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Description : What is the minimum age for becoming a nurse in 19th century?

Last Answer : Your question presumes that 21st cenury standards were applied in the 19th century. There was no certification of nurses until late in the 19th century. Florence Nightingale, the mother of Nursing didn; ... in 1890 was vastlly different from nursing in 1810. But both were in the 19th century.

Description : What should I do with about 30 pints of frozen breast milk?

Last Answer : Well, do you have cats?

Description : If you were sick in the hospital, what would differentiate a mediocre nurse from an outstanding nurse?

Last Answer : Compassion and a cheerful and drama free personality. They care, and they’re patient, no matter how difficult their day is, you will never know it. A great nurse knows to quit if they burn out and start hating their job.

Description : Which website is good for medical information?

Last Answer : I have gotten a lot of useful infor off

Description : Is pediatric nursing a good job?

Last Answer : We had only one nurse on here and she is not active any more. I know that all kinds of nurses are in high demand; so I would think there are plenty of jobs for pediatric nurses. The question ... can handle the emotions. Why don't you see how you feel after you do the pediatric clinical rotation?

Description : Have you ever been in a hospital/care facility when the roommate died?

Last Answer : If there's warning that someone is going to die, they're usually moved to a special room by themselves for palliative care. There's usually clues that someone is going, such as Cheyne-Stokes breathing, which ... one will see what's going on if they happen to be walking down a hallway at the time.

Description : Can you give me any tips on picking up someone from the hospital?

Last Answer : Just thinking that maybe a blanket and pillow in the car would be good in case she has the shakes.

Description : How can I make this medical mystery as realistic as possible in my story?

Last Answer : answer:Howdunit:The Book of Poisons for starters. Google Any untraceable poisons also. Toxicology tests vary depending on whether the victim is alive or dead, and if dead, how dead. (perpetrator ... hightly favored by the Medici. There are also the wild mushrooms that spring up after rain showers.

Description : Does it seem fair that nursing mothers should get a tax break, but parents who bottle feed don't?

Last Answer : answer:It is using tax policy to encourage breastfeeding over formula feeding. It is beneficial for the child, and promotes overall good health, and therefore lowers society’s overall health care cost burdens. Yes, it is fair.

Description : What must you be good at in order to be a nurse?

Last Answer : Drawing blood without digging a hole in the patient’s arm.

Description : What will a nutrition major bring in the future?

Last Answer : answer:One place nutritionists work is in large health care institutions like hospitals and nursing homes. They may also work in assisted living homes. They design menus for various types of patients. Private ... what capacity do you want to work with these folks if you don't want to teach?

Description : As an employer, how's the job market in your field?

Last Answer : Every employer has these issues, we use computers extensively and get applicants who have never used one except to play games. We take good care of the few quality people we do get.

Description : If blood pressure can now be checked electronically, why do nurses still need stethoscopes?

Last Answer : Yes, we still need and use stethoscopes. Sometimes, the machines are unable to get a reading. Also, checking it manually is more accurate. We also use our stethoscopes for other things, like listening to your heart, lungs, and abdomen.

Description : Could this be nerve damage as a result of gerbil bite?

Last Answer : He bit the outside of your finger?

Description : I need a polite reason to quit my job.

Last Answer : Do you have to give a reason? Just tell her that another opportunity opened up and you’ve decided to take it.

Description : Are some nurses just flat out stupid?

Last Answer : Stupidity doesn’t discriminate.

Description : Has anyone here changed careers later in life (like over 40)?

Last Answer : answer:Well, my uncle was about that old when he decided to get out of the restaurant business and do something a little more mechanical. He spent a few years as a building superintendent before going into ... think you could've learned it 20 years ago either, and that's okay. Give it a try.

Description : What happened to the makeshift underwear during my surgery?

Last Answer : They probably took it off and catheterized you once you were out. In a 7 hour surgery, you are probably going to pee, and it is easier to collect it in a nice little bag than to have to mop it up.

Description : Where should I apply in NYC?

Last Answer : answer:Here ya go. NYC Hospitals NYC consists of five very large boroughs and covers a vast area. First you look for jobs and when you have that narrowed down, you consider where you want to live. NYC; Manhattan Queens Brooklyn Staten Island The Bronx

Description : How do I speak to someone who no longer functions the way they used to?

Last Answer : answer:Find out if there is some way she can communicate that is non verbal. She may feel too weak to talk too much if she's in that bad of shape. If you can communicate enough to find out what kind of ... it's great you want to visit. I hope someone does that for me if I'm in the same shape.

Description : Do you have any secrets for getting eye drops in the eye?

Last Answer : Hold his eyelid open, or get the lazy bugger to do it himself.

Description : How to get over or handle really bad anxiety?

Last Answer : Taking deep, slow breaths really helps physiologically during an attack. You might want to do some short term therapy as well to reduce the strength of the anxiety.

Description : Where should I get nursing scrubs?

Last Answer : answer:Walmart, in-store or Fair quality, dirt cheap Veterinary Apparel Company is my favorite. You can get just basics, appropriate for any clinical setting (not just vet offices) very high quality and decent prices.

Description : Any words of advice for a new grad nurse?

Last Answer : answer:My daughter is a nurse. She was given bad advise on the first job she landed. It was at the Tennessee State Prison!! This is the worst possible place for a nurse, especially a new nurse, to begin her ... she moved to Seattle. This was not a safe job for her or for you. Keep this in mind. jp

Description : In the end does it matter where you got your degree from?

Last Answer : If you look at the data. yes it does matter

Description : What is the name of the breathing right before death?

Last Answer : The death rattle…. that is the only thing I have heard of.

Description : What do licensed practical nurses do?

