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Description : Which face cream is the best for cleansing oily face?

Last Answer : Clean your face with a 50/50 solution of vinegar & water. Pat dry & then use a small amount of Jojoba oil to replenish the moisture in your skin.

Description : How are critical thinking skills acquired?

Last Answer : Fine! I'll start! Yesterday my son stopped by with his two girls, age 14 months and 3 years. He changed the baby's diaper then gave it to the older girl to throw in the trash. As she was walking toward the ... around to stare at us. She said, It is too peey!!! I grinned and said, Good girl!!

Description : How to make yourself love?

Last Answer : answer:How to make yourself love someone else? Well, I have a bunch of cliches for you- that happen to be true. One- you can't love another until you love yourself. Cheesy, I know. But, in my experience, it' ... (or a loved partner) and have a kid? Well, maybe the last one is a jump but it works :)

Description : How to write a scientific report in education?

Last Answer : You can ask some professionals or find some professional books!

Description : How can I get ripped/toned like the hollister and abercrombie models?

Last Answer : Steroids! (Not entirely kidding…)

Description : Can my employer refuse my letter of resignation? a letter from HR came in the mail ten days after my letter of resignation stating that HR refused the letter of resignation.

Last Answer : It depends on your relationship with the company. If you have a contract for a specified amount of time, then yes, they can refuse you. Read your contract, if you have a copy (you should). It definitly should ... books that says that an employer can't force you to work, but I don't know. Good luck!

Description : To congratulate someone for their 10k lurve reachment how do you know when they reach it? Do you stalk them?

Last Answer : It can happen in a few ways. You could be reading a Q/quip of theirs and think HEY! shilolo just reached 10K! or you could be on their profile stalking, writing them a message or ... , I am aware offhand that eponymoushipstr and richardhenry are approaching 10k. I am sure there are others too.

Description : How will the 90's people be in 50 years?

Last Answer : I think we’ll live longer, but not necessarily healthier.

Description : How Wool is Made

Last Answer : How Wool is Made Wool is the fiber derived from the fleece or the fur of the Caprinae family. This family consists of chamois, goats, serows, sheep and relatives. Wool may is made from ... the final wool fabric. These finishing procedures will determine the warmth, durability and value of the wool.

Description : How Silk is Made

Last Answer : How Silk is Made Silk is made from the fine woven filaments of cocoons of silkworms. There are almost 70 species of silk moths. The most famous is the Bombyx mori. The caterpillar is among ... of each filament, the way each filament is looped and twisted into the silk thread are also considere

Description : How Paper is Made

Last Answer : How Paper is Made Paper is an essential commodity utilized for business and education. Paper is typically made from plant fibres. Most common would be from the fibres of trees. Other materials such as ... done to sift all the unneeded particles of the wood. The cellulose fibres will remain intact.

Description : How Many Kilometers Are In A Mile?

Last Answer : How Many Kilometers Are In A Mile? There are approximately 1.6 kilometers in a mile. The exact number is 1.609344. The kilometer is the unit used for longer distances in the metric system, which is ... conversion again in order to check this. If the result is the same, then the answer is correct.

Description : How Many Feet Are There In A Mile?

Last Answer : How Many Feet Are There In A Mile? How Many Feet Are There In A Mile? The foot and the mile are units of length. A foot is between a quarter and a third of a meter. The international ... is quite simple; one has to feed the figures to be converted and the Web site automatically gives the answer.

Description : How Magnetism Works

Last Answer : How Magnetism Works Magnetism is a physical force. It causes certain objects to attract or repel another object. This mainly occurs in objects of metallic composition. Magnetism is caused by the motion and ... a south pole. A magnet would always have two poles even if it breaks into several pieces.

Description : How is Wood Cured

Last Answer : How is Wood Cured What is Curing? Wood is ubiquitous and has several applications. Every house uses timber during some part of the construction or for interior decoration. Using good wood for ... brought to the desired moisture content level. Only then does it become workable and long lasting.

Description : How does Solar Energy Work?

Last Answer : How does Solar Energy Work? The world is facing an energy crisis. Energy resources such as oil and coal not only continue to cost more, but when burned contribute to polluting the ... energy will be a viable economic alternative to fossil fuels for producing energy for homes and businesses.

Description : How does Memory Work?

Last Answer : How does Memory Work? Every human being relies on the ability to store, retain and retrieve information; this process is facilitated by the memory. Human memory, while taken for granted by ... to our personal life, but also in business and education, much more animated research will continue.

