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Description : Test planning should begin A. At the same time that requirement definitions begins B. When building starts C. When code build is complete D. After shipping the first version

Last Answer : A. At the same time that requirement definitions begins

Description : . At the Melting Moments, an ice cream parlour, customers place their orders, watch their ice- cream sundaes being prepared, and then quickly eat the sundaes in the store before the ice cream ... known as A. Inseparability B. Intangibility C. Heterogeneity D. Perishability E. Dependency

Last Answer : D. Perishability

Description : Sigma-Sunco has decided to introduce its new sunscreen eye drops in a limited market consisting of only two cities and closely monitor the reactions of potential customers to the product and marketing program. ... analysis B. Use test C. Concept test D. Test marketing E. Laboratory test.

Last Answer : D. Test marketing

Description : When a company distributes its products through a channel structure that includes one or more resellers, this is known as ________. A. indirect marketing B. direct marketing C. multi-level marketing D. integrated marketing

Last Answer : B. direct marketing

Description : The way in which the product is delivered to meet the customer’s need refers to: - A. New product concepts B. Selling C. Advertising D. Place or distribution decisions

Last Answer : D. Place or distribution decisions

Description : Newsletters, catalogues, and invitations to organization-sponsored events are most closely associated with the marketing mix activity of: A. Pricing B. Distribution C. Product development D. Promotion

Last Answer : D. Promotion

Description : The term "marketing mix" describes: A. A composite analysis of all environmental factors inside and outside the fir B. A series of business decisions that aid in selling a product ... strengths and its business weaknesses D. A blending of four strategic elements to satisfy specific target markets

Last Answer : D. A blending of four strategic elements to satisfy specific target markets

Description : Property of the company belongs to: A. Company B. Shareholders C. Members D. Promoters

Last Answer : B. Shareholders

Description : ____________ is termed as consideration in a contract of sale: A. Exchange money B. Barter money C. Price D. Reward

Last Answer : C. Price

Description : A beam of white light is passed through a diffraction grating and the resulting spectrum is allowed to fall on a screen. Which one of the following is the color of light that undergoes the greatest deviation from its original direction? Is it: A. Red B. yellow C. Blue D. violet Engineering

Last Answer : A. Red

Description : A color with a wavelength longer than that of yellow is: A. Red B. Blue C. Violet D. Green

Last Answer : A. Red

Description : Cash equivalent are usually of short term but highly -----------------investments a) liquid b) Fixed c) Changed d) None of these

Last Answer : a) liquid

Description : Which of these about a dictionary is false? a) The values of a dictionary can be accessed using keys b) The keys of a dictionary can be accessed using values c) Dictionaries aren’t ordered d) Dictionaries are mutable

Last Answer : b) The keys of a dictionary can be accessed using values

Description : For a given spray sample: A. 3:1 B. 4:1 C. 2.5:1 D. 4.5:1

Last Answer : B. 4:1

Description : nstrument used for measuring the depth & width of ploughing : A. penetrometer B. width meter C. depth meter D. width and depth meter

Last Answer : A. penetrometer

Description : or a given spray sample: A. The volume median diameter (VMD) is equal to number median diameter (NMD). B. The VMD is less than the NMD. C. The VMD is larger than the NMD. D. None of the above.

Last Answer : C. The VMD is larger than the NMD.

Description : In a theodolite a condition arising when the image formed by the objective is not in the plane of cross hairs is known as (a) Parallax* (b) Out of sight (c) Out of place (d) Transiting

Last Answer : (a) Parallax*

Description : In a theodolite the line passing through the intersection of the horizontal and vertical cross hairs and the optical centre of the object glass and its continuation, is known as (a) Horizontal axis (b) Vertical axis (c) Line of collination (d) Line of sight (e) Either of c or d above*

Last Answer : e) Either of c or d above*

Description : The high density of soil placed in a fill is desired in order to a) Increase its shear resistance* b) Reduce its shear resistance c) Promote future settlements d) Decrease percolation through the fill.