Last Answer : answer: What Does An LPN Do? Licensed Practical Nurses are extremely important, as they are the ones who deal directly with patients on a day to day basis. They take care of the ... care. A few of the more common duties assigned to an LPN are as follows: (see link above).

Description : Should I change surgeons if I have a problem with his nurse?

Last Answer : I don't believe you to be over-reacting. Talk with your surgeon. You need to be as relaxed and comfortable going in as you can. This is outrageous. Please, please don't go under the knife ... There is nothing wrong with your thinking. PM me if you'd like. I have recent experience with surgery.

Description : Do you know any home remedies for ear infection?

Last Answer : Do the NeilMed sinus rinse, gargle with diluted vinegar and put Tea Tree oil drops in your ears. A bowl or 2 of Chicken Soup a day should help too! About all I can think of and should see results in a day or two.

Description : Do you feel that your years of experience, in the workplace, aren't valued?

Last Answer : My best friend is a nurse and we have had this exact conversation. She feels the same way. Too much paperwork, too much computer work and less patient care. She understands the reason for so much paper work, a lot of it is to cover your ass, but at the expense of the patient?

Description : I removed my own IV and a hospital nurse went bonkers. Is it so dangerous?

Last Answer : I agree with you. When I’m put in the hospital, I get IVs a lot. I’ve taken them out on my own plenty of times..and never hurt myself. I think they freak it because you hurting yourself or doing that can get them in trouble, fired, or even sued.

Description : Any advice on preparing for the A2 Nursing entrance exam?

Last Answer : answer:I'm not familiar with that exam, but when I applied for nursing school, I had to take a NLN (National League of Nursing) exam. I bought a study guide and took many practice exams. ... , and science (biology, chemistry, and anatomy & physiology). Good luck on your exam and nursing school!

Description : What can solve my nose problems?Look description for more details.

Last Answer : It sounds like a sinus infection to me. Have you tried a saline nasal wash like this one? The are gentle and keep the infection at bay.

Description : What groups would be interested in a Buddhist-inspired book on coping with illness (for the chronically ill and their caregivers)?

Last Answer : I think spiritualists and or the Yoga community would have an interest in this type of read. I am in both of those camps and spend a large part of my time learning how to be healthy, happy and well ... when we are hurt. May as well be prepared for that day when we are no longer healthy and well.

Description : Tough question. What happens to the body during the final days of life?

Last Answer : You have them right except we looked for mottling in their legs. The person loses consciousness as well. All families become so exhausted.

Description : What is the highest paying job in nursing?

Last Answer : Nursing is not a high paying job at all. I suppose head nurse is the highest position. How did we get from Doctor to nurse so quickly on this?

Description : Picture of intramuscular penicillin?

Last Answer : That’s a tough one. I looked all over, even U-Tube.

Description : What types of masters degrees are available for Nursing graduates?

Last Answer : Here is a Canadian site that answers this question.

Description : Do we have anyone who majored in health in college or perhaps has any degree in health? If so, what is your occupation and what do you do?

Last Answer : I was a biochem major who switched to health (with a concentration in health care administration) for my senior year. I am currently a public health graduate student focusing on epidemiology. I work as a quality/data analyst in Neonatology at a large regional teaching hospital.

Description : Is it wrong to not want someone taking care of a family member because of the contents on their Facebook?

Last Answer : um…I probably wouldn’t want her taking care of my sister either

Description : How would you determine whether to participate in biomedical/clinical research?

Last Answer : If it wasn’t too dangerous, I’d do it for the money.

Description : Nursing or social work?

Last Answer : A nursing degree with a masters in social work would be a fantastic combination. Since you need a masters for social work anyway, you might consider that route. Social workers many times manager the ... are other choices. Be sure to talk to some nurses to get a realstic view of things.

Description : For nurses about insertting IV's and giving Shots?

Last Answer : When I was a kid my best friends mom went to nursing school. She practiced a lot on fruit. Eventually it just wasn’t such a big deal.

Description : What's the best way to go about becoming a CNA?

Last Answer : My mom is a nurse for an NHC nursing home. National Health Care. She says her company has free CNA classes because they have such a demand for them. Then they will place you in one of ... homes. I would try contacting nursing homes, hospitals, and home health services to see if they offer classes.

Description : How much do intensive care Nurses make?

Last Answer : In the UK (NHS) you will usually need at least one year post registration experience to get a job in an ICU. The salaries are the same as for a nurse working in any other area ie for a staff nurse £20,255—£26,123 for 37.5 hour week with 27 days annual leave plus 8 public holidays.

Description : Are they're any CNAs here?

Last Answer : hell yeah! i’m a CNA at a mental hospital in Baltimore! I work as a DCA.

Description : Does anyone have any tips for taking the NCLEX?

Last Answer : I would just continue taking all the practice exams you can take, until you get the best score. I have to take the NET within the month, and I’m kind of nervous about that!

Description : Who makes more? A nurse practicioner or a physicians asistant?

Last Answer : The Dept of Labor produces a document called the Occupational Outlook Handbook that compares projections of salaries, the types of training required, anticipated markets for various services etc. Check out:

Description : What type of midwife should I become?

Last Answer : Well mister sister...this happens to be up my alley. I made this same decision myself a few years back. I am now happily practicing as a nurse-midwife. Ultimately, I decided that getting a CNM ... a certified midwife is the training. It is much more of an apprentice based model. Hope that helps.

Description : What do nurses need on a daily basis?

Last Answer : Gel insoles. Rescue Remedy drops. Chocolate, in tiny doses. What a nice friend you are. I am an artist and I need: sad music, chocolate, q-tips, orange soap, one of those bottles of scented oil that has ... people who will tell me my work is helpful to them. Can you make me a kit, too? Bless you.