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Description : This is for anyone anti-abortion; could you tell a rape victim "Sorry, you have to carry the fetus to term?"

Last Answer : That would be an incredibly cruel thing to say. However, it's inaccurate to tell a woman considering an abortion that all they're going to do is to ... -term harm to her.

Description : Does someone have to be good at math to be logical?

Last Answer : Dunning Kruger effect The fact that you know that you don't know makes you ahead of most people. You need to be good at logic to be good at math. Math is easier when you scale back to when you ... math with a 50% average. I just need to buy a grade 9 math textbook and do the homework assignments.

Description : How long until Tucker Carlson and Fox News begin advocating for concentration camps and mass killings?

Last Answer : I wish we could deport him. Such an awful man.

Description : Might this be a good approach for handling disagreements?

Last Answer : Good article. I can appreciate that we have different experiences and knowledge and that perhaps we see things from a vastly different perspective based on region/ party, etc… I’m not sure that your article addresses the antagonism from the Dems that many of us experience however.

Description : Does buying a Mega Millions ticket for a chance for $1.6 billion make any logical sense?

Last Answer : Well, what were the odds of my first cousin winning a 90 million Powerball? In fact, what were the odds of me even being born? I say it’s worth the risk.

Description : Reasoning/logic question: Premises, conclusion?

Last Answer : I would lean towards C. There is not enough information to arrive at a conclusion.

Description : Are some people subconsciously threatened by logic?

Last Answer : You can’t use logic to fight logic. You need emotions and instinct to fight logic. Some people don’t want to be dominated by expert authority or any authority.

Description : Do you remember the first time you tried to explain a problem logically, only to be shut down?

Last Answer : answer:I was dismissed too many times to remember. And how did you get your thing in the end?

Description : What logical chain of cause and effect led you to an unexpected place in your life?

Last Answer : answer:I hadn't even heard of [college I ended up going to] until it was already about time to start applying. I went to a college fair and saw their booth. I was mostly applying the *PI's and *IT's ... that project. It's a few years later now and he's my boyfriend of 2 years and we live together.

Description : How are people that go on Survivor so bad at making fire?

Last Answer : answer:I can’t watch shows like that. They must deliberately choose incompetent people. My child knows the three components of fire (oxygen, fuel, heat) and how to find dry kindling. Besides, yes, very thrilling, you’re going to “survive” for two months in a place where people already live. Woo hoo.

Description : Why didn't Cinderella's glass shoes turn back to normal?

Last Answer : She didn’t have shoes.

Description : Why do people come up with sayings like "Everything in Moderation"?

Last Answer : answer:Pretty much anything in mythology that societies borrow from to attempt to put a story behind certain concepts in life that are near impossible to explain. Any colloquialism about the purpose of life or the ... well when you have to try and explain them to a child. Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.

Description : How many times have you seen people disqualify logic for the sake of morality?

Last Answer : Well, believing in God is a good example of defying logic so I see it 24/7

Description : Should a video game be logically consistent internally?

Last Answer : answer:If changes in physics are a plot point, then I accept and enjoy them. Example: Psychonauts. The premise of the game is that you explore worlds that represent people's minds. When you ... bottomless abysses. If the physics are changing for no reason whatsoever ..that would just be annoying.

Description : Explain to me Sherlock Holmes' Crazy Wall of Clues?

Last Answer : answer:Most people only have so much working memory , and thus can only hold so much information actively at once before things start falling off the table . By using an external aid like crazy ... top 0.01% of humanity, it's a useful tool to aid deduction by presenting more facts simultaneously.

Description : Regarding Michael Brown Ferguson incident, what fallacy is being used to justify this statement?

Last Answer : answer:There's no equivalence stated or implied, so it's not a false equivalence. The strong arm robbery' is apparently a reference to the claim that Brown robbed a convenience store before Officer Wilson shot him ... If I had to give it a name I'd probably go with repeating rumors from Fox News.

Description : Does this logic make sense?

Last Answer : No. Most I.Q. isn’t inherited. Maybe from the mother, but mostly no.

Description : Do you like breathing?

Last Answer : I rather like being alive, and breathing helps that, so yes.

Description : What's the strangest thing you've ever heard of?

Last Answer : Seriously- Not to troll, but the idea that laying off government workers in a depression will increase economic activity somehow makes my head explode.

Description : Can this paradox be resolved?

Last Answer : How is it a benefit to swap? You’re getting money either way, so I don’t think it’s fair to say that getting ½ of what you could have gotten is a benefit.

Description : Can someone explain the halting to me?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Care to enjoy this comedian as he "destroys" atheism with just one question?

Last Answer : I didn’t know Sacha Baron Cohen had rebooted Ali G.

Description : If you had to answer why the axioms of logic and mathematics are the way they are, what would you say?

Last Answer : I'm a bit confused at what you're asking, but here is how I understand it: Why do we have axioms and why are they the way they are? If this is what you are asking, then I think ... they are truths about the world, or truths we hold to be self-evident, to quote the Declaration of Independence.

Description : What do you call people who have the ability to make a connection between seemingly unrelated things?

Last Answer : You’ve got very different questions here, @flo. Your subject line asks one thing and your details ask something else. Could you please restate for clarity what it is that you’re asking?

Description : Are you concerned about today's solar flare?

Last Answer : Solar activity isn’t worth worrying about. You literally can’t do anything about it. People used to worship that thing, and rightly so. We are at its whim, so don’t question your creator.

