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Description : Why do girls get fat after marriage ?

Last Answer : It can be seen not only in our country , but all over the world. Girls get fat after marriage for various reasons. One of the reasons is the worries of the girls before marriage about whether ... much running at home , it is difficult to keep the figure beautiful if you do not exercise separately.

Description : What to do after donating blood ?

Last Answer : Drink enough fluids after blood donation. Drink at least 4 glasses (saline , fruit juice). Do not do heavy work for 5 hours. Lie down with your head turned and (with a pillow under your feet) keep ... than your head. Stay worry free. Do not smoke for 5 hours. After all , donate blood regularly.

Description : How to get lean health ?

Last Answer : You should refrain from this sinful act, but learn to control yourself , eat nutritious food and if possible, take African herbal medicine because I believe in this herbal center. All you have to do is buy a file and if it doesn't work for you, they will treat you for free later.

Description : How to recover lost health ?

Last Answer : If you want to be healthy, you need discipline. You should eat food at the right time. Eat all foods so that you have more calories. Then you will get back the lost health.

Description : Does formalin harm our body ?

Last Answer : Formalin has been identified as highly toxic to human health due to its toxicity and volatile nature . On June 10 , 2011, the United States National Toxicology Program reported that formalin was directly involved in the development of human cancer.

Description : Does grape seed oil have any benefits ?

Last Answer : The oil made from grape seed is called grape seed oil. It is a very beneficial oil. Uses for which this oil can be used: Use of grape seed oil. It can be used as a vegetable oil. 2. ... are a very old problem. Dandruff and lice can be completely eliminated from the scalp by using the oil. Thanks

Description : People know that smoking harms health , then why do people smoke ?

Last Answer : This is the result of poverty , despair , unavailability Many people smoke to get rid of tension Many people smoke again. I will smoke my own father's money. Whose father is it ?

Description : What we can do to develop children's talents. ?

Last Answer : Take care of the baby. Take care of the baby. Eat nutritious food. Be friendly with the child. Feed the children vegetables and small fish instead of big fish meat.

Description : What is the way to keep good memory ?

Last Answer : Ways to keep good memory: * Keep the brain alert. Read newspapers , read story books , solve puzzles , go to social events , socialize with everyone. * Exercise regularly. Walk regularly ... antioxidants. Fresh vegetables , fruits and green tea are rich in antioxidants that can prevent Alzheimer's.

Description : What is the way to get taller and fatter ?

Last Answer : If you are over 21 years old , you probably won't be taller anymore , why not have your epiphysis and diaphysis fused . And if you have brown fat , then don't eat too much fat.

Description : Is there any way to sleep better in summer ?

Last Answer : Many people say , ' I like winter more than summer. Because at the end of the day, at night, you can at least sleep peacefully under the blanket, which is not possible in hot weather. ... So use mattress and mattress. You can also use Shimul cotton pillow to sleep comfortably in hot weather. Thanks

Description : What to do to get fat ?

Last Answer : Gaining excess weight , losing weight through diet and exercise is a very common thing in our daily life. But there are many of us who are very unhealthy. They are very interested in what they can do ... gain weight. Reduce your intake of water. If you really want to be fat, eat less water.

Description : What are the ways to increase body height ?

Last Answer : Length is related to the bones of the body , it usually lasts up to 25 years , depending on your age you can do hanging beams , hanging beams are suitable for long hair , without ... do swimming, running, jumping and wrestling. In addition, nutritious food and growth hormones can increase height.

Description : I can't eat rice. I feel nauseous after eating half a plate. What is the solution ?

Last Answer : You should take Hamdard's Sinkara Syrup on the advice of a doctor Your problem will be solved very quickly.

Description : Those who work at night , get hungry when the night is a little deep. What should dinner be like ?

Last Answer : So do you have to eat even if you are hungry ? Not at all! Absolutely not! Who told you not to eat , just understand a little. Choose a food that is eaten late at night that does not cause much ... night but sleep. The rest of the work , either get up early in the morning and get well. Good night!

Description : What is the way to stay fresh even in extreme heat ?

Last Answer : Eat more water and water-rich foods. Eat various watery fruits like coconut , watermelon , cucumber.

Description : What is gastric ?

Last Answer : Gastric or peptic ulcer : It is one of the common symptoms of gastric ulcer.

