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Description : What was the first job that you had and how old were you?

Last Answer : When I was a sophomore, I got a job working in the town library as a page. I shelved books. Hence my early love for the Dewey Decimal system was born!

Description : Anyone else unlovable? Are you Happy?

Last Answer : Sounds like you are requiring others to validate your life and your happiness. I used to do that and was miserable. Now I am happy. I started worrying about me what I did, what I said, etc ... some professional help to work through some of the issues you have with trying to find your self-esteem.

Description : Who has experienced the worst in life and still thinks life is worth living?

Last Answer : I have a hard time picturing a life that is nonstop tragedy, suffering, and trauma. Life tends to be ups and downs in my experience. And in some cases, I find it is the individual that ... kind of put down I'm suggesting you might have physiological or mental issues that could be controlled/healed.

Description : What do you think of this doomsday prediction?

Last Answer : I believe 750 years is cheerfully optimistic unless we miraculously find some other planet to ruin, along with the ability to reach it.

Description : Is it important to you that you leave a mark on the world?

Last Answer : Nope not at all. I really could care less about any legacies ,I hope Mrs Squeeky would miss me but that is about it.

Description : Why do you live where you do?

Last Answer : Because I finally broke away from an abusive relationship, family and city life. I made my break around age 40+ years as it was time for me to see what other places were like, plus it offerred me a ... me to end up here as I was accusstomed to it already on a smaller scale early in my childhood.

Description : What sci-fi/technothriller books, or the like, have robotic UFOs, robotic aliens, and plan to turn humans into/merge humans with robots?

Last Answer : There is of course the Borg from Star Trek, the Cybermen from Doctor Who, and if organics are allowed, perhaps the Thing, from “the Thing”.

Description : Has anyone ever given you a second chance?

Last Answer : My brother let me stay with him and his husband for a year and a half while I was fighting depression. I was the classic annoying brother-in-law. It might have worked out OK for 6 ... holidays last Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was nice to reconnect. It was comfortable. We erased the friction.

Description : Is humor important in your life?

Last Answer : Crucial!

Description : What was the last beautiful thing that made you cry?

Last Answer : So much music can do that to me. The last time was this one at the holidays. I dance to it with my Mom who is 87 and had not seen here since pre-covid. Reminded me of family trips as a kid Moonlight in Vermont

Description : Should I have the blues about this pandemic?

Last Answer : Cheer up. Things may look bleak now, but it will pass. New realities usually create new opportunities. Eventually a brighter future will emerge. That will pass too. It’s a long strange trip. Sit near a window.

Description : How many times have you gazed at a sunset so far?

Last Answer : Hundreds probably.

Description : What have you learned about yourself in the last few years?

Last Answer : I am extremely resilient. In the face of trauma, I expertly use tools to bounce back and thrive.

Description : Why isn't comedy appreciated more as an art form?

Last Answer : …And I know, because I’m not that funny.

Description : Do you frequently have moments of synchronicity?

Last Answer : I do, ALL THE TIME. Almost every single day. It happens so much that I can almost tell ahead of time it's going to happen. When a thought or memory of something enters my thinking without much or ... to it but it just happens too frequently for me not to so I mentally file it away as unexplained.

Description : How did your sleep patterns change as you got older?

Last Answer : In my teens, I could sleep 14 hours straight. When I hit 23, I developed insomnia. I didn’t sleep at all for 3 straight months. I still struggle to sleep.

Description : Thoughts on how this design will affect assisted suicide?

Last Answer : I have read about this, and I am supportive of assisted suicide, and of a method that allows a peaceful end to extreme suffering.

Description : If you could sue every one who hurt you and them the same to you would you make a profit?

Last Answer : I would be so very dirty, rotten, filthy, stinking rich.

Description : Do you think that nursing homes are orphanages for old folks?

Last Answer : No. Orphanages are for children who have lives to live and hopes that they will be adopted. They have something to look forward to in life. Nursing homes are for old people who can't fend for ... folks who can still get around fairly well. They can hope to look forward to a few more years.

Description : My mother is asking me for money from my inheritance - how should I go about it?

Last Answer : The text message from earlier today was me asking my mom Do you remember the day my father died you asked me for money? My mother's response to my question- She wrote her full name, $3,600 then wrote ... with my life ? I feel hurt my mom only cares about the money. Sorry for such a long question.

Description : What scientific books can I find on the study of souls, and the possibility of other non-organic lifeforms to have such souls?

Last Answer : The existence of souls is not experimentally falsifiable, and is therefore outside the realm of science. In short, there are no scientific books on the subject. Link

Description : Banal question: Is there a scientific theory in which the evolution of human beings and another kind of organism that have a common source means the same thing as when an organism evolves from humans?

Last Answer : As far as I know human beings and all other organisms do share a common source and evolution is a continuing process for all organisms, including man. That’s what the theory of evolution explains.

Description : Do I choose a big company or a startup to start a new life in another country?

Last Answer : A 10 year old startup with 200 employees doesn't sound like a very risky proposition to me. It seems like they've established themselves reasonably well. And you're 27 and single so no dependents. I would ... the most. Seems like potentially a win-win. This won't be the last job you'll ever have.