Last Answer : a) Increase its shear resistance*

Description : From fatigue considerations, bridges are designed for -- a) 2 million cycles b) 1 million cycle c) 10 million cycles* d) 3 million cycles

Last Answer : c) 10 million cycles*

Description : The temporary girders are generally required for the bridge works a) on traffic condition* b) under mega block c) in cut and open method d) in new route

Last Answer : a) on traffic condition*

Description : The CRS sanction is required in the ROB project for construction of a) Approach spans b) Laying road c) Railway spans d) none

Last Answer : c) Railway span

Description : Any deviations from the Schedule of dimensions will require prior sanction of ………. (a) Zonal Rly (b) Rly Board* (c) CRS (d) All of them

Last Answer : (b) Rly Board*

Description : Indicate which of the statement is incorrect with regard to coning of Wheels a)coning of wheels help the vehicle to negotiate a curve smoothly b) It helps in smooth riding c) It increases ... enables the outer wheel of vehicle to take a longer distance e) it restricts the swaying of vehicles

Last Answer : c) It increases wear and Tear of wheel flanges*

Description : Which of the following statements about social responsibility is FALSE? Social responsibility : A)can be viewed as a contract with society B)is a company's obligation to maximise its positive ... on society C)is a vital factor in marketing strategy decisions D)relates to individual decisions.

Last Answer : D)relates to individual decisions.

Description : All of the following are social responsibility issues related to the environment, or green marketing, EXCEPT; A)water pollution. B)air pollution. C)conservation. D)land pollution. E)safety and health.

Last Answer : E)safety and health.

Description : If Happy Bags expresses concern that its products are having too great an impact on the pollution of ground water under landfills, this concern is directly related to the firm's: A)social responsibility. B)marketing orientation. C)profitability. D)ethics. E)distribution system.

Last Answer : A)social responsibility.

Description : ----- refers to the development, pricing, promotion and distribution of products that do not harm the environment. A)Marketing ethics B)Social responsibility C)Environmental marketing D)Green marketing

Last Answer : D)Green marketing

Description : Which one of the following would be consistent with Johnson Chemicals' understanding of the "bad apple" concept of improving the ethical conduct of salespeople? A)Publishing ethical ... B)Firing unethical salespeople C)Retraining unethical salespeople D)Using customers to review ethical guidelines

Last Answer : B)Firing unethical salespeople

Description : Which one of the following activities will NOT help improve the ethical behaviour of a marketing firm? A)Help employees become aware of and sensitive toward ethical issues B)Redesign the company's culture ... tactics D)Establish and enforce a code of ethics E)Eliminate "bad apples" in the firm

Last Answer : C)Reward employees who use questionable business tactics

Description : If Tyreco failed to inform consumers that there were design problems with the firm's tyres, it would have been engaged in unethical behaviour relating to which one of the following marketing issue areas? A)Promotion B)Distribution C)Organisational relationships D)Product E)Pricing

Last Answer : D)Product

Description : Sandra, a new salesperson for Brenham Foods calls in an order for twice the amount of merchandise that Corner Market requested because she knows that it will increase her sales and will not ... in ethical decision making. A)opportunity B)exposure C)significant others D)peers E)external rewards

Last Answer : A)opportunity

Description : Henry hears one of his senior salespeople spreading rumours about the drinking problems experienced by a competitor's sales representative. When they get out to the car, Henry asks ... moral philosophies? A)Ethical formalism B)Relativism C)Humanitarianism D)Opportunism E)Conscious rationalism

Last Answer : A)Ethical formalism

Description : In developing a new herbicide, Atwell Chemicals comes up with two formulations. Option 1 is more effective in killing weeds but has a questionable impact on ground water. Option ... following moral philosophies? A)Egalitarianism B)Utilitarianism C)Ethical directionism D)Contract theory E)Pluralism

Last Answer : B)Utilitarianism

Description : As Wham Burger reviews a proposed commercial indicating that the firm's major competitor uses "less than top-quality beef," Wham Burger's director of marketing brings up the issue of the ethics of ... [s] what is unethical. A)consumer groups B)trade organisations C)the Courts D)Parliament E)society

Last Answer : E)society

Description : Ethics are defined by: A)marketers. B)peers. C)individuals. D)society. E)legislation.

