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Description : Drink Driving and who's responsible?

Last Answer : Try to take the keys away from a person four times over the limit. That isn't going to end well. That is why you get the keys from them first. And it is really hard to judge how fucked up ... had just got to his house after dollar drink night and he seemed sober. Turns out he was fucked up too.

Description : Why does every relationship question consist of one paragraph?

Last Answer : My recent one wasn’t. I had lots of nifty little paragraphs. ;-P But I know what you’re talking bout’.

Description : State two applications of : (i) PVC paper (ii) Porcelain with type of class based on withstand temperature is insulating material. 

Last Answer :  (i) Application of PVC paper : 1. It is used in slot lining or motor winding insulation purpose 2. For Insulation of Transformer winding (ii) Application of Porcelain : 1. Mainly used for manufacturing ... on withstand temperature : * H' & C' Class of insulation i e. 180° and above 180°C 

Description : State suitable single phase motor for following applications: (i) Table fan (ii) Mixers and Grinders

Last Answer : Application Suitable Single Phase Motor Table Fan 1) Capacitor split phase motor 2) Capacitor start capacitor run motor Mixers and Grinders 1) Universal motor 2) A.C. Series motor

Description : Explain the lighting scheme to be designed for each of the following: i) Special ward in hospitals ii) Dentist’s Cabin 

Last Answer : i) Special ward in hospital: For the patients in the wards, lighting should create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Lighting in the wards should be planned in such a way that it meets the specific ... we use such as cements and bonding agents that we use to restore your teeth back to health.

Description :  Compare the salient features of LED and CFL based on: i] Lamp Efficiency ii] Life span 

Last Answer : Parameter LED CFL Lamp Efficiency  High (more than 70 lumen per watt) Comparatively less (50-60 lumen per watt) Life span (in working hours) 10000 3000

Description : State the applications and specification of (i) Resistor (ii) Capacitor (iii)Inductor

Last Answer : Application of resistor: 1.Resistors are used in high frequency instrument. 2.Resistor is used in power control circuit. 3.It is used in DC power supplies. 4.Resistors are used ... DC Current  3.Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)  4.Magnetic Saturation Flux Density  5.Curie Temperature 

Description : Define: i) Input Offset Voltage ii) Input offset Current iii) Input Bias Current iv) Output offset voltage

Last Answer : Definition of parameters of OPAMP is follows:  i) Input Offset Voltage: Input offset voltage is defined as the voltage that must be applied between the two input terminals of an OPAMP to null or ... to ground) and output voltage is obtained non zero such voltage is output offset voltage of opamp.

Description : Write applications of each of the following:(i) Fuse (ii) MCB (iii) MCCB.

Last Answer : i) Applications of fuse:  * Used in domestic installations to provide short circuit protection.  * Used in commercial / Industrial installations to provide overload and short circuit protection.  * Used in ...  * Rectifiers panels,  * U.P.S, Electronic equipment,  * Motors,  * Furnaces

Description : How to find total impedance Z, current I and Impedance angle ?

Last Answer : How to find total impedance Z, current I and Impedance angle ?

Description : Explain V- I method of measurement of medium resistance. 

Last Answer : In this method, use suitable source, ammeter and voltmeter and connect them as shown in the above diagram. Take reading of voltmeter and ammeter, then value of resistance = R = V/I Ω To minimise the error take 4 to 5 observation for the same resistance and take their average.

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