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Description : Do you think Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were in "love"?

Last Answer : I think people can find love in mutual interests, whether good or bad. I’d see myself falling in love with someone that fought next to me. Their shared bond was obviously over playing chess with lives and political statehood.

Description : Is there a wall somewhere (Rome?) where people place slips of paper hoping to further their romantic dreams?

Last Answer : Perhaps it’s the Romeo & Juliet wall of love in Verona, Italy.

Description : Should the wife get back together with her husband?

Last Answer : I think it sounds like a really bad movie.

Description : What do you think of when you're searching for a reason to hope?

Last Answer : I listen to music. Right now, I’ve got an album of piano and violin duets playing.

Description : I'm in love with my bestfriend, I'm often distracted while studying because I always want to talk to him, though we don't talk a lot of hours. Now my exams are arriving, shall I stop talking to him or not?

Last Answer : Wait til after exams to do anything. Cool it with the talking and thinking about him for now, study and pass your exams and then come back to it. Welcome to Fluther! Come back when exams are over and ask us again.

Description : What are the little things that you are thankful for?

Last Answer : Clean drinking tap water.

Description : Is human monogamous love detrimental in trait selection?

Last Answer : Maybe action heroes like spider man, and super man are good examples of this sort of story. Heroes could be lessons on mate selection.

Description : Which is harder for you to do in a romantic relationship, dumping someone or recovering after getting dumped?

Last Answer : Recovering.

Description : How do you deal with heartbreak?

Last Answer : I have 13 pages written in my journal. I hope I can read it to him. I talked with his friend for 2.5hrs trying to see if I can fix this and we are working on it…

Description : I am happily married to my guy, but I like one girl. I just want to tell that girl what I feel about her. I don't have her contact number except I know she is on Instagram. She is married too. Should I tell her about my feelings? How?

Last Answer : How can you really be in love with someone you have never spoken with? You can't. You are in lust and you have this fantasy of who and what she is built up in your mind. You may not be ... another woman, stalking her on Instagram, etc., you are mentally cheating. Stop it. It will not go anywhere.

Description : Can someone please help me understand this? I'm a white male, but for some reason I can only find people who are Asian, or look Asian attractive.

Last Answer : Go with it. It’s ok.

Description : Am I damaging my 26 month old grandson?

Last Answer : Now. He just thinks you’re magic. Gramps are supposed to be magic. He’ll ask when the time comes.

Description : Are you already preparing for post-pandemic life?

Last Answer : I am sending out the orgy invitations tomorrow.

Description : Can I please just thank my fellow jellies?

Last Answer : Glad you are walking toward the light :) (((((((((HUG)))))))))

Description : Do you want to share a love story with us?

Last Answer : Wonderful

Description : How has everyone been?

Last Answer : Just hangin.' Signed up for Medicare this year. Still on target to work 5½ more years before I take Social Security. My old 91 Nissan pick-up continues to run well with over 260,000 miles A/C still ... up, which is good since it was falling off for so VERY long Glad things are improving for you!

Description : What would happen most likely if the Earth and all its inhabitants have only three years to live?

Last Answer : A massive spike in crime rate, mainly murder and rape, and a complete collapse of economies and governments. Humanity will go down like a senile old man that shat his pants when he died, and decomposed in a pool of his own shit.

Description : What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Last Answer : Loved that film. Captured small town life quite well IMO. Most people feel like Gilbert at some point in their life. It can be soul crushing to be tied down and held back with unwanted responsibility through no fault of your own.

Description : What's your opinion about romantic love between siblings?

Last Answer : Absolutely none of my business as long as any consummation is consensual.

Description : Do you have any regrets?

Last Answer : I regret the burnt perm I had in the 80’s.

Description : What do you do that you absolutely love?

Last Answer : I absolutely love my art class, portrait drawing and painting. It has been wonderful for me. I’ve learned so much, and I can see real gains in my work.

Description : Has anyone noticed the tribute to Auggie at the top of the page?

Last Answer : It’s very sweet. I want to hand poor Dr Jelly a hankie.

Description : Would one of you techie folks be able to change Dr. J's hat to one that has the letter A on it, in honor of the late great Auggie?

Last Answer : And possibly change the candy cane to a whip?

Description : Should you love someone who is not financially stable?

Last Answer : Is that person stuck in that job forever? Can you support yourself (and potentially a family)? Is the person in the lower paying job because it's a non-profit that benefits the community? ... using this as the sole point of judgement is probably unwise, especially if the person is relatively young.

Description : For some people is the answer to their pain to cause other people to have even MORE pain?

Last Answer : ~Misery loves company. Anger is a normal stage of grief.

Description : Is there a chance you’ll fall in love with an android?

