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Description : In view of the overall political situation, is it fair to state that America is dumbing down?

Last Answer : America has been dumbing down for a generation, maybe two. What could anybody expect, politically, after that?

Description : Have you got any Riddles for us to solve?

Last Answer : I’ve posted this one before, but it’s fun A hunter starts from his house, and walks one mile south to have lunch with a friend. Then he walks one mile west, where he meets a bear and kills it. Then he drags the bear 1 mile north back to his house. What color is the bear?

Description : Will someone please explain this riddle solution to me?

Last Answer : I never completely understood it myself. You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power! I watched this several times with my daughter, and I sometimes still do.

Description : “You’re standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk one mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up exactly where you started. Where are you?” -Riddles

Last Answer : We will be at the same position where we started. That is because the Earth is not flat and is approximately shaped like a Potatoe. Sol ⟹ When we start at any of the 2 poles and move 1 ... the video through the link provided below; HOPE IT HELPS! :)

Description : In her work each day, a courageous young woman often encounters cobras, vipers, stingrays, barracudas, eagles, cougars, impalas, rams, spiders, beetles, and on rare occasions, a panther. This woman has no ... of this brave, young woman, and why does she have no fear when performing her job? -Riddles

Last Answer : The young woman is a used-car saleswoman who encounters a wide variety of high and low end trade-ins at the dealership where she works. Incidentally, all of the models of the used cars ... last one mentioned, the Watercar panther, is an amphibious automobile which started to be produced in 2013.

Description : A retired zookeeper owned a huge house with a very large and beautifully landscaped yard. The neighbors of the man drove past his home daily, and admired his arrangement of all the large trees and ... from them. Amazingly, not one person who lived in that area ever expressed any fe -Riddles

Last Answer : The retired zookeeper was also a professional topiary expert. Mixing together the best of his two worlds, he sculpted zoo animals from his fully-grown, healthy, living bushes in his front yard, much to the delight of his neighbors.

Description : If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - A golfer faces many of us when playing 18 holes. #2 - we are frequently served with fish. #3 - On T. V. ... hands on us as often as possible. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we? -Riddles

Last Answer : The biography of Chips.

Description : Alone I am 24th, with a friend I am 20. With another friend I am unclean. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : I am X. X is the 24th letter of the alphabet, XX is the roman numeral for 20, and XXX is the code for adult films.

Description : What flowers can be found between the nose and the chin? -Riddles

Last Answer : Tulips – get it? “Two lips.”

Description : You are my brother, but I am not your brother. Who am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : I am your sister.

Description : If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - We are always present in multiple-choice exams. #2 - Sherlock Homes kept a close eye on us after he retired. #3 - ... in reality, one of us. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we? -Riddles

Last Answer : We are Bs, Bees, or Beas (as in Aunt Bea and actress Bea Benaderet.)

Description : If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - Every basketball player needs a good one. #2 - we can be seen on most Christmas trees. #3 - One of us is ... accompany a line and a sinker. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we? -Riddles

Last Answer : We are Hooks/hook.

Description : What's the coolest letter in the alphabet? -Riddles

Last Answer : The letter B. It’s surrounded by AC.

Description : A world-famous magician and his young assistant were observed walking slowly along in a department store when suddenly they both stopped walking and began to slowly rise from the floor. The two ... and his assistant accomplished this feat, and why didn't the onlookers express amazement? -Riddles

Last Answer : The magician and his assistant were simply using an escalator to go up to the next floor in the department store.

Description : My true identity is just right beside you. But you won't notice me here. Once I tell my true identity, you're dead. Who am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Traitor.

Description : What exists when one person has it but ceases to exist when another person gets it? -Riddles

Last Answer : A Secret.

Description : I may be right in front of you, And you will never know, But when I reveal myself your trust in me will go, And you will feel none apart from woe. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Betrayal.

Description : A young girl, Violet by name, was visiting with a group of her schoolmates at a friend's house. The air was filled with the noise of loud conversations, when an older woman called out for ... and shouting increased around her. Finally, Violet's hand bumped into something which, when the da -Riddles

Last Answer : Violet was at a birthday party, and was selected to be first in the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game they were playing. She was successful in pinning the tail just where it belonged. The body part of the animal was, of course, the donkey’s tail.

Description : I can make you feel like king, But the price is quite the thing. When I am low, One might find oneself on death row. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Self-esteem.