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating raw milk ?

Last Answer : Many people have a habit of drinking raw milk , while many people drink milk very well without burning. According to many, the natural antibodies in raw milk are destroyed by burning , so raw milk ... body's immune system is a little low, they can easily get infected with various physical problems.

Description : What can be done to keep teeth white despite smoking , eating unclean , harmful foods and drinks ?

Last Answer : White teeth are desirable for any human being. Teeth lose their white color and turn yellow due to various reasons like smoking , unhygienic , harmful food and drink. But it is possible to keep the ... shiny white teeth, then regularly clean the plaque of the teeth to ensure the health of the teeth.

Description : What is the easiest way to overcome physical weakness ?

Last Answer : Take regular bath , eat green fruits and vegetables. Eat nutritious food. Exercise the body.

Description : How to gain weight ?

Last Answer : You can gain weight by eating fatty foods. However, it is not right to gain weight because it increases the risk of diabetics.

Description : How healthy is it for diabetics to eat saccharin instead of sugar ?

Last Answer : Many diabetics eat saccharin in tea or coffee. But not many of us know how reasonable or healthy it is to eat. As the number of diabetics increases , so does the use of saccharin. But ... amount of sugar in the blood increases. So the amount of carbohydrates should also be taken into consideration.

Description : What are the symptoms of kidney problems ?

Last Answer : 7 important symptoms of a serious kidney problem. 1) Urinary problems Kidney problems are the first and main symptoms of urinary problems. Changes in the amount and timing of urination can be a problem ... , or a kidney cyst full of contaminated water. So do not neglect to seek medical attention.

Description : What is the way to get rid of eye irritation or itching ?

Last Answer : Irritation or itching of the eyes is a very common problem. This problem is due to the fact that the environment is very polluted or the season is very allergic. However, when there is itching or burning in the eyes, it is ... this water. 3. Follow this procedure 2/3 times a day.

Description : What are the symptoms of high blood sugar ?

Last Answer : Almost all of us are aware of what kind of problems occur in the body as a result of rising blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels rise, it manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. Many may not know ... medical attention as soon as possible. Blood tests should be confirmed.

Description : What are the home remedies for nasal congestion ?

Last Answer : Mix half a cup of hot water with a little organic apple cider vinegar and 1 pinch of black pepper powder. Drink this mixture like tea twice a day.

Description : What can I do about my allergies ?

Last Answer : Nasivion Allergy 120 MG Tablet can be taken with doctor's advice.

Description : Is there any possibility of growing belly by eating lentils ?

Last Answer : Lentils rich in protein have many nutritional value. For example, for every 100 grams of lentils, the water content is: 12.4 grams , minerals: 2.1 grams , fiber : 0.8 grams , dietary ... . You can also exercise regularly to reduce the problem of abnormal belly growth. Hopefully it will work. Thanks

Description : How to take care of baby teeth ?

Last Answer : The first teeth to appear on the baby's face are milk teeth. The total number of milk teeth is 20. These teeth start to grow from six months after the birth of the baby. In two to three ... without throwing it away. And make sure that the child does not avoid brushing his teeth under any pretext.

Description : Is it better to eat rice or bread to reduce fat ?

Last Answer : There is no end to the debate over which is better for health , rice or bread. Health conscious people just fall into this dilemma. Nutritionists prefer rice in some cases and bread in others. In the ... health. But a certain amount of any food will make you healthy as well as help in recovery.

Description : Why does it hurt more in winter ?

Last Answer : It is true that it hurts a little more in winter But think about it , if you get a little tired playing badminton in the winter , it doesn't hurt anymore . From this it is understood that the reason ... part of the body, it also stimulates the surrounding nerves , and this is why the pain is more .

Description : What kind of food should be eaten to protect the brain ?

Last Answer : Do you forget the required date after a certain period of time, the call of a favorite song or can't remember the key even after searching for the key in your drawer which was kept some time ago ? ... , the most important organ of the body, you can put the 6 foods mentioned above in your food list.

Description : When did human milk teeth first appear ?

Last Answer : Human milk teeth are first in 6-7 months.

Description : I am 14 years old. I am very thin but my stomach is very big. Is it 'baby fat'? ?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : What is the benefit of donating blood ?

Last Answer : Donating blood helps a patient in need of blood. In return for which you can get thawab.