Last Answer : People fall in love with all sorts of objects, critters, and animated characters. Why would an android be any different?

Description : Do you think that, if a father has a biological child and an adopted child, they can love each other?

Last Answer : Whether they are related by blood or not, love finds a way. *pant *pant

Description : Do you think that, in order to love someone, you have to know everything about that person?

Last Answer : Nobody can know everything about anyone. It’s true that knowledge enhances love by deepening relationships, but we need to love despite the gaps.

Description : What's love got to do with it?

Last Answer : Love is not 1 dimensional. If you mean “romantically,” it’s up to each individual. Love, is a BIG deal. But can encompasse many different types of people in your world. As with most relationships, communication is key. TALK to the person whom you are asking about.

Description : How many wives or husbands would you have if it's humanity's legal tradition?

Last Answer : OMG – none!

Description : How to save a relationship after betrayal attempt?

Last Answer : Dump him. He’s no good. And you (most probably) know it.

Description : Have you noticed how it's odd that most of the songs by famous singers talk about love or heartbreak?

Last Answer : Yeah, it is an easy and inoffensive thing to write about. That is why I prefer political punk rock. There are exceptions, though.

Description : Do you know some exercises to love unconditionally yourself and the others more?

Last Answer : I think it is a bad idea to unconditionally love yourself. To grow and improve as a person, you must be self-critical. Otherwise you delude yourself into thinking that you are better than you are.

Description : I have a relationship with my best friend but she doesn't accept it what to do?

Last Answer : Yeah. .. It is kinda best to not try to change a persons sexuality since it doesn't work. It is fucked up when Mike Pence wants the state to pay for orientation assignment camps . ... when you think you can convert someone. And girlfriend implies the feelings are reciprocal. They clearly are not.

Description : Do you agree that, though not quite put up, love can be a undercurrent theme of "Death Note"?

Last Answer : I have absolutely no idea what this means. I do not know what love being “put up” means. Is “Death Note” a movie? A book? Could you please give more details?

Description : Where can I safely and cheaply look for a new lover?

Last Answer : What are you looking for? Lover? Love of your life? Someone to spend time with without having deep entanglements? These are all things that would need to be evaluated before we could answer.

Description : Is it disrespectful to meet another woman while you're on a date?

Last Answer : Disrespectful? That's really up to the woman who was on the original date. How did she feel? It's certainly rude and tacky, sort of a low-class thing to do. But what do we know about the original ... 's too much that we don't know about the personalities. But this seems like a rude thing to do.

Description : Do you enjoy Indian red curry?

Last Answer : *native american curry.

Description : Am I in love?

Last Answer : At your age you don't need to move too fast. You have your entire life to learn about love. All you can do is be brave and find out if this guy thinks the same about you. If he doesn't then don' ... they are biting and some days they aren't. So hang in there regardless. The one is out there for ya.

Description : Whom do you love?

Last Answer : You!

Description : Stupid Question: Can I keep the rodent that is in my house?

Last Answer : Release them across the street and they will just return to your house after a little outdoor activity. I read a study somewhere that showed mice will return after being dropped off 1900 ft away. My ... 1000 ft away in the park. i would use Victor snap traps and try to control the infestation.

Description : I think I'm falling for my friend? Help!

Last Answer : Holy wall of text, Batman.

Description : What are the things that you can do for others?

Last Answer : What you would have them do for you. Be a Boy Scout: Do a good deed every day with no thought of a reward for yourself. A random act of kindness.

Description : Are creative people, and artists, insane in one way or another?

Last Answer : Im a 40 year old virgin. I was crazy but we are much better now. I had a girlfriend in university but it ended poorly with a restraining order both ways. I’m more mature and responsible now.

Description : What can I do or how can I act if I want to make him love me?

Last Answer : You cannot “make” someone love you….ever. That is all them.

Description : Is there a key to loving someone instantly? A reason?

Last Answer : Maybe you(r behaviorisms) remind them of their mothers?

Description : What one thing do you like (love?) most about your current SO?

Last Answer : In my imagination, he, she or it is perfect!

Description : Can you help me with my problem with a male friend?

Last Answer : sarang_ IMHO we never hurt someone so much as when we try NOT to hurt them. There is no substitute for the truth. I understand this is painful for you. God Bless.

Description : How traditional is your relationship?

Last Answer : Very traditional. I have his name and always use the title of Mrs. Although I have a decent, but rather modest, income, he's undeniably the breadwinner. I take care of all the homemaking ... be similarly traditional or even more so; nearly all of my married, female friends are full-time wives.

Description : Does my coworker like me more than a friend?

Last Answer : It sounds like he does. Do you like him? If so, go to the event with him and see how it goes.