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Description : Which of the following is not property of an alloy? a) strong b)resistant to corrosion c)hard d)Poor conductor of electricity

Last Answer : d)Poor conductor of electricity

Description : One of the practical application of platinum is a) electrical cables c)decorating food stuff b) cooking vessel d)dentistry

Last Answer : d)dentistry

Description : Aluminium is used in making aircraft because a) malleable b)light c)both i and ii d)none of the above

Last Answer : b)light

Description : The non-metal used in batteries is a) phosphorous b)nitrogen c) carbon d)sulphur

Last Answer : c) carbon

Description : The composition of brass alloy is a) copper b)copper and gold c)copper and zinc d)tin and zinc

Last Answer : c)copper and zinc

Description : Which metal among the following melts below 30^0 C. a) copper b)aluminium c)gold d)caesium

Last Answer : d)caesium

Description : Which of the following is not property of sodium metal? a) lustre b)hard c)low melting point d)solid at room temperature.

Last Answer : c)low melting point

Description : The correct sequence of steps involved in extraction of metal from its ore is a) removal of impurities, purify metal, reduction of ore b) purify metal, removal of impurities, reduction of metal ore . c ... of metal , reduction d) removal of impurities from ore , reduction of ore , refining of metal

Last Answer : d) removal of impurities from ore , reduction of ore , refining of metal

Description : Which of the following non-metal reacts and catches fire on exposure to air? a) phosphorous b)nitrogen c)sulphur d)hydrogen

Last Answer : a) phosphorous

Description : Generally metallic oxides are basic and non-metallic are acidic in nature. Solution of which of the following oxides in water will change the colour of blue litmus to red? a)sulphur dioxide b)Magnesium oxide c)iron oxide d)copper oxide

Last Answer : a)sulphur dioxide

Description : Metals are generally hard, which of the following metal is an exception and can be cut with a knife? a) iron b)sodium c)gold d)magnesium

Last Answer : b)sodium

Description : Rohan had learnt that non-metals on beating with hammer are generally broken into pieces. Which of the following is a non-metal? a) iron nail b)aluminium wire c)copper wire d)piece of coal

Last Answer : d)piece of coal

Description : ________ is an alloy made from iron , chromium and nickel . a) stainless steel b)steel c)brass d)bronze

Last Answer : a) stainless steel

Description : A homogenous mixture of two or more metal or a metal and non-metal is known as _____. a) alloy b)element c)mineral d)compound

Last Answer : a) alloy

Description : Silver is used for high precision electrical contacts in computer due to its property of ______. a) malleability b)conductivity c)ductility d)none

Last Answer : b)conductivity

Description : _______ being a very light metal is used for making aircraft bodies . a) aluminium b)copper c)zinc d)iron

Last Answer : a) aluminium

Description : The purity of gold is expressed in terms of ____ ___. a)carat b)ounce c)pound d)none

Last Answer : a)carat

Description : Metallic oxide like MgO reacts with water to form a _______. a)base b)acid c)salt d)water

Last Answer : a)base

Description : Germanium is an example of ____________. a) metal b)metalloid c)non-metal d)none

Last Answer : b)metalloid

Description : ________ does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid but reacts with sulphuric acid and does not liberate hydrogen gas. a) iron b)copper c)gold d)zinc

Last Answer : b)copper

Description : The property due to which a metal can be hammered into thin sheets without breaking is _______. a) malleability b)ductility c)tensile strength d)conductivity

Last Answer : a) malleability

Description : Example of non-metal which exist in solid state is __________ . a) sulphur b)bromine c)chlorine d)oxygen

Last Answer : a) sulphur

Description : ________ is naturally occurring inorganic substance found deep under the surface of the earth. a) ore b)mineral c)metal d)non-metal

Last Answer : b)mineral

Description : __________ metal is liquid at room temperature . a) mercury b)iron c)copper d)silver

Last Answer : a) mercury

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