Description : What are some of the foods that reduce bad breath ?

Last Answer : Bad breath is an embarrassing problem. It happens in many ways. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day as a rule, you often get bad breath. In addition, the smell may be due to food. In ... eat with the most acidity. And drink plenty of water after eating. Bad breath is often caused by acidity.

Description : What are the problems of eating rice in Petpur ?

Last Answer : Almost all of us are familiar with words like "I ate rice in my stomach" or "I feel like my stomach is not full without eating rice". Eating rice in Petpur is deeply rooted in our Bengali culture. ... heart diseases. (These words apply not only to white rice , but also to any rice-based dish.)

Description : Does chewing gum cause tooth decay ?

Last Answer : Generally speaking , chewing gum does not harm teeth or mouth. However, if children eat gum , it can cause problems in the throat. According to the American Dental Association in clinical trials , ... , but the problem is that sugar makes acid. So sugar-free chewing gum is better. References

Description : What are the rules to keep the body healthy ?

Last Answer : Walking is the easiest exercise to keep the body healthy and fit. Here are some common rules of walking and some tips to make it more interesting. - Walk for a certain amount of time every day ... moving while walking. It comes with walking speed. - Walk straight into the abdomen as much as possible

Description : What is the way to avoid premature aging ?

Last Answer : 1. Garlic helps to increase youthful vigor by preventing premature aging. So you have to eat one raw garlic every day. It also helps in maintaining good health. 2. Fenugreek soaked water is very beneficial. Because this drink ... be avoided. It helps to enhance the look of age.

Description : What is the way to diagnose various diseases of the body by looking at the skin ?

Last Answer : Our skin covers most of our body. The presence of many diseases inside the body can be understood by looking at the skin. Various skin changes such as discoloration , boils, etc. can be a sign ... polycystic ovary syndrome. Along with this there may be all the symptoms like weight loss , hair loss.

Description : Are there any harmful effects of waking women up at night ?

Last Answer : Especially women who are interested in having children should not stay up at night. This is because if the lamp is lit at night or if the lamp is lit repeatedly, the production of fertility ... 8 hours in a completely dark environment. The study was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Description : What are the symptoms of a healthy and normal woman ?

Last Answer : Many women, however, are very conscious about their health. Those who are health conscious , they keep a careful eye on their body with great difficulty. But this awareness must be brought in everyone. But ... have heartburn due to change in the diet schedule for only 1 day, it is a sign of illness

Description : Is sleeping after lunch good for health ?

Last Answer : It is not right to sleep immediately after eating lunch. You should sleep 2 hours after eating or you will become fat.

Description : What's the way to stay fresh all day in the heat ?

Last Answer : It's getting hot. Get yourself ready to deal. Knowing 5 ways to stay fresh all day even in excess heat- 1. The use of more chemicals in summer affects the skin. Try using organic soap , organic ... Whenever you feel tired, wipe your face with wet tissue and spray rose water or apply aloe vera gel.

Description : What is the correct rule for cleaning earwax ?

Last Answer : Cerumen (English cerumen / səˈruːmɛn /) Serum in medical terms. Yellowish discharge from the ear canal of humans and other mammals. Serumen is a mixed secretion of altered apocrine sweat glands and ... swells and creates pressure on the external ear canal. This also causes pain in the ears.

Description : What can be done to prevent itching ?

Last Answer : Use Tibetan Ghamachi powder to prevent itching.

Description : Want to know about the health benefits of apples , please ?

Last Answer : Apple is a popular fruit with sweet taste. There is a proverb in English , An apple a day keep the doctor away. Meaning , regular apple eating does not require a doctor. Is that really so! ... of antioxidant , known as quercetin. It boosts our body's immune system and helps keep our body healthy.

Description : Do grapes have any health benefits ?

Last Answer : Grapes solve the problem of digestion as well as stomach pain. Regular consumption of grapes eliminates indigestion. Grapes are also effective in relieving indigestion. Grapefruit is one of the ... lungs. The phytonutrients in grapes help in regular blood circulation and increase insulin.

Description : What is the way to stay healthy in excess heat ?

Last Answer : It has been very hot for some days. The temperature of the day is so high that a healthy person can get sick in an instant. This requires some awareness. In this case, if you can master the ... makes the body sick. So if you feel like this, consult a doctor immediately without delay. Thanks