Description : A man decided to go for a walk. He made numerous stops during his stroll, hoping to hear some good news each time he stopped. Despite his usual excellent sense of direction, he realized he had ... bizarre-sounding narrative, and who/what was the sweet love of his life which was mentioned? -Riddles

Last Answer : The man gave a monetary donation to participate in a cake walk. Eventually, his number was called for the space he was standing on, and he went home with the dessert he truly loved ———— a beautiful cake!

Description : What has seven holes in it and is shaped like a ball? Hint: It is a body part. -Riddles

Last Answer : Your head.

Description : My little circle of friends here, getting bumped off one-by-one, reminds me of Agatha Christie's famous murder mystery 'Ten Little Indians', where a small group of people are knocked off, one ... and-death scenario going on here, or is everyone's safety assured? What exactly is happening? -Riddles

Last Answer : The person, along with a small group of their friends, is engaged in a game of Musical Chairs. 'The Chair' is always reserved for the last person left.

Description : What can be used only once and after it's used it will be gone? -Riddles

Last Answer : A bomb!

Description : What do you get when you dot the I and cross the T? -Riddles

Last Answer : “You get it.”

Description : What type of Martial Arts does Winnie the Pooh do? -Riddles

Last Answer : Kung Pooh.

Description : What has a ring but no finger? -Riddles

Last Answer : A telephone or alarm.

Description : The fight is almost coming to an end after a five minute battle. Team one lost all of the members, except for leader Joe who carries a big hammer, which is very dangerous and strong. Team two ... bigger and much more dangerous weapon than the two on the other team, why did he surrender? -Riddles

Last Answer : It was a checkmate!

Description : What do you call two banana peals? -Riddles

Last Answer : Slippers!

Description : What is the name of Frosty's brother that really likes sweets? -Riddles

Last Answer : Frosting the Snowman!

Description : Two men and two women, all carrying loaded shotguns, drove to a field where they planned to shoot as many birds as possible. The four had absolutely no desire to eat any of the birds they were ... who happened to witness the onslaught, gave the four a loud round of applause for the entert -Riddles

Last Answer : The birds the four were shooting at were pigeons ——— clay pigeons. The four were at a public shooting range, and when each of them yelled “pull”, a clay pigeon was catapulted into the air for their target practice.

Description : What does Darth Vader use instead of a credit card? -Riddles

Last Answer : PayPalpatine.

Description : How do you spell COW in nine letters? -Riddles

Last Answer : Hamburger.

Description : I have 11 friends and I am the shortest out of all of them. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : February.

Description : I have no life, but I can die. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : A battery.

Description : The king of the jungle, rare as gold, black as night, in light not there and night not seen. Goes in water, goes on trees, goes in caves, goes on the ground. Claws of knives, teeth of swords, roar of death but silent as a mouse. What is it? -Riddles

Last Answer : A black panther (black jaguar)

Description : I am missing from every emotion, the alpha of the black and white herd. I am the end of the written notion, and yet I am the least used in a word. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : The letter Z No emotion contains the letter z zebras are a herd of black and white and their alpha(first) letter is z The end of the written notion(the alphabet) is the letter z The letter z is statistically the least used letter.

Description : I am a two-digit number. All my digits are even. No two digits are the same. None of my digits are prime numbers. I am not a multiple of ten. My tens digit is bigger than my other numbers. ... big the number is) of all the other options with their digits added together. What number am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : If you followed all the steps apart from the last one there will be three options remaining: 64, 84, and 86. You then had to add up the digits, 64=6+4=10, 84=8+4=12, and 86=8+6=14. ... biggest number (12) and put it back as it was before the digits were added together and your answer should be 84.

Description : The ghost of the mountain never to be seen, leaps like a raging fire to catch his prey. As pale as the moon but fast as the wind. Cold as ice, but a flash of light in the night. What is it? -Riddles

Last Answer : A snow leopard.

Description : I am a three-digit number. All of my digits are prime. One of the numbers is even. Each of my numbers are used only once. The total of my first and last digits equals 10. The total of my first two digits equals 5. -Riddles

Last Answer : This one is fairly easy if you use elimination if you follow all the first 5 steps you get three options: 525, 327, and 723 but if you followed the last step you would reach your answer. The answer was 327.

Description : A wife called to her husband from the front door of their home stating, 'Don't forget to raise the flag, but please don't be goofy and salute it afterward.' Her husband responded by saying, ' ... I object, it's you're saluting it afterward that bothers me!' What were the circumstances be -Riddles

Last Answer : The flag on the couple's mailbox in front of their home was painted red, white, and blue to resemble the American flag. When the husband put their outgoing bills and other mail in the mailbox, ... Being a veteran and a patriotic person, he felt compelled to salute the flag each time he raised it.