you ask about talking to your doctor about something is yes. If it is worrying you, talk to them.

Description : What do you think CDC's new mask guidelines will be, supposedly coming this week?

Last Answer : Wear them in public transport, in airports and airplanes. All the rest voluntarily.

Description : Should I take a shower if was around people who were sick?

Last Answer : Are you an adult?

Description : Should I tell my doctor about my sore throat before I attend my appointment?

Last Answer : The doctor is there to see you when you're sick. They can't diagnose you over the phone, so I'd skip calling them in advance, take a mask with you just in case you start coughing in the waiting room ... of an OTC med that might help. I see no reason to call ahead to tell them you're possibly sick.

Description : Do you adjust the measures you take for covid? Based on what?

Last Answer : I still don't go out much. I think one or two restaurants per month, but before that it was door dashing and cooking at home. All those videos of people partying in florida made me sick. I can ... .terrible. I used that time to catch up on so much TV and exercise that I stopped doing lol.

Description : My doctor wants me to come in to talk about my MRI results. Should I be worried?

Last Answer : He is probably concerned but if it was urgent, he wouldn’t set an appointment that far off. Please let us know what happens.

Description : Do you always have spares or do you get them when you need them?

Last Answer : I have spare batteries and light bulbs but no shear pins for a snowblower. I have space heaters and a propane heater but no generators.

Description : What dishes do you think would be good made with walnut oil?

Last Answer : Pumpkin soup is good with some walnut oil.

Description : Have you had Covid-19?

Last Answer : Maybe. November 16–26 I was told to socialy isolate. Never been tested. I am triple vaccinated. I was double vaccinated when I was isolated. Pain in the arms from coughing and then better.

Description : Have you used an at-home test to check for covid-19?

Last Answer : Yes. Three times. Got the kits from our local CVS. Thank you for the link though, as the CVS ones were $50 for a 2-pack. I’ve preferred the free, administered tests, but appointments are hard to come by and the wait can be hours long.

Description : Do you think the US health officials decided to allow an “Omicron party” as a heath strategy?

Last Answer : I would hate to be “the collateral damage” person or family. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

Description : How do you feel about the current state of the pandemic?

Last Answer : Really truly? On the one hand, I am getting used to it, and I am stunning at hermitting. On the other hand, I have enormous difficulty reading, eating, watching, even contemplating anything new. ... who has been fearless most of my life, this constant fear thing is a new and unpleasant sensation.

Description : Can you help me with some suggestions?

Last Answer : Ask for a free consult with a lawyer. I am sorry that this happened to you. I would like to sue people from my past; Alas I signed a mandatory form that I wouldn’t sue my university. I would check if you signed a, no sue, form from your oral surgeon when getting treatment.

Description : Have you had (or heard of) a young seemingly healthy pet just drop dead?

Last Answer : Oh, @gondwanalon, I am so sorry! I had a somewhat similar experience a long time ago with my cat, we (the vet and I) posited that she might have caught and partially eaten a rodent that had been poisoned.

Description : What should I do after using steroids?

Last Answer : You must see a doctor. Your folks need to know. This could be life threatening. You can’t do it alone.

Description : Have you ever had a benign brain tumor?

Last Answer : Yes, but it was active. I instantly became a caregiver. It changed my life too. Find the best care you can. MD Anderson in Houston and Dana Farber in Boston are two of the top facilities in the ... , but I don't suggest looking at mortality even if it is not benign. Best of luck. Sending prayers

Description : How to avoid getting COVID in an air-conditioned office building?

Last Answer : I don't know about how to prevent a virus from circulating in an office building, but you could try using an air cleaner with an ultra-violet light on it. Ultra violet rays do kill viruses and bacteria. ... zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D are a good start. PM me for more info. Best wishes to you.

Description : Could Omicron help end the covid19 pandemic?

Last Answer : I have come to learn that I should never, ever, assume anything from Covid19. There are still so many things about Covid that we don't fully understand. Maybe the Omicron looks weak now, but then it would ... don't think I have any answer to this question, nor do I want to. Only time will tells.

Description : What is second aid?

Last Answer : Too little to late.

Description : Are LIVIA's worth it?

Last Answer : Have you discussed with a doctor why you are having so much pain? You can mask your pain with pain relievers, but it’s best to know what is causing the pain and perhaps take care of it through surgery or with doctor prescribed medication.

Description : Anybody here with parosmia? Is it worth a doctor visit?

Last Answer : BTW, I am just sort of self-diagnosing it as parosmia so that one of you can google it and maybe get a better idea of what I am experiencing. I am not 100% that is what it is.

Description : Should I still get my Pfizer booster on Thursday?

Last Answer : It’s not a stupid question. The truth is we don’t yet know the answers. If it were me, I would still get the booster. I got my booster not too long ago.

Description : What's your experience with sinus infections, and when do I see a doctor?

Last Answer : Don't delay, go see the doctor ASAP. I have a long and storied history with sinus infections, caused by dust, caused by bacteria, caused by viruses, and I have learned to never let it get to the point that you ... you're up to it, please let us know how this turns out, I'd love to hear good news.

Description : Can external body heat create a "fever"?

Last Answer : No.

Description : Is there really no healthy breakfast option for someone who loves bacon, eggs and sausages?

Last Answer : Eggs are healthy. Just scrap the processed meats and carbs. Try eating your eggs with spinach or other veggies. If you really want toast, drop your eggs onto a piece of healthy toast, ... plain Greek yogurt with sliced/slivered almonds and some fresh berries (and maybe some healthy cereal.).