Description : What is an NP problem? Does this refer to a specific kind of logic problem?

Last Answer : I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that NP here stands for Neurolinguistic Programming… Although that is normally abbreviated to NLP… (have you pm’d the person who wrote NP in their answer?)

Description : Is there a general solution to the water-bucket logic problem? (see details)

Last Answer : answer:I'm just speculating but, given the quickest solution, (fill 5, use 5 to fill 3, empty 3, pour remianing 2 in 3, fill 5, use 5 to fill the remainder of 3, 5 contains 4) you'd have to have a ... but maybe that's the rule. That's all i've time for, i will try to elaborate on it during the day.

Description : Are there any solutions to this logic (?) problem involving modular arithmetic?

Last Answer : this has multiple answers that are possible.

Description : Do you examine premises, even/especially your own?

Last Answer : answer:Man, I first read “premises” as “penises”. I have got to get out more.

Description : What is two times less than 16?

Last Answer : answer:This is why there is innumeracy in the world. It makes no sense, because times is multiplication, but less is subtraction and division, so the statement is nonsense and any solution can be ... defend 16/4 easily. If this question was posed by a teacher or a book, I would complain.

Description : Logic Problem: How to separate the real and counterfeit coins in the fewest number of turns?

Last Answer : This is very likely wrong, but my gut says to divide the stack into 4 piles of 4. Test each batch, and then further subdivide batches that come out as positive by 2 and then finally ... counterfeit. Interesting puzzle. Do you know the answer, or are you just trying to solve the dilemma?

Description : Why is killing somebody wrong?

Last Answer : If you don’t want it done to you, you must not do it to anyone else.

Description : Is emotion or logic more important in humanity ?

Last Answer : In the most literal sense, “humanity” is the act of being human, and I’d therefore place emotion as the necessary ingredient. Logic is important, as we need to conduct our human affairs in intelligent ways, but our emotional ties to other beings set us apart.

Description : I have a logic problem (knights and knaves) I need help with?

Last Answer : answer:Here, you have to use a lot of boolean logic. When a knight or knave says that something is true or false, they take the statement, evaluate it, and then either tell the ... no assumptions and eliminated every other possibility, we know that Knight Knight is the only possible combination.

Description : Can any of you turn off your emotions?

Last Answer : answer:No, and nor should you. That said, you need to find appropriate ways to deal with the painful ones. That is traditionally done in a support group or with a therapist whom you trust. These ... spent very useful time with both a cancer support group and a therapist. Best money I ever spent.

Description : Anybody here familiar with paraconsistent logic?

Last Answer : I’d love to help you out and it does sound interesting, but I didn’t even understand the definition of paraconsistent logic that I found.

Description : Is there a conspiracy to generate conspiracy theories?

Last Answer : I am sure there is a push for certain conspiracies to get amplified for certain gains. On the other hand, there are sometimes real reasons to mistrust the government.

Description : Would you trust a doctor who gave the same prescription no matter what your symptoms?

Last Answer : answer:How do you suggest we change this? I once had a psychiatrist that thought Prozac was the problem to all of life’s problems. I remedied this by going to a betters psychiatrist. I don’t think the same strategy will work here.

Description : How good is your mathematical intuition?

Last Answer : answer:As I thought about the solution to the first problem I realized that it's exactly the way to resolve the second one. Take the difference between five times the lowest number in the set (5x), and the ... than the square of any other number means you will be working in the range of -1 to 1.

Description : What causes some people to hate gays/lesbians/transgender people?

Last Answer : answer:Nature causes a discomfort. But I would say it’s more like the discomfort associated with people who don’t like flan knowing that someone else is ordering flan. For the hate – and I hate to say it – I would have to go with religion.

Description : How can I write a program to generate all partitions of a set?

Last Answer : Do you want to generate all subsets, or all partitions?

Description : I don't get this joke, so will you help me out?

Last Answer : ROTFLMMFAO!!!!! I have a dry sense of humor, so most jokes that crack other people up leave me going, “eh…” But that sent me into hysterics!!!

Description : In politics, you must think both long and short term to be effective. What's a good analogy for that?

Last Answer : Seeing the big picture? Seeing the forest and the trees? Thinking like a successful business man?. Planning for today and tomorrow? Consuming oil today but planting bioenergy crops for tomorrow?

Description : Why do people not want to believe logic when it points to what they do not support?

Last Answer : You have not been watching “V”. Actually I wonder the same thing- the arrogance of these people is hard to stomach.

Description : Who should pay for the car's dent?

Last Answer : answer:C is responsible for the damage. He should pay. Since he can’t, A gets screwed from helping friends out. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Description : Is there ever a time when logic is not the correct tool to use?

Last Answer : Yes, when you need to empathize with someone. What I mean is to listen, to understand what they are thinking and feeling, and to perhaps comfort them (rather than to solve their problem). Emotions are often irrational and/or illogical.

Description : What's the logical fallacy for when you change your mind on something and then people label you as wrong?

Last Answer : Not sure, but I’m sure you’ll find your answer here

Description : What's so new about New Age?

Last Answer : The term puzzles me as well.

Description : Brain Teaser: How well can you trust your intution?

Last Answer : My brain hurts just reading this question.

Description : What is the difference between a red herring and a Non Sequitur?

Last Answer : A red herring is something that looks like it's significant/important but is misleading. Mystery novels almost always have a few red herrings so they can surprise you in the end. A non sequitir, as the ... name suggests, is something that doesn't follow - it's out of the blue, out of sequence