Description : When did everything go right/wrong for you?

Last Answer : Every thing was perfect when I was 4 years old and living with my mom. Every thing went to hell in my second year of university when I was in my early twenties. It’s finally all neutral and positive now. Took 20 years to fix. 26,500+ years if you believe in reincarnation.

Description : Is just living life day to day in the present good enough?

Last Answer : Depends on the person, for some sure,others want a lot more out of life.

Description : If the singularity is a real concern how can we figure out it even occurred?

Last Answer : Man creates machines. They don’t create themselves and never will.

Description : What's the best way to respond to the new Texas abortion law? If women believe they have the right to control their own bodies, free from government interference, what choices do they have?


Description : How can we bear all the bad news in the world today?

Last Answer : The destruction of the earth's eco-system as we know it (and as it will support us and many other familiar species) is the one that gets me no matter what. The other prospects are also ... is developing in an overall progressive way, but what we're seeing are reactions from people chafing at that.

Description : Are logic, integrity, honesty overrated? Is that why they seem to be on the verge of extinction?

Last Answer : Logic, integrity and honesty are overrated when they get in the way of political agendas.

Description : What was the first birthday that really made you feel old?

Last Answer : My 30th shook me pretty hard, I bawled. Happy Birthday to you! Just enjoy having a young, pain-free body as long as you can.

Description : Has the time come to begin sending Earth-life capsules out into the galaxy?

Last Answer : That is some crazy sci-fi. Before the technology could ever exist, mankind will/would snuff itself out, and we are already headed that way. So, too little, too late.

Description : How would we roll out a rare vaccine that causes immortality?

Last Answer : First, let’s remember the story of Tithonus in Greek mythology: According to the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, when Eos asked Zeus to grant Tithonus eternal life, the god consented. But Eos forgot to ask also for eternal youth, so her husband grew old and withered.

Description : Is there ever a cure for OPD?

Last Answer : I find people tend to calm down when they retire, so my cure is less work and less stress. No guarantee though.

Description : Do you do any of these things that indicate that you are old?

Last Answer : Using cash Umm I first used cash when I was 5 years old. Does that mean I was an old 5-year-old? :D But if they said thinking twice when using cash that would be a different story. Getting bills ... not that good. It's one of those 10 things you need to do to be mature kinds of things.

Description : My boyfriend is talking to himself during showering?

Last Answer : If it’s only when he showers, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Description : What is your worst source of stress right now?

Last Answer : Finding my Ikigai. Should I save up for university? Even though I failed out twice? After I pay off my bills what’s to stop me from racking up credit again? What do I do with my time? Do I have a mental illness or just leftover teen age angst? Stuff like that.

Description : Could post corporeal existence be a viable form of life?

Last Answer : According to many people, yes to the parts abut spirits that survive (and precede) corporeal death, and alien visitors.

Description : Do you think you're an introspective person?

Last Answer : Every… Waking… Moment. I used to analyze every mistake and then hallucinate until the pain goes away. Anti-depressants help and of course lots of time. Pizza and meat helps, to reduce the emotional pain. As does sleeping under the air conditioning. While hugging my pillows.

Description : What kind of death bothers you the most?

Last Answer : Children and pets.

Description : What was something you were unhappy about, but decided to accept?

Last Answer : Aging

Description : What was something you were unhappy about, but decided to change?

Last Answer : My relationship with my mother. It had been terrible for two decades due to her behavior (as a result of a mental illness). Once my dad died, I decided to try and make it better - meet in the middle, ... 't be bothered. Told me to fuck off and I never heard from her again. This was twelve years ago.

Description : What would you do in this "lost-in-space" scenario?

Last Answer : I would use the oxygen in my suit to rig up a jet to push me back to the space station.

Description : Have you ever been given advice on learning some ordinary task, that you realized later was a guide for the rest of your life?

Last Answer : My Dad taught me to do good work, and not to settle on doing it as well as everyone else.

Description : Were all the people that experienced 'near deaths' heading for heaven?

Last Answer : LOL! GREAT question!

Description : Have you ever taken a vacation trip that changed your life?

Last Answer : Well, the summer I was in the UK and met my EX while I was hitchhiking certainly changed my life.

Description : What am I?

Last Answer : How old are you, first of all?

Description : Doesn't living for others assume you know others' true needs?

Last Answer : I think you’ve got the meaning of that phrase wrong. Living for others means that you are living a life that is shaped by other people’s validation. You are not being yourself and are trying to please others because you want them to approve of you – that’s what the phrase means.

Description : If given the chance to stay on Earth as a ghost unable to make your presence known to anyone and can only stay within a few miles from your resting place, will you take it and for how long?

Last Answer : Do I get to pick the resting place?

Description : If a time machine could take you back to another time period in your life, what period would you go back to?

Last Answer : Only for a bit? I would choose practicality and buy lotto that would win. If not that the first thing I could think of is go back around 2003 when my dog passed away and I was abroad when it ... to recall those were my happiest days as a kid. Despite never getting the toys I wanted. Not once.

Description : Why most people first work full-time, then want to be stay-at-home for their kids?

Last Answer : What are you asking? Why do humans have a desire to raise their children? Is that what you’re asking?