Last Answer : C)individuals.

Description : A business that allows a condition or potential problem to go unresolved until the public learn about it is using the ----- strategy. A)accommodation B)proactive C)defence D)reaction

Last Answer : D)reaction

Description : -------- are formalised rules and standards that describe what the company expects of its employees in terms of ethical behaviour. A)Job descriptions B)Ethics clauses C)Codes of ethics D)Codes of conduct

Last Answer : C)Codes of ethics

Description : Which of the following employees is responsible for setting the ethical tone for the entire marketing organisation? A)the marketing director B)all marketing employees C)the product manager D)the personnel director

Last Answer : A)the marketing director

Description : In testing her firm's new TV ads for Batman action figures, Beth discovers the ads make children think the action figures can actually fly. Beth now faces an ethical decision regarding which element of the marketing mix? A)Product B)Price C)Distribution D)Promotion E)Strategy

Last Answer : D)Promotion

Description : Joan recently changed employers within the same industry. At her old company, employees routinely took home company pens, pencils, and note pads, and they frequently made personal long -distance ... A)significant others. B)profit objectives. C)corporate culture. D)legal climate. E)corporate goals

Last Answer : D)legal climate

Description : The Golden Rule and Kant's categorical imperative are examples of rules for ethical behaviour based on A)utilitarianism. B)relativism. C)opportunism. D)ethical opportunity. E)ethical formalism.

Last Answer : E)ethical formalism.

Description : Utilitarian moral philosophies focus on A)the Golden Rule. B)the rights of individuals and the intentions associated with a particular behaviour. C)maximising the greatest good for specific individuals ... of people. E)resolving conflicts and ensuring mutual benefit for all members of society.

Last Answer : D)maximising the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Description : The three factors that influence the ethical decision-making process include A)individual factors, corporate culture, and peer influence. B)opportunity, personal moral philosophies, and ... relationships, and opportunity. D)peer influences, personal moral philosophies, and opportunity.

Last Answer : C)individual factors, organisational relationships, and opportunity.

Description : All of the following are social responsibility issues related to community relations EXCEPT: A)equality. B)pollution. C)disadvantaged members of society. D)safety and health.

Last Answer : B)pollution.

Description : Watson Corporation's Chairman tells the firm's managers that the key to social responsibility is to: A)watch profit impacts very carefully. B)maintain an updated code of ethics. C)monitor changes and trends in society's values. D)carefully interpret all new legislation.

Last Answer : C)monitor changes and trends in society's values.

Description : Which one of the following statements about codes of ethics is NOT true? A)They are formulized rules and standards that describe what a company expects of its employees. B)They must ... situation. C)They help marketers deal with marketing issues by prescribing or limiting certain activities.

Last Answer : B)They must be detailed enough to take into account every possible situation.

Description : ------- is (are) MOST likely to improve ethical behaviour in a marketing organisation. A)Allowing employees to follow their own ethical standards B)Encouraging employees to identify ... to decide what is right C)Eliminating unethical individuals and improving the organisation's ethical standards

Last Answer : Eliminating unethical individuals and improving the organisation's ethical standards

Description : Following a hurricane, a tremendous demand for gas-powered generators occurs. Gotts Hardware holds a large stock of these items and it faces major ethical decisions with regard to the ------ issue. A) product B) advertising C) personal selling D) publicity E) pricing

Last Answer : E) pricing

Description : As a media buyer for the Angelo Agency, Sheila knows that no one ever checks to see if her phone calls are business related or personal. With regard to ethical behaviour, this situation relates most closely to: A)exposure. B)opportunity. C)moral framework. D)organisational factors.

Last Answer : B)opportunity.