Description : How does a Well Pump Work?

Last Answer : How does a Well Pump Work? For many people around the world, water is not piped in by the local water company; instead, it is pumped from a well. Wells range in size and depth and the ... time, electrical submersible pumps are not the best to use. Also, replacement parts can be difficult to obtain.

Description : How Does a Van de Graaff Generator Work?

Last Answer : How Does a Van de Graaff Generator Work? The Van De Graaff generator is an energy source. It could produce up to 20 million volts in charge. It is used for various physics experiments. Examples would be ... . This is a theory affected by so many factors. Time will be the sole judge of that theory.

Description : How does a Magnetic Compass Work?

Last Answer : How does a Magnetic Compass Work? A compass is one of the simplest tools available, and is extremely practical. A compass is a device that shows the direction of north. Before GPS and other ... has to be allowed to move frictionlessly. Almost any resistance will stop the magnet from turning north.

Description : How does a Centrifuge Work?

Last Answer : How does a Centrifuge Work? Centrifuges are very useful tools in today's world. You might not know it, but almost everyone has a centrifuge at home - clothes washing machine. When you visit the ... evaluated. In fact, the first centrifuges were made to separate cream from milk and help make butter.

Description : How Generators Work

Last Answer : How Generators Work Generators are devices which produce electricity. They produce electricity by converting mechanical energy from power sources. Examples would be steam, water, wind and gasoline. These ... can also be used for recreational purposes. Examples would be camping, boating or fishing.

Description : How are Paintballs Made

Last Answer : How are Paintballs Made What is a Paintball? Paintball is a sport in which the aim of the participants is to eliminate people on the other team by shooting at them paintballs. These so-called paintballs ... as soon as the balls have dried up. When ready, the paintballs are packed and moved onwards.

Description : How Hearing Aids Work

Last Answer : How Hearing Aids Work Today, millions of people around the world have hearing problems paving the way for the development and high demand for hearing aids. You may have noticed your grandma or ... ears but patience and the right usage of hearing aids can bring significant improvements in your life.

Description : How does Stress Affect Health?

Last Answer : How does Stress Affect Health? Stress is the response of the human body to changes that need adjustments. This response includes physical, emotional, mental, and psychological reactions. Stressful ... tobacco, alcohol and drugs to alleviate stress. These substances do nothing to cure stress.

Description : How Does In Vitro Fertilization Work

Last Answer : How Does In Vitro Fertilization Work Normal human fertilization occurs within the female's body. When the sperm fuses with the egg cell or ovum, an embryo is formed, and a new life begins. Healthy ... it has its share of downsides, this procedure can give couples their own little bundle of joy.

Description : How Does an MRI Work

Last Answer : How Does an MRI Work Many injuries and diseases affect the internal organs, and doctors need a reliable way to diagnose the extent and effect of an illness. Scientists have developed many ways ... to MRI, much of the guesswork that comes with diagnosis made in internal medicine are minimized.

Description : How are Jigsaw Puzzles Made

Last Answer : How are Jigsaw Puzzles Made What is a jigsaw puzzle? A jigsaw puzzle can be described as a puzzle made up of small tiles of different shapes that can interlock with one another. Each of these tiles has ... ready. You can ask anyone to look at the uncut picture and assemble the pieces with its help.

Description : How Does Soap Work?

Last Answer : How Does Soap Work? Soaps are made of potassium or sodium fatty acids. These fat-derived components are formed into soap. This is through the process called saponification. Soap molecules are bipolar. ... acids when mixed with acidic minerals. These fatty acids form what people call soap scum .

Description : How are Shadows Formed

Last Answer : How are Shadows Formed What is a shadow? A shadow is a dark region left behind an opaque object when some or all of the light coming from a source hits the object. The light cannot bend around ... more closely you move the object towards the light source, the bigger would be the shadow on the wall.

Description : How are Diamonds Made

Last Answer : How are Diamonds Made What is a Diamond? Diamonds are typically formed deep beneath the earth's surface. They are made up of pure carbon which has been placed under immense pressure for millions of years ... , diamonds can be made to grow up to 10 millimeters across and 4.5 millimeters in thickness.

Description : How are Rainbows Formed

Last Answer : How are Rainbows Formed A rainbow is a colorful bow appearing in the sky when it suddenly rains on a bright sunny day. What is a Rainbow? Sunlight is composed of light of varying wavelengths. ... behind you - spray water in front of you along all directions to see rainbows popping all around.