Description : Weird eating habit?

Last Answer : I do too. I can eat a little before I reject the food though; Even the good stuff. (Donuts, Steak, fish, veggies). I suggest checking ones insurance if you are covered for a doctors visit. To ... you are weird or something. If your eating style doesn't interfere with your life then you are fine.

Description : What is the cause of these symptoms?

Last Answer : Sounds more like covid than flu. Flu almost always has a high fever and sinus pressure is rare. Covid is know for sinus pressure and fever is not always observed. Get a test if you want to know ... get a covid test. Whether you are positive or negative for covid you need to treat your rash probably.

Description : Why is there a bony lump in my right shoulder?

Last Answer : Perhaps it the end of part of your scapula (Acromion) sticking up slightly out of alignment. I have that bump on my right shoulder from lugging around a baritone sax for a year when I was in junior high. It happen slowly over time. I didn’t even notice it until years later.

Description : Would drinking coffee daily eventually affect one’s blood pressure negatively?

Last Answer : According to my doctor from my hypertensive days (20 years ago, the answer may be different now due to more recent studies, I don't know), it would depend on quantity drunk per day. ... affect you negatively, but if you have concerns then obviously check your BP regularly, before and after coffee.

Description : Do you or someone you know well have TMJ?

Last Answer : Occasionally since getting my wisdom teeth out, my jaw will lock up badly and I cannot fully open my mouth. I feel pops occasionally too.

Description : Why do I feel my pecs hurting when doing back exercises?

Last Answer : The back exercises you mention all involve arm action – which automatically engages the pecs/chest area. For women the soreness is sometimes increased if we have larger boobs (my experience), but the benefit is more lift as you gain muscle tone. Just pace yourself and increase your effort gradually.

Description : What could weight gain in the upper belly be a sign of?

Last Answer : So many factors to consider: are you male or female, your age range, caloric intake, level of exercise. You should ask your doctor. Welcome to Fluther!

Description : How can I find out my blood type?

Last Answer : When I donated blood one time, I got a little card that had my blood type on it: O+. Romantically, I was a little disappointed to be so ordinary, but was reassured that having a common blood type is a good thing.

Description : Why is mold dangerous? Requiring immediate attention in schools, public buildings, etc.?

Last Answer : The Genus Stachybotrys: What You Should Know Stachybotrys is sometimes called toxic black mold because it produces mycotoxins that can cause severe health problems to those who have been ... to it. Stachybotrys exposure symptoms include difficulty breathing, sinusitis, fatigue, and even depression.

Description : Does or should the man have a say, or responsibility, in carrying a fetus to term?

Last Answer : To a certain extent, yes. Then it’s on to The Maury Povich Show to determine who the real father is.

Description : Will the definition of "fully vaccinated" change as more people receive booster shots?

Last Answer : I suggest we cross that bridge when we come to it.

Description : Any advice, just diagnosed with osteoarthritis?

Last Answer : Your doctors know your medical history, performed physical examinations, have seen your x-rays and other test results. They are going to be the best resource for accurate information. It's never wrong to ... t available now in the years to come. Wishing you the very best, and welcome to Fluther!

Description : Any Jellies that have used rebounders/trampolines for (home) exercise/health?

Last Answer : We had a big one in the back yard that was mainly for the kids to use. I went on it occasionally and it was indeed a work out. However, a big friend of my son’s fell off and broke his leg. They can be dangerous. I assume you’re talking more about the smaller ones that they use in gyms sometimes.

Description : How do I convince the hospital managers to discharge me from hospital?

Last Answer : If you lose too much weight, your organs start to shut down. My guess is that your life would be in danger if you leave, and they're trying to help you. Maybe there are other issues involved ... The fact that you are trying to leave under these circumstances makes me wonder what's going on with you.

Description : Has the costs of the Coronavirus pandemic exceeded the cost of the subprime mortgage crisis?

Last Answer : 628,000 dead in USA you do the math ! !

Description : Are "proof of vaccination" requirements functioning as de facto racial discrimination?

Last Answer : Are you suggesting that all kinds of closeted racist shop holders, restaurant owner, etc. can now finally act on their extreme views, all thanks to this beautiful and unexpected gift that was a decimating pandemic?

Description : Why are masks in schools causing such contentious fights across the country?

Last Answer : Some people have such strong beliefs in things (right or wrong) , that they will go to these barbaric acts of violence and rebellion. Remember Jan 6th? Yes, I think there is some deeper issue ... their opinion or feeling. They certainly are not being respectful of others, the law, or the science

Description : How does one measure the efficiency of an exhaust vent?

Last Answer : Efficiency is not the metric, so they have no idea what you are talking about. How about room air exchanges per hour? That would be the volume of air removed per hour divided by volume (length x width ... of air in the room. But then you would have to find guidelines relative to usage of the room.

Description : Does the temperature of tap water affect fluoride's effectiveness in protecting teeth?

Last Answer :

Description : Is it worth consuming foods high in casein protein or casein protein powder before bed to prevent muscle breakdown?

Last Answer : There’s no direct evidence that it works, but there is some indirect evidence that it’s at least worth a try. I haven’t tried it myself, but I have worked out with people who swear by it.

Description : Could water intoxication be causing my dizzy spells?

Last Answer : Here ya go: