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Description : PowerBI refresh data coming from Dataflow?

Last Answer : Sounds like a confession, not a question.

Description : Was he really joking, or was his intention beyond that (long details inside, sorry)

Last Answer : They were standing together exchanging love talk like usual. Suddenly the boyfriend asked me if I felt left out (that is just a literal translation, he actually used a specific word that could either ... wheel? Which is very possible when they are lovey-dovey and you are on the side observing.

Description : Is this site usually dead?

Last Answer : Hi and welcome to Fluther. We are a smaller group now a days, but we are still active. Stick around and ask questions. We love new questions coming in from newbies that make us think and stretch our minds.

Description : How do you discuss difficult topics with your child/children?

Last Answer : My ex-wife was an animal hoarder. She had tons of animals and her house was filthy and smelly. My boys, when they were about 9 or 10, would have to go over there for visitation. When they came ... them into the dirty clothes, and they ran for the shower, battling over who would get to shower first.

Description : Is there a list of one's questions asked on Fluther?

Last Answer : Not that I am aware of, no. I think of you go to your profile you can get a list of your greatest questions , the ones in which you accumulated the most GQs. Otherwise not sure.

Description : Could you compose an orphan question on Fluther?

Last Answer : Provided that you won’t come and answer :D

Description : If I have a song that another person made and that person says I can't reupload it on YouTube but I upload the song somewhere else, does that mean I'm still using it and/or without permission?

Last Answer : Yeah, I would take that down.

Description : What, in your opinion, are important (or interesting) issues that seem to be avoided/ignored on Fluther?

Last Answer : I don’t think that’s an accurate assessment. We have covered so much ground since I’ve been here (2009) I don’t think there is virtually any topic we haven’t discussed.

Description : Do people here actually answer the questions asked?

Last Answer : Some jellies answer as many questions as they can to get lurve. Some are lonely or bored at night. It helps to put a disclaimer with your question that only helpful answers only please. I get unhelpful answers when ... I have a funny quip I PM the OP and tell them the joke that I just have to share.

Description : Can you give me some examples of therapeutic or inspiring questions?

Last Answer : What person has inspired you this week and what have they inspired you to do?

Description : Are one-time users’ questions worth elaborating on?

Last Answer : If the question is interesting, and you feel like answering in detail, then sure, go ahead.

Description : Why are some questions not being answered?

Last Answer : If you're looking for dynamic, this place delivers all the excitement of a cold bowl of yesterday's oatmeal. Our club is pretty much snoozeville, the participation anemic, the membership dwindling in front ... a pile of money, go out and grab a bunch of milk crates and stack them appropriately.

Description : I'm looking for websites, or applications, which have as a feature chatbots, or supercomputers, or AIs in general, which allow humans to establish a dialogue with them.

Last Answer : Nothing of that nature. My bank has a chatbot, but it is constrained and only knows things about the bank's services and locations. My cable and internet company has something similar but is also pretty ... Google device (like Alexa or Siri) and get all sorts of answers to all sorts of questions.

Description : How do you recognise sea-lioning and do you see it here on Fluther?

Last Answer : To answer the question, yes, I have observed sealioning and I think it is a real thing and there are some people who do it regularly. However, I think this is a term that has a high ... (often responding to any other answer with nope, try again! or something otherwise cheeky and obnoxious).

Description : Is anyone here familiar with the website StackExchange?

Last Answer : Yes, I've used it quite a lot. Each topic-based section is slightly different, with different specific rules and a different community. It is a good place to get very specific on-topic answers to ... not easy to do without breaking the rules or hoping someone is a user who hangs out in chat.

Description : Do you know if your local parents are going to get their children 12-15 vaccinated?

Last Answer : My grandson (age 13) wants to get the vaccine. We talked about it last night. I’m not sure what his parents will do.

Description : Anyone else wish this?

Last Answer : I have noticed a lot of this going on lately, too. I really thought it would stop or at least slow down after the election. It hasn’t though. Maybe if people quit answering the questions that are obviously meant to get a rise out of people, the stupid questions would stop.

Description : Do you ask the same questions by accident on websites?

Last Answer : No. But I do go to old questions on Fluther with a very specific answer in mind only to find that I have already got there first with the exact same answer and no memory of it.

Description : How can I let my parents know I'm not depressed?

Last Answer : Agree to one visit to the doctor. The doctor can tell, after that consult, that indeed you are not depressed. They can put that as a statement on paper, which you can hand out to your parents. For now ... it seems they just can't/won't take your word for it, but from a professional they likely will.

Description : Hebrew Word Dictionary With Pronunciations?

Last Answer : Try It should do what you want although I don’t see phonetic spelling. It does do voice pronunciation.

Description : Have you ever advised your friends not spend their time on Qs they have no answer for? See detail.

Last Answer : No, never. It isn’t my place to tell people what to do. They are intelligent, sentient people and are perfectly capable of making their own judgments on what to ask. It would be rude and presumptuous of me to instruct someone on what they should or shouldn’t do on a website.

Description : How often have you asked other people's questions simply because they haven't been responded to?

Last Answer : I have occasionally asked someone else’s unanswered question on another (or even the same) forum to try to get an answer, when I think I might be able to get an answer that way, but not very often.

Description : What are some of your life's stressors right now?

Last Answer : For a large demographic, @jca2, an enormous amount of pertinent data is stored on their phones, so loss of passwords or a cracked screen could cause big stress. Being unable to access financial data, ... even her laptop. For me, at this point in my life, the big stressors are family issues.

Description : If a question turns into a human being, what kind of a person he or she would be?

Last Answer : He would be a faceless, paranoid, conspiracy theorist.

Description : What would happen if I shrunk and Dannica, my friend's girlfriend, swallowed me whole?

Last Answer : Several options: You would get to her stomach and the strong acids in the stomach would kill you. If you survived that, then you would spend 24–48 hours touring her intestines and then you would take a swim in a toilet bowl. Then… into the sewage system.

Description : Have you ever looked back on your questions and answers and thought, I can’t believe I wrote that?

Last Answer : Sometimes!

Description : What are disadvantages of having a surplus in the economy?

Last Answer : Your perishables rot in the stockyards.

Description : How's your summer going?

Last Answer : Finally after 3 weeks of digging, replacing broken PVC pipes and 3 sprinkler heads I have my 5 of my 6 lawn sprinkler systems functioning properly. Too late to keep the lawn green. Also been racing ... (Moloka'i Hoe 41 miles). Fun stuff! Pretty mild temperatures here in Tacoma. Not too hot.

Description : What advice would you give to a person paying off debt?

Last Answer : Pay off the debts with the highest interest rates first. If you can refinance higher interest rate debts to get lower interest rates, do so, and then make the same payments so you reduce the principle owed. If you get a bonus or large one time influx of cash, pay off debt.

Description : On average, how long before you get your answer from the mod team?

Last Answer : I find them to be pretty good if it's a pressing thing. A while ago someone had a full on tantrum at me (oooh, I felt so important!), and they dealt with it pretty quickly. Otherwise, it can take ... quite busy in their real lives. So, Pirate Man, anything the rest of us can do to help you out?

Description : Ever spend hours crafting a response only to have the question pulled?

Last Answer : Yup. I’ve even written out long answers only to realize that I needed to pull the question. If you’d like, I can send you the text of your answer and you can post it here. I’m sure many people would be grateful for your… “advice.”

Description : Your number has been linked with another Facebook account?

Last Answer : Before deleting your account, contact the admins at Facebook and tell them that it’s not your Facebook, that you only have the one page and to not allow the other one. It could be something as innocent as a transposed number and not someone trying to hack you.

Description : Is Reddit losing its quailty?

Last Answer : What kind of subreddits are you subcribing to anyway? If the subreddits aren't too delicated to any serious topics (like AskReddit) then things like that are expected to happen, because the possible ... t meant to be serious anyway. Maybe go for a subreddit for one specific serious topic instead?

Description : Why don't they remove some of these older questions?

Last Answer : I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but still….

Description : Can I ask a question in a foreign language?

Last Answer : No. You may put the information in the other language in the details.

Description : What is the best way to get extra clarification on a question, when you feel like you can't give a thoughtful answer without more information from an OP?

Last Answer : You can only lead a horse to water…

Description : What would you think of someone who never questions anything?

Last Answer : That would be what you call a “sheeple”. Take your world view from what you see and hear from talking heads on TV.

Description : Who is prettier?

Last Answer : Is this a trick question? You two are twins, gotta get up pretty early in the morning to fool me. Well, by 11 o’clock, anyways. I think both of you are attractive young ladies. I’d be hard put to it I had to choose between the two of you. Girls, I mean. Now the mutts, meh… not so much.

Description : Assuming they answer honestly, what is the single most telling question you can ask a person?

Last Answer : If they are from the US: How much do you tip?

Description : How did movie trailers work before the time of the internet?

Last Answer : They showed them in the movie theaters before a movie. I believe they would have been spliced on to the film reel before distribution or projection.

Description : What happened to the question about yesterday's terrorist attack in Britain?

Last Answer : I see two questions related to it in Social, was there another one? Hard to believe one would be taken down for subject.

Description : What is the weirdest thing someone has ever asked you?

Last Answer : A first, and last, date asked me if he could call me something else because he didn’t like my name. This was as we were driving away from my house. I had him take me back home. Jerk.

Description : How can you tell if a goose is in love with a duck?

Last Answer : Attempted rape.

Description : Do you think there should be dislike button for a question?

Last Answer : The problem is, the dislike button will be abused quickly. It's much easier to dislike than like. People will dislike a question out of personal feeling toward the OP, and things get ugly quickly. ... a small amount of likes than let them know there are several dislike next to their little likes.

Description : If a person belongs to a small family branch of a famous person, can they rightfully claim to be the great-grandchild of that famous person?

Last Answer : Sure, although it may not matter much, ya know, “10 degrees of separation”, or however it goes… I am the great great great great grand nephew of the commanding confederate general who was killed at Shiloh. But I don’t brag about it…

Description : Why do reporters ask questions they know they shouldn't ask officials?

Last Answer : Reporters should always ask. In a nation where a free press is (at least used to be) encouraged, it is incumbent upon the interviewed person to keep their own counsel when it’s appropriate.

Description : What sort of things do you wish you would have done in your 20's?

Last Answer : When I got a deep hug from a friend I would have rocked her world instead of pushing her away. I would have not sold my textbooks for pizza money. I would have transferred to a big city university after my first year in a Lutheran college.

Description : Why do some users give opinions in the general section when the OP is asking for facts?

Last Answer : answer:My feeling about your question would be different if you had linked to a question of another user. But you linked to your question so I have my reason to suspect that this question has ... don't you at least appreciate that they cared enough to take their time to answer your questions?

Description : Why do people use images of other people in a cruel way?

Last Answer : answer:Face it, the netizens looooooove to judge. Someone could deliberately use photos to hurt others, but generally a drama starts out like this: someone gets a hold of a photo, goes into judgemental mode and post ... don't care who she is. They just think it is cute to judge a photo and a person.

Description : Is this site the best alternative to Jelly?

Last Answer : answer:Welcome to ask-public. There is only one reason this site is any good: the members. It may seem hard to believe, but many of the people on this site actually care. If you have a ... by the original poster. There are some other quirky aspects that I'm sure will surprise you. Enjoy yourself!