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Description : "FWB" He says he can't offer me what I want right now?

Last Answer : “He says he can’t offer me what I want right now” What is it you want? That would make it more clear in order to get answers. And what is FWB?

Description : As a Canadian living in the States, do I need a passport to go to Toronto?

Last Answer : I would guess you need to have a passport just to travel between the border. To prove your identity and such. I’m not sure your citizenship matters.

Description : What is Newton?

Last Answer : One Newton is that amount of force which acting on one-kilogram mass for one second gives an acceleration 1 meter/sec/sec. 

Description : State two applications of : (i) PVC paper (ii) Porcelain with type of class based on withstand temperature is insulating material. 

Last Answer :  (i) Application of PVC paper : 1. It is used in slot lining or motor winding insulation purpose 2. For Insulation of Transformer winding (ii) Application of Porcelain : 1. Mainly used for manufacturing ... on withstand temperature : * H' & C' Class of insulation i e. 180° and above 180°C 

Description : What is PLL? Explain its operation with a block diagram.

Last Answer : PLL - A phase-locked loop or phase lock loop is a control system that generates an output signal whose phase is related to the phase of an input signal Block diagram  ... to the input frequency. The phase - locked loop goes through three states free running capture and phase lock.

Description : What is earthing? Give the importance of earthing.

Last Answer : Meaning of earthing: Connecting the metallic frame of the electrical machines /any electrical equipment body etc. to ground by using wire/conductor is known as earthing.  Importance of Earthing:  ... currents. 5. To provide stable platform for operation of sensitive electronic equipment's. 

Description : What is back emf? 

Last Answer : Back EMF: When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field it experiences a force; when it moves due to the force it (conductor) cuts the magnetic field due to which an emf is ... (hence the applied armature voltage) is opposed by the induced emf which is therefore called as Back emf.

Last Answer : Electrode is a conductor use to make contact with non-metallic part of circuit. anode and cathode are electrodes.

Description : Which is a semiconductor: copper, silicon, or neon?

Last Answer : Copper is a metal. Silicon is a semiconductor. Neon is inert gas.

Description : Which is the best conductor: silver, carbon, or iron?

Last Answer : Silver is the best conductor. Carbon is the semiconductor. Iron have less conductance as compared to silver.

Description : A charge of 0.1 C moves past a given point every 0.01 s. How much is the current?

Last Answer : The current is 10.0A.  1ampere = 1 Coulomb per 1 second.  0.1Coulombs ÷ 0.01seconds = 10.0amperes.

Description : What is another name for an insulator?

Last Answer : Dielectric material is another name for an insulator.

Description : Is the power line voltage available in our homes a dc or an ac voltage?

Last Answer : The power line voltage available in our homes is AC. Mobile dwellings are the most commonly DC-supplied homes and even then they tend to include AC supply for heavier loads.

Description : What is the smallest unit of a compound with the same chemical characteristics?

Last Answer : The molecule is the smallest unit of a compound with the same chemical characteristics.

Description : In a metal conductor, what is a free electron?

Last Answer :  When many atoms are close together in a copper wire, the outermost orbital electron of each copper atom can easily break free from its home or parent atom. These electrons then can migrate easily ... random. Such electrons that can move freely from one atom to the next are called free electrons.

Description : What is the function of an electrical filter ?

Last Answer : Filter separates different components that are mixed together. Electrical filter can separate different frequency components. Electrical filters are the electrical circuits which are use to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal.

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