Description : How is Muck Formed?

Last Answer : How is Muck Formed? Muck is obtained after plants and other living organisms decay. It is a dark and moist substance, excellent as a fertilizer for plants around the house and for your garden soil. It can ... muck as a fertilizer, you can get a healthy crop, no matter what you grow in your garden.

Description : How does Wave Energy Work?

Last Answer : How does Wave Energy Work? There has been a major shift in thinking all around the world on what types of energy we should use. Unfortunately, the world currently runs on fossil fuels such as oil and ... attractive in the next couple of decades. This should lead to a spur in their wide scale use.

Description : How Electricity is Made ?

Last Answer : How Electricity is Made Electricity is produced when the balance between the protons and electrons of an atom is disrupted by a certain force. It transmits an electrical charge through solid matter. ... as the classic Dutch six-bladed wind mills. These wind mills were used in ancient times.

Description : How is energy measured ?

Last Answer : How is energy measured What is energy? Energy is the ability to do work and results in a change. It is a very commonly used word in our everyday lives. Different Forms of Energy Energy exists as ... for one hour. Horsepower is another unit of measuring energy. 1 HP is equivalent to 745.7 watts.

Description : How Do Solar Yard Lights Work?

Last Answer : How Do Solar Yard Lights Work? Solar yard lights have become extremely popular over the last several years as more and more people switch from traditional yard lighting to solar. While traditional yard ... local and state governments who now use this technology for street and park lighting as well.

Description : How Does Obesity Affect Pregnancy ?

Last Answer : How Does Obesity Affect Pregnancy It's natural for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy. Since she's eating for two, she needs more food, and she's always craving nutrition that ... examples. Exercise - Even walking around the block every morning can help you avoid dangerous health problems.

Description : How Does Obesity Effect Diabetes ?

Last Answer : How Does Obesity Effect Diabetes Obesity and diabetes are two diseases that are cause for serious concern among many Americans. Every year, more and more overweight and obese people run the risk of developing ... , you can win the battle against obesity, and save your own life at the same time.

Description : How Does Obesity Affect Sleeping ?

Last Answer : How Does Obesity Affect Sleeping Sleep is one of the most important parts of living. A normal person spends half of his life in bed to energize and get his or her body moving for everyday activities. ... night's sleep every night. It's a great way to preserve your physical and mental well-being.

Description : How Comets Fly ?

Last Answer : How Comets Fly The chemical compositions of comets are of frozen gases such as water vapour, methane and carbon dioxide. The dust particles of the comet produce its tail. This happens when it approaches the ... end up as bits of rocks floating in space. It may also melt away and vanish completely.

Description : How to Swaddle a Baby ?

Last Answer : How to Swaddle a Baby When your baby is in his infant years, he prefers to lie down, sleep and be cuddled all the time. Babies love the comforting feeling of being wrapped, reminding them of being in ... , by swaddling him properly. This way, you'll have your hands free and your baby snug and comfy.

Last Answer : Secondary  voltage=6×110/220 =3V, 60 Hz

Description : A charge of 0.1 C moves past a given point every 0.01 s. How much is the current?

Last Answer : The current is 10.0A.  1ampere = 1 Coulomb per 1 second.  0.1Coulombs ÷ 0.01seconds = 10.0amperes.

Description : List at least two examples that show how static electricity can be generated.

Last Answer : Examples of how static electricity can be generated include combing your hair, walking across a carpeted room, or sliding two pieces of plastic across each other.

Description : How does the resistance of a conductor compare to that of an insulator?

Last Answer : The resistance of a conductor can be significantly lower than the resistance of an insulator, depending on each material's atomic properties.

Last Answer : Digital inverter or analog? Actually as you know, a transistor by itself is already an inverter however you can use resistive load inverter for digital circuits by having two mosfets, pmos at the top ... be connected and that connection should have a pulse signal in order to switch the mosfets. 

Description : How to find total impedance Z, current I and Impedance angle ?

Last Answer : How to find total impedance Z, current I and Impedance angle ?

Description : How do you find power in a circuit?

Last Answer : Power can be find in a circuit by the means of meters .if an individual want to check for a power in a circuit he/she Calabria the meters on a high voltage range and put the meters Lee in parallel with the circuit he /she will know the amount of power within that circuit .

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