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Description : What do they gain from this type of marketing?

Last Answer : A lot of marketing is dominated by the price-quality-value model of consumer behavior. Basically, the perceived value a consumer attributes to any given purchase is a function of the quality of product they ... way is less subtle, which limits its appeal. But no ad campaign is aimed at everyone.

Description : How to attract buyers to my jewelry designs store?

Last Answer : Hand crafted unique and original designs. These pieces are individually made and designed by me. Welcome to Fluther and good luck with your shop!

Description : Without looking it up, what do you think a Vulcain Cricket is?

Last Answer : A Star Trek sport?

Description : What are some of the most funny/creative ways, that companies, that are named after the owner, have used their name for marketing/branding?

Last Answer : “My Bologna has a first name it’s O S C A R…”

Description : What would make you use a new dating app?

Last Answer : goddess you're asking questions of the wrong demographic. It's fair to estimate that the vast number of Flutherians are in their 50s and above, and good number in their 60s and 70s. Not all, ... your marketing questions to a group more centered around the age 20-40 demographic than us old coots.

Description : If there are any SaaS marketers, where do you guys gain information?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : Anyone here good at marketing, brand managing, social media etc.?

Last Answer : Possibly. Would you care to elaborate?

Description : Have you tried the fruit of the cashew?

Last Answer : Your question made me curious. Here is what I found: Quite interesting actually. Thanks.

Description : Will it be possible in coming days to display adds online based on your mood?

Last Answer : Maybe via some kind of sensor you sit on or wear. Other than that I don’t see how.

Description : Can you make a burger better than McDonald's?

Last Answer : He failed me in the end.

Description : How can I promote my podcast website?

Last Answer : Post links on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat. But DON’T even think about posting links on Fluther. Fluther is not that type of site.

Description : How would you start a DIY SEO campaign?

Last Answer : Many small business owners are talked into SEO by lying and over-promising SEO providers who are nothing more than snake oil salesmen. A small business owner would do himself a favor by NOT ... money in the success of the business. Most SEO businesses make false promises and do not deliver.

Description : What do you make of Birmingham Southern College cutting tuition in half?

Last Answer : The article you linked seems to say that mainly the college is saying they are lowering the listed price but not so much the actual tuition they are bringing in: College officials said ... getting unbalanced and probably deterring students into thinking it was more expensive than it actually was.

Description : Companies have branding guidelines where they don’t advertise their services on disposable material (i.e. napkins). What are ways to overcome their concerns?

Last Answer : Show your customers pictures of these White House disposables.:

Description : For those of you who watch YouTube videos regularly, what time do you usually watch YouTube videos?

Last Answer : Before I go to sleep.

Description : Is it possible that Trump is pretending to be super-rich?

Last Answer : answer:Anthony Jeselnik, one of Trump's roasters, also noted the same thing during a conversation with Joan Rivers on In Bed With Joan back in 2013. Donald Trump's rule was, don't say I have less ... 't have that much money.

Description : What is your opinion on "atheist billboards"?

Last Answer : Much like atheist tracts and atheist monuments and atheist after school clubs, they’re a thing that amuses me at the same time I wish they didn’t have to exist.

Description : Do you think Steve Jobs is the greatest presenter of modern times?

Last Answer : Jeremy Clarkson.

Description : Where can I find a list of marijuana dispensaries?

Last Answer : answer:I’d assume you could Google just about any city anywhere and find a list of medical marijuana dispensaries. Start with the cities nearest you. Here’s one I just found.

Description : Sunday delivery: love it or hate it?

Last Answer : answer:I agree. What’s more I wish stores were still closed on Sunday. I like the idea of a day where most people rest and recharge. I’m old fashioned like that.

Description : What makes something a women's hat?

Last Answer : The trick lies in viewing it on his head. There are probably men who can get away with it, and there are certainly plenty who shouldn’t.

Description : Can marketing be considered a good career with future?

Last Answer : answer:Marketing seems like such an antiquated idea to me that I had to look up a definition. Keep in mind that I'm a 55 yo. That said, I believe marketing is probably only ... the product directly on it for custom effect. Larger market would probably be digital/internet/computer oriented.

Description : Does anyone have experience with Amazon keywords?

Last Answer : Can you look up similar items and see what key words bring them up?

Description : Does the new, Curvy Barbie (featured on the cover of Time, Feb 8, 2016) have "muffin top"?

Last Answer : From the pictures I saw it looked more like wide hips than muffin top.

Description : Marketing Geniuses: Suggest a Strategy Template for CoSchedule?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Do you automatically associate "Amish" with wholesome quality when applied to food and craft?

Last Answer : Sure. I’ve never met a filthy Amish.

Description : Why do most drug commercials show video clips of people living their wonderful lives in slow motion?

Last Answer : ‘Cause drugs can make you drowsy. But seriously, it’s considered “arty.” It makes a very serious subject—health—seem lighter.

Description : If it is important to a woman to have a ”bikini body”, should it be important enough to work for?

Last Answer : answer:Plenty of people diet and exercise and still remain unsatisfied with their appearance. Others are on medication that contributes to weight. Still others are unable to make extreme changes in diet or exercise ... what is flat, harden what is soft, and soften what is hard. Don't act surprised.

Description : Do you think "easy-opening" sells well?

Last Answer : I doubt that it's ever an actual criterion that people base a buying decision on. It seems to be just another little piece of the positivity blitz that the seller wants to overwhelm you when you see ... ways as possible. It's the overall effect that counts more than any one piece of the message.

Description : If a Q&A site where prizes or giveaways were possible, would quantity trump quality as far as the giveaways or visa versa?

Last Answer : You would definitely get people gaming the site just to get the loot. So quantity would go through the roof , and quality would most likely fall.

Description : Be honest, how much does marketing and advertising affect your purchasing behavior?

Last Answer : Probably more than I think, less than they think. For higher ticket items like appliances and cars and electronics, I will be inclined to notice a product for which I have seen attractive advertising, but ... a lot of it to be very creative and interesting. Extra points for making me laugh out loud.

Description : Does your plastic mayonaisse container have ridges running around its middle underneath the label?

Last Answer : answer:This is funny! I imagine the ridges are there as part of the molding process. Maybe it’s where the mold grips it or something. But yes. I try to get all of the mayo out in the end! I hope that $2.50 / decade doesn’t adversely affect my retirement. ;)

Description : What does the following word as a clothing brand name mean?

Last Answer : The company probably thought it would be “cool” or “hip” to name their business that. I doubt there is any deeper meaning.

Description : How do you advertise on Google+?

Last Answer : answer:You mean here? Get your ad on Google today Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call. Start now Free phone support: 1–800-877–2981

Description : Will Miley Cyrus calm as the wrinkles and sag comes or will she get more desperate with age?

Last Answer : answer:Madonna and Lady Gaga have had their moments as many others have. Seems to me some kind of pop cycle, where someone eventually becomes washed out, and another star takes the place. Eventually, ... begin to take a guess, other than a general observation about what I've seen in pop music.

Description : Care to throw tomatoes at my content marketing?

Last Answer : answer:You're making an analogy between yourself / your services and The Godfather? Sure. How could that possibly be misinterpreted? Why not include another famous Italian, one who claimed to make ... allowed a bit more leeway, unless you start quoting them directly for your own commercial purposes.

Description : Will "Flappy Birds" downloads now become collectible?

Last Answer : Probably not, be all forgotten in a few months. I’m keeping mine, want to try & beat my daughter’s score, she’s on 168, i’m on 153.

Description : Do you expose yourself to advertising?

Last Answer : I guess we are exposed to it everyday wether we watch TV or not,it’s all around us,radio, billboards,newspapers,internet, and so on, I also guess it’s our own personalities as to how much it will affect us and in which way.

Description : How do you track a conversion path across multiple website domains in Google Analytics?

Last Answer : answer:This article from google shows how to consolidate multiple domains into a single report. There are some minor changes to the tracking code. From there you should be able to set up your funnels or track paths just like you normally would within one domain I believe.

Description : Can you think of any brands that have so sucessfully cornered a market that we refer to all products of that type by the brand name?

Last Answer : Hoover.

Description : What are some silly marketing claims you've seen?

Last Answer : answer:Pick up one of those toe fungus remover packages at the drugstore. In almost every case, the front shows before and after photos, one disgusting, and the other with the same toenail looking ... the text on the back. It almost always says: NOTE: Product will not eliminate toenail fungus

Description : Has anyone noticed Amazon putting things on your wish list without your permission?

Last Answer : answer:I haven’t noticed. Perhaps you clicked a setting that allows for suggestions? Or someone in your family is using your account, to tell you something? Or shopping for themselves and have forgotten to remove items. Just some possibilities. Happy Saturday!

Description : Who came up with the concept of "the customer is always right"?

Last Answer : answer:Businesses would rather give a person something free than to lose a customer. Just threaten to cancel your cable, phone or something else and see how much you'll get, usually two free months of service ... is to never let anyone leave unhappy, which is not always easy, but I'm good at that.

Description : Is the way we think about charity wrong?

Last Answer : answer:Sounds like he goes against everything you believe in. Higher pay for non-profit CEOs. Competition between organizations. Higher administrative costs. And to make it really bad he starts the conversation by ... think he'd have a better case if he was able to tout some of thier successes.

Description : What are the most common positions taken by climate change deniers and can you help invent powerful metaphors to counter these position?

Last Answer : Sorry, I meant: to counter these positions

Description : WTF? Did you know that Thousand Islands dressing isn't actually made of a thousand islands?

Last Answer : Soy… milk (NSFW link)

Description : Pizza Hut perfume - what other odd ideas and supposedly contrasting or conflicting ideas have you come across?

Last Answer : Eau d’ New Car

Description : Traditional publicity vs. Content Marketing: What works best?

Last Answer : answer:They work best in combination today. Traditional publicity is like free advertising. It is priceless and still gets a lot of eyeballs. But the Web is super fast at spreading the word.

Description : How do I package a bunch of paper products to look professional enough to sell?

Last Answer : answer:This is going to be pretty tough to answer without a better description of your product. Can you give us dimensions, weight, shape, etc? Perhaps tell us what it is?

Description : The Olympics: how much does a country's coverage of the events emphasize their own strengths as opposed to the overall offerings? I particularly wish to hear from non-Americans?

Last Answer : answer:This limited emphasis only on sports Australia is involved in is one of the things that really irritates me about Australian television coverage of sporting events like the Olympics. I understand we ... coverage was broader and wasn't so focused only on sports UK athletes were competing in.