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Description : Requesting Refill Recommendation for Low Lava Lamp Liquid?

Last Answer : This probably has everything you wanted to know, plus some. :)

Description : How to Make Liquid Soap

Last Answer : Washing with liquid soap is a quick way to get rid of dirt and germs from your hands. The soap's thick base needs a little lathering to get the job done. With only a small amount, it ... as some of the procedures are, you're actually ensuring your own cleanliness, which is a good thing.

Description : How To Make Soap Bubble Blowing Liquid

Last Answer : Ingredients: 4 cups water 12 teaspoons glycerine 8 teaspoons liquid tincture of green soap (available from drugstore but as a substitute, grate or grind very pure toilet soap and use 8 teaspoons of the resulting powder) Instructions: Mix together gently. Let liquid stand for 24 hours before using.

Description : How To Make Bubble Liquid

Last Answer : Materials: 16 Scoops of water 2 Scoops of dish soap 1 Scoop of glycerine Instructions: Mix together and store tightly covered. Best when aged! If you use a one ounce scoop it works out to 16 oz of water, 2 oz of dish soap, and 1 oz of glycerine.

Description : How To Make Basic Liquid Gel Soap

Last Answer : 2 cups soap flakes or grated bar soap 1/2 gallon water 2 tbsp glycerin Mix ingredients together in a large pot or dutch oven. Set over low heat, stirring occasionally until the soap has dissolved. Transfer to a jar and cover tightly. For a less thick gel soap, use 1 gallon of water.

Description : How to restore a bathroom with liquid acrylic?

Last Answer : During operation, a bathtub, like any other piece of furniture, gradually wears out. Mostly, the enamel coating deteriorates: the gloss and shine of whiteness disappear, traces of rust, smudges, ... be suitable (excess acrylic will drain into the prepared container, directly under the drain hole).

Description : What is liquid wallpaper and how to apply it correctly?

Last Answer : What is liquid wallpaper and how to apply it correctly? What could be easier than wallpapering the walls? Nothing complicated, but if we are talking about liquid wallpaper - a modern finishing ... house, a modern office - this material will be an excellent solution for decorating any interior.

Description : Following are the different liquid propellants used in rocket engines 

Last Answer : Following are the different liquid propellants used in rocket engines 1. kerosene, Liquid oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen similar to kerosene 2. Alcohol and its derivatives (Ethyl Alcohol) 3. hydrazine and its derivatives 4. Hydrogen peroxide 5. liquid hydrogen

Description : State gaseous and liquid insulating material.

Last Answer : i) Gaseous insulating material : 1. Air 2. Nitrogen 3. Hydrogen 4. SF6 ii) liquid insulating material: 1. Transformer oil 2. Capacitor oil 3. Cable oil 4. Pyranol 5. Savotal 6. Savol 7. Vegetable oil 8. Silicon liquids

Description : Give examples of different types of fuels. Also state any two advantages of liquid fuels over solid fuels.

Last Answer : Examples of different types of fuels:- 1. Indian Coal : It contain 30 to 40 % ash but sulphur content is less than 1%.. 2. Imported coal: It contents low ash about 10% but sulphur ... can be controlled to match the load requirements. 13. Rapid and efficient starting of the boilers from cold.

Description : The material used in liquid fuses is  (1) SF6 (3) carbon tetra chloride (2) distilled water (4) transformer oil

Last Answer : The material used in liquid fuses is  carbon tetra chloride

Description : Liquid flow rate is measured using (A) a pirani gauge (B) a pyrometer (C) an orifice plate (D) a bourdon tube

Last Answer : Liquid flow rate is measured using an orifice plate

Description : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Last Answer : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel electronic display device which uses light modulating properties of liquid crystal. ... pixel and passive pixel display do not consist of switch at each